Hola. Hello. Welcome. It’s good to have you here.

It might seem like this space belongs to me, the Obsessive mom, but the truth is, it is ruled by the twins – H and N – a boy and a girl. They are the reason I started the blog in 2006, the year of their birth, and they continue to dominate it.

You’ll also occasionally meet The Husband or, as an online friend once by extension named him, the OD – Obsessive dad, though he’s anything but that. In fact, he’s sorted and straightforward, the perfect foil to all my obsessions.

You’ll also find bits of all the varied, colourful, wonderful people who are part of my life in a hundred different ways. Don’t be surprised if you also find a bit of ‘you’ in here.

A disclaimer

Parenting, is a rather elaborate complicated affair these days. All I’m trying to do here is to somewhat decode it with help from friends, online and offline. While I do that, I try hard to focus on all that’s happy and positive.

If you’re a mum struggling with a toddler or a tween or teen, know that, like you, I have many many moments of frustration and anger and disappointment.

Many more than what you will find here on the blog.

I want you to know that real life with the twins is way more chaotic. The house is messy beyond funny, the children are naughty beyond cute and I am frazzled beyond imagination.

And yet it is the sweet, funny and heartwarming moments that keep me going as a mom. These are the moments that I document here – these are the moments I would like to look back at when the kids are grown and have flown the nest. And so these are the moments that dominate the blog.

Becoming a parent was a bit of a miracle for me and it continues to be so, even now.

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