When that genetically mutated spider bit Peter Parker his (Parker’s obviously) life changed forever. Something similar happened to me when I had the twins.

At first they were rather inconspicuous, these special powers that came to me.

Before the twins I was pretty much a Kumbhakaran – that gentle giant blessed with a sleeping curse. I couldn’t function without my 8-9 hours everyday. With the arrival of the children I began waking up many times a night – on my own – sometimes to change nappies, to feed and burp and sometimes simply to run a finger under the twins’ noses reassuring myself that they were real living people. Just like that, I was rid of my addiction.

That was the beginning.

As they grew my powers only increased. Like Parker I discovered in myself super strength and agility.

If he had superhuman reflexes that let him scale walls and fly over traffic to save people, I could sprint, do a back flip and dive right in just as one of the twins fell off the sofa.

If he was strong enough to stop a running train, I could stop a running cycle….  make that two running cycles, before they hurtled into simultaneous twin accidents.

If he could spin a web fine as silk and strong as steel, I could spin tales so intricate so elaborate, as to keep two hyper active minds quiet for hours on end.

As the teens approach my superpowers seem to be growing.

My memory might have gone on leave but my senses, By God, they’re in an overdrive. Just like Parker, I find my eyesight sharper, my hearing more acute and my sense of smell can rival that of a sniffer bomb squad dog.

Is that a scream of laughter or distress – I can tell without going into the room. Was the food found under our apartment window dumped by the twins or was it the old man on the floor below our’s – I’d know. (It was the old man, in case you were wondering). Is it an upset tummy or experiments with my makeup kit that was keeping them for hours in the washroom – I can always tell.

I can look through closed doors, listen to merest whispers and smell out secrets.
I successfully busted hair-trimming sessions before the twins had shorn each other off.
I put an end to ice-cream smuggling no matter how soundlessly the freezer door was opened.
I smell burning cookies and douse the flames before they take the house down.
One time I even staved off floods when the twins turned on the taps and blocked the drains to make a swimming pool in the washroom.

As I sit here with a self-satisfied smile writing this self-congratulatory piece I find my mom-senses tingling already. Got to go folks, time to spin another web and reel them in.

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  1. Actually, now you come to mention it I may have developed a few special powers myself! I can certainly spot a lie and can locate what party they are at without having to ask! Thanks so much for joining us at #TweensTeensBeyond

  2. There is no doubt that we all adopt super human powers when we become parents and as they get older the list seems to get even longer. I can’t imagine what happens when they are not around anymore other than returning to sleeping for 8-9 hours a day of course! Thanks for joining us again. #TweensTeensBeyond
    Jo – Mother of Teenagers recently put up this amazing post…Tweens, Teens & Beyond #10My Profile

  3. I’m imagining those superpowers and where one might acquire a set! Or do they just arrive when you put your big girl knickers on and spin round?! Thanks for joining us at #tweensteensbeyond

  4. What an amazing, fun post, quite like the amazing mom you are.
    I am shocked to state that despite being a mommy to a 5-year-old I possess no superpowers. Sigh!
    P.S. – Congrats on your move to WordPress. Love the new look of your blog and your new DP is <3
    My Era recently put up this amazing post…HomecomingMy Profile

    1. Like I told Shailaja you guys have good girls for kids. You don’t need to be a spy mom at all. Thanks for the compliments. The move was a big deal for me, long in the pipeline.

  5. Aapke charan kahaan hain, Matey? ;D

    As Sid rightfully said, you are sakshaat Wonder Woman, ji! How you manage it all…I can’t even imagine!

  6. Hahaha. R was such a fidgety toddler, he couldn’t keep still and I would be found constantly chasing him or running on the playground to keep him away from trouble. You’re surely a supermom. I have trouble with one and here you are managing twins and also doing so much more.
    Uma recently put up this amazing post…Bhutan: stepping into the neighbourhood paradiseMy Profile

  7. This post brought a smile to my face. And I have to agree with Sid, I am in awe of you. I am barely able to deal with one, so I can only imagine what it would be like with two. And two of the same age, going through pretty much the same phases! But then I guess one just develops more superpowers to adapt to the situation.

    And oh my God, I thought I was the only person who felt compelled to check if my child was breathing every now and then. Especially during those early months! Good to know that I was not alone.
    Shantala recently put up this amazing post…Everything Everything – Book Review (Spoiler Free)My Profile

    1. Ha ha.. so I have with me another anxious soul. It’s crazy, isn’t it – those first few days when the children come home? I was such a wreck. But one does get better with time.

  8. haha…You are definitely a supermom because you avert the destruction 😀 two times over. It is not easy to be a step ahead of the workings of 2 little mischievous minds.
    To give myself some credit, I was an ultimate lazy person (and I continue to be in favourable circumstances such as being around my mother). Post D’s birth I have surprised myself numerous times with my swift treading and sneaking on silent endeavours.
    Hail the superpowers of Moms!! 🙂
    Anamika Agnihotri recently put up this amazing post…Where is the time to read #MondayMusingsMy Profile

  9. Ahh I have only recently been bitten but I have already started feeling the superpowers 🙂

    You know, I have so much more respect for my Mom now. My God, how did she do it and still does it? I’m already at my wit’s end and it’s only been 1.5 years!
    Nabanita Dhar recently put up this amazing post…#MommyTalks | Moms From DaycareMy Profile

  10. I think my mummy instincts were a little too much when mine were little, I drove myself crazy! But now they are older I am in full swing. I seem to predict teen Aspen’s meltdowns before they happen lol, oh gosh I fear what is to come, I will be needing all the super powers I can manifest! Brilliant, funny post! #mg
    Mackenzie Glanville recently put up this amazing post…Changing our perceptionMy Profile

    1. Thanks MG. As the children grow they develop superpowers themselves that allow them to grow mum-resistant :-). I kind of dread that time. But I hope by then we can trust them to look out for themselves so all shall be well. Good luck with Aspen.

    1. Oh I so know what you mean, I was right where you are once upon a time. And then the twins came and turned me around. Like I said most mums can do what I do. My mum certainly could, perhaps better than me.

    1. Aw thanks Parul. However I’m going to share that praise with all mums. There are those who have children, manage the house AND handle full time jobs.

  11. Yeah.. we can easily find their lies.. And I am sharing the kumbhakarn sleeping part with you.. I was a dead sleeper.. no one could wake me up ever.. But after my kids it became upside down.. It seems like for past 6 years I was sleep deprived continously… Nice write up.. kuddos to Super Mom

  12. Ha ha ha…that is so true Tulika…. children gift us these super powers…there is a super power of knowing when they are lying about something….I always see this confused look on my daughter’s face when I catch her lying…she wonders how I caught her but the truth is she herself would have given it away…:)

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