Crafts for kids

Keeping the kids occupied is SUCH a task and I love crafts even though I’m not one of the really creative kinds. I thought I collate my favourite ones from smarter moms.

Here’s one from the wonderful site Awesome site. And this is one great idea. Helped me get rid of their useless crayons.

We’ve been de-cluttering around here, and we found LOTS of broken/old crayons (they were everywhere!) I thought it would be fun to make “crazy crayons” a la Martha Stewart with a Valentine’s Day twist! Emily helped make them and she can’t wait to give them to friends!
Gather old/broken crayons that you have on-hand. Do you have ANY idea how many of these were in our household??? Peel off all the paper. Tip — Mark used his pocketknife to carefully cut across the labels so they were MUCH easier for Emily to unwrap.

Break up the crayons into small pieces and place them in a muffin tin! For Valentine’s Day, we used a heart-shaped muffin tin!! We filled the molds about half way. We found that they look really neat if you place two different colors in each heart!

Bake in a 275 degree oven for 10 minutes, and let cool for just a few minutes before placing them in the fridge. When they are completely cooled, they will pop right out of the molds — and you’ll have a neat reveal!!

Emily “Oohed and Ahhed” for them as they popped out of the molds! I love how colorful they are and that each one is totally unique!

To make them perfect for gift-giving, we thought it would be nice to design some bag toppers you can download and print out! There’s space on the back for the kids to write “To:” and “From:”. Staple them to 3″ wide zip lock bags — found here (pack of 100/$1.69), and you have a quick, easy, one-of-a-kind, and very frugal party favor!!

Have fun!!