Giving thanks for October #GratitudeCircle

Giving thanks for October #GratitudeCircle

I’m late again, as always for the gratitude post. But since that’s all I seem to be writing about these days I’m grateful I do get to them. October was a good month, apart from a few hiccups. Without dwelling upon the hiccups, let me just get to the good bits, for there were quite a few.

Exams ended for the children around mid-October and I loved the relaxed pace of the days that followed. We watched films together and listened to music. They always protest when I put on music from the 60s and 70s, my favourites from RD Burman, Kishore Kumar and Shammi Kapoor as also The Beatles and Cliff Richards. On the other hand I struggle to enjoy theirs which seems noisy to my old (y)ears. This time round we struck a happy compromise. They were patient as I introduced them to the beauty of the lyrics and the melody that I loved. It was rewarding to hear them humming ‘Jab zero diya mere bharat ne’, a personal favourite. I too found I enjoyed some of ‘their’ songs and many of them now have a permanent place on my walking playlist.

I became more mindful

The music went well with the mindfulness month initiated by Modern Gypsy.. Though I couldn’t keep up with posting daily pictures, I did become more conscious of the small bits of time, of togetherness as well of alone-time and I learnt to enjoy them both. I chatted with the kids while we walked to their classes rather than hurrying there and back. We took impromptu breaks together and stopped at roadside restaurants for nachos or fries.


A surprise breakfast

The children decided to surprise me one weekend by cooking up breakfast. They made out a rather elaborate (and unusual) menu card. N handled the kitchen and H played the maitre d with frequent prompting from her. The tea was too strong and the tomatoes in the omelette cut too large, yet it was the best breakfast ever.

More happy surprises

My reading slowed down a bit but no regrets there. On a happy note I won not one, not two but three giveaways – that’s two books and a gorgeous tumbler set from Harper Collins. I’ve already put the tumblers to good use and am hoping to have the reviews of the books up on my other blog soon.

Genghis Khan proved to be a very engaging read. Still to begin on The Invincible Weapon.


Aren’t these gorgeous?

The Diwali break began

The children are on a two-week break and it’s good to have them home without the pressure of having to push them to study.

H is a borderline gaming addict, which is a constant source of struggle between us. Our daily arguments notwithstanding, he is now planning to start a YouTube channel on gaming tips and tricks and wants my help. I’m wondering whether that is wise at all, even if I had the tech savviness to help him, which I don’t. I do think that making those videos would be better than the actual gaming – at least it will involve a degree of creativity.

What do you think? Is it a good idea?

N dabbles in a hundred things. Currently she seems to be enjoying writing. I love finding creative prompts for her. To see her sitting at the table scribbling away makes my day.

Also, since I mentioned this, there’s something I’d like your advice on. She currently writes with pen and paper. However, I was wondering if I should get her to switch to a tab. Editing and correcting on paper is tedious for me and she hates to re-write. Besides, the tab is certainly going to be the future of writing, of that I’m certain. However, I’m a little conflicted about her giving up the traditional pen and paper. So help me here, should I get her to switch at least for leisure writing? Or is it too early?

That’s it from me. November is treating me well and my gratitude list is already pretty long.

PS: I took to an adult colouring book and that post header backdrop was done by me. It made me quite happy.


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  1. Aww so thoughtful of your kids. That surprise breakfast is so special.
    I would say pen and paper. It really enables the creative side of the brain. Tab or laptop is something she will invariably have to use at some point.
    I still use a pen and notepad first, once I have an idea, a couple of points and I am in the flow I transfer it to the laptop. I know it seems double the work but it really helps me.
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  2. I love your gratitude list. Reminder for me to start writing mine, once I return to the blogging groove.

    So heartwarming to see your little girl write. I guess she could do both, paper and pen and a tab. Maybe if she is okay with it, once she has done writing on paper, let her type it out on tab, that of course if she doesn’t find it tedious.
    For one, when we write on paper our edits are still visible to us, unlike when we write on the screen. So think about it, and go with what works best.

    YouTube video should be fun, but yeah that never ending battle with screen also gets to our nerves. Maybe if you could allot days in a week when he would make the videos.

