The best sound in the world

The best sound in the world

You know what’s the best sound in the world? The sound of laughter. And if it is that of a loved one it is even more precious.
As I sat in my room working at my laptop the other day, I heard my parents laugh out loud at something they were watching on the television in the other room. It brought an unwitting smile to my face, just like the sound of H and N’s laughter does, although in the second case there is also a degree of relief :-).
I love the sound of my parents’ laughter because it transports me to my childhood, to days of endless giggles and noisy arguments. My father would complain sometimes – ‘You make enough noise for ten people’, he would tell us. ‘We’re alive, that’s why’, my mom would retort. Over the years he pretty much got used to it and came to put up with our racket cheerfully.
I love to hear them laugh because it reminds me what a boisterous family we are and that perhaps that’s where H and N get their noisiness from. It’s definitely not from the Husband’s side! It reminds me then, that I really have no business to complain, that I should be more patient with them.
My parents’ laughter speaks of the wonderful camaraderie they share despite being complete opposites. I listen to them quibbling and then settling down with their books. I hear them discussing Rekha’s biography which mum is reading. Then as the news comes on their conversation becomes even more animated and veers to Akhilesh and Mulayam Singh Yadav. They’ve come a long way since when they first met in German class. I love how their interests have merged over the years, though my mum still draws the line at cricket.
I love their laugh because it reassures me that they are happy and healthy. It speaks of their spirit that the aches and pains of age have failed to dampen. I can already see my mum raising her eyebrows at the word ‘age’ as she asks, ‘Who’s old here?’.

They left last week but I still hear their laughter ringing in my ears  and I am grateful.
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40 Replies to “The best sound in the world”

  1. This is such a love-filled post, Tulika. I was getting teary-eyed just imagining the scene – sitting in the next room listening to parents' laughter. These are the little moments that we cherish all our lives. Such simple moments of love, contentment and joy. Wishing your parents good health and happiness.

  2. I know how that feels, Tulika! The laughter of loved ones is the most precious because the feelings it evokes go far beyond the sound. Hugs! I love your interpretations of that laughter. Stay blessed! My Mom had a joyous laugh and I miss it so much, but I can always hear it in my mind. Thank you for being part of the Gratitude Circle. Love.

  3. True… Sounds of laughter take me back in time stirring memories of my kids baby times… My childhood data with friends and my parents and family time…. Sigh!!!!

  4. You know what, I have been following you since a long time.. don't even remember when I started following you. I hadn't opened my blog since past 2-3 years and now that i'm back, it feels really good to see you all still writing so beautifully. Gives me motivation as well as a feeling of comfort… i'm unable to explain it clearly but I hope you get what I mean 🙂

  5. I feel the same when I hear my parents' laughter too…although over the phone. There's this inexpressible happiness, a kind of peaceful feeling to realize that they are happy. Loved reading this post ��
    I would love to know how the story progressed from the German class 😀

  6. No better joy than what laughter brings and it does quietly goes into the delightful memories you subconsciously remember and it always does make you happy 🙂 (P.S. the post did bring a smile 🙂 a happy post)

  7. I loved this brought a smile to my face..and your mom and dad are so cute…wish we have the same kind of harmony in our relationship with our husbands when we are their age…god bless. Laughter is something which carries us through all the ups and downs of life.

  8. Awww…So cute…Tulika this post made me smile and also tear up a bit…The moments of joy, laughter, fun with loved ones are truly precious…Thank you!

  9. Happiness written all over this post. The post brought a smile to my face as well. I love the giggles too. The sons sometimes have these fits of giggles where I join in as well. Such fun it is when we laugh and enjoy together.

  10. I agree, laughter is the sweetest sound you can hear. It is also absolutely magical the way a smile appears on your face, on hearing laughter, even from strangers. The memories of these moments also always guarantee that smile on your face, even in the worst moments of your life.

  11. Ah the laughter and you are absolutely right. That's the best sound ever. 🙂
    This is the first post I read this morning and could not stop smiling. Thank you for that moment of peace. Happy Tuesday!

  12. This made for such a happy read, Tulika. A house that resonates with laughter is truly a blessed one. And it's such a binding factor too, for the sound of laughter is so very contagious.

  13. This post brings so many happy laughy memories to my mind right now. I am the clown at home and in any friend circle, the one who makes everyone laugh at all my stupidest lamest jokes and comments. The sound of people laughing all around me can really make me feel so happy, that I strive to make people laugh and smile even in my blog posts.

    A beautiful post it is ❤ 🙂

  14. Such joy in laughter that brings and keeps families together. Your parents sound delightful and they sound like mine. Well, I'd venture to say a tad like me and V too because we do quibble a lot but laugh a lot too. I'm hoping Gy hears us laugh as much as we do. Such a feel good post, this one.

  15. Oh yes! I know what you are talking about! Whenever my grandmother would laugh, my dad's eyes lit up and it made me happy. Sort of like a domino a good way!

  16. Aah the laughter! And when we see our parents and kids swelling together with laughter, it feels like the world stops just here. The parents' heartfelt laughter is endearing. This time when we went for a short weekend trip, I focused my camera over my parents' faces while both of them played carom with my brother and sister-in-law. I captured a lot of photos of them in various moods of concentrating, excitement and foremost laughter. Those are the photos I am going to cherish for a long long time. Loved reading this post and finding out the coincidence in our thoughts over the past few days.

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