    That breakfast is such a thoughtful gesture. I know our kids end up doing the sweetest things sometimes. My ten year old whipped up a lip-smacking dish of sweet-chilli prawns for dinner, a few weeks back, when I was snowed with work.

    Congrats on the lovely win.
    And love your art. Please keep at it.
    Nice to be back to your cosy den. It’s been a while. 🙂
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    1. Wow ten-year-old cooking sweet-chilli prawns is impressive. We’re still stuck at tea and snacks. I’m a little apprehensive of letting them use the gas stove unsupervised.
      As for N’s writing a combination of pen-paper and tab it will be, that seems to be the consensus. They lose interest so fast that I want to make it as easy as possible for her to continue to write.
      This year I have been pretty regular with my gratitude posts and I’ve begin to like it.

  3. I agree with Shy, on protecting his identity. These are dangerous times we live in.

    But outside of that, I think it’s a fantastic idea for him to explore his creativity. I think you should definitely give him the go ahead, as long as he agrees to monitoring and supervision, for safety reasons.

    Oh and congratulations on the book wins, you lucky lucky girl! Have fun!
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    1. The safety angle worries me. I recently let them make their gmail IDs and have since then been freaking out about it, hoping they use it sensibly. N isn’t much into gaming but H I worry about.

  4. Hey OM! I’m here after a long time and see that your site has changed a lot!! Love your About page 🙂
    Loved reading this happy post.. can especially relate to the thing about music 🙂 And the twins are big enough to make breakfast!! I must surely have been away for too long!! 😛

    1. Priya so good to see you. I saw your post in my inbox and was thrilled, like meeting an old friend :-). Shall drop by. Yup I went self-hosted and that makes for a better looking site. The kids have grown, too fast I think sometimes.

  5. Ahh that breakfast must be the best of all… Their dedication to make their mom a breakfast really warmed my heart. So sweet of them. I think gaming tips on YouTube is an excellent idea. That way he would learn about new technology and editing videos and other cool skills. I personally feel that tab is an excellent idea… Specially with voice feature. I do understand the conflict because that’s what I feel too sometimes. But we have to remember that the tech world is changing rapidly and it’s better to have kids acquainted to it. Of course, she can indulge in hand lettering or writing journals which will keep her connected to the old school of writing.

    1. A balance between hand writing and the tab is a good idea – thanks Raj. I’ll work out some kind of a mid-path. As for H, he definitely gets a green-light for making his videos.

  6. Lovely set of tumblers, Tulika! But, what I loved the most was the header image that you coloured. So vivid and cheerful!

    How nice it must feel for you to see your little girl following in your footsteps…And, how sweet was the breakfast made by your babies!!! Awww!! Some time back, my nephew made dosas for me. Yes! I taught him to switch on the gas, pour the batter and make a big, round dosa. He went on making and serving those hot, buttery dosas, straight off the pan..I felt blessed, and I am sure, so did you, isn’t it? 🙂


    1. Hey thanks for the compliment on the colouring. I think adult colouring books are wonderful for people like me who can’t really draw but enjoy the colours.
      How old is your nephew? Dosas are a huge step forward. Once H tried his hand at it and it got well and truly stuck ending up as scrambled dosa! To be fair I didn’t warn him beforehand, because I wanted to teach him a lesson. He thinks all cooking is a piece of cake, when it actually it does require a degree of skill. Moms need to be mean sometimes :-).

  7. Aww how precious is that breakfast! And so very thoughtful of them 🙂

    I think under supervision, some YouTube time for H is good. What I’d recommend is giving him a video recording device (Gy has an old phone without a SIM card) that he can use to record his own videos. Once done, you can upload and edit them on YouTube. Since I am not comfy with kids’ faces on video just yet, that’s a call I will leave with you and H. You can have his voice over and his hands doing the instructional bits of the video.

    As for N, I would recommend she sticks to pen and paper. Yes, tech is the way forward but the creative aspect of the brain comes out way better when kids are writing. This is the time their brains are forming patterns. Good to keep that going.

    And YAY for the book wins. I am so thrilled for you! Looking forward to read November’s list too 🙂

    1. Hmm… Shailaja mercifully he is as reluctant to show his face as I am so that’s fine. Besides he just wants to share his gaming techniques so all that’ll be onscreen is a computer screen. The phone idea is great. I have been thinking about it anyway.
      Yup pen and paper are here to stay for N.

  8. Nice to see you had a good October with family. Kids and gaming is so huge these days…a lot of young boys I see in therapy have gaming issues on the side because it’s the way they avoid their anxiety and their mood issues. I personally don’t have anything against gaming but I do think how it is used is important. If they are using it to engage with peers, it’s better than just shutting themselves off completely.

    And it must be great seeing your daughter engage in writing. I think a blend of both is always useful. You’re right that typing is the way of the future but creativity can also be fuelled by pen and paper.

    Hope November is just as wonderful!

    1. Yup gaming worries me. Well he does engage with others. Somedays he and N are playing each other from different rooms :-). So isolation is not what I worry about – what annoys me is the long hours of sitting when he could be out playing getting some physical exercise.
      As for N, everyone seems unanimous in the thought that pen and paper should stay and I agree with that.

  9. Nachos n fried- Ok please can you be my mum too?!!!! 😉

    Loved the brekkie – it must have been so overwhelming to see your LO (they always seem little) pamper you so. The thought and the excitement behind this activity is just priceless. Mastercard should think about it!!!

    Yay on the book wins and yes the tumblers are very pretty!

    I would say get her a tab to write but just keep an eye on her hand written efforts too – its too easy to ditch writing when one has this convenience. I am sure she has school work and stuff , so would be writing it all down! Another minus of writing on comp is the spell check; one become lazy with vocabulary.
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    1. Thank you Shalini. Yup they’ll always be little ones to me – I now fully understand what people mean when they make that statement :-).
      I did think of the spell check. In fact spellings have been a serious issue with N and that was what was holding me back. I need to work out some kind of a system.

  10. Looks like you had a lovely month. I would agree with Corinne when she says paper and pencil are the best for creativity. When you talk about your son, I was reminded of a student of mine whose parents were really upset about what they thought was his addiction to gaming. They felt that he should be spending the time studying instead. Today he is very happily employed creating games. He is earning more than his parents expected and loves his work.

  11. That was a nice month, Tulika. That breakfast is super cute. And I feel that a YouTube channel math be a good idea but be watchful of the comments that come. Also I prefer typing as well for editing so that’s a tough one.

    Those books are nice too. I am also reading a bit more these days. Hopefully, November will be nice for you.

    1. Thanks Rachna. That’s what worries me – that he will be open to the entire online world. Of course it has to happen at some point but when is the right time is the big question.

  12. An amazing October indeed where you found happiness in the smallest of the things. Life is too short and one can find happiness at any nook and corner, all we have to do is spot it. Loved reading your funfilled October. Love to your children.

  13. Those “cups and saucers” are gorgeous, Tulika! Your photos on Instagram are fun. Glad you’re enjoying time with N and H. How wonderful H is savvy about gaming (like it or not, it IS the future) so why not have fun with creating videos? It is an amazing skill to have. Most of us balk at attempting it. Perhaps you can have N maintain a notebook where she can mind map or brainstorm on paper and then write on the tab for easier editing.

    I am happy that you are part of the Gratitude Circle. Loved reading your post!

    Vidya Sury recently put up this amazing post…Stop Stand StareMy Profile

    1. I’m glad to be part of the Gratitude Circle too. Thanks to you I’ve managed to keep at it all year through. Your idea for N is fantastic. I really was reluctant to have her give up proper writing. She loves it too. Sadly enough, I have accepted the fact that H is a gadget freak. My only hope is he gets creative with it. Thanks for dropping by.

  14. Sounds like a great break for all of you.
    I’m thinking that working on a YouTube channel is a creative pursuit, so it’s a good idea. Also, pen and paper are best for creative writing – there is a value in it that can’t be replicated by typing. I think your kids are wonderful – all credit to you!

    1. Thanks Corinne for taking time to address my worries. This is the reason I continue to blog. H will be thrilled that he’s allowed to be at the comp. I’m hoping something creative comes out of it.

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