A DIY perfect day

A DIY perfect day

If you were given the choice to put together a perfect day for yourself what would the ingredients be? 
I’m not talking about special days – weekends, holidays, birthdays, celebrations – not those. I’m talking about that regular, routine day. What would go into making it perfect? 

What are the things that make you happy everyday?

When I was working I used to buy one single rose for my hostel room everyday on my way back home and that was the perfect ending to my day. It could be something like that. It could be meeting your daily deadline at work. If work’s not really happening maybe it’s the daily lunch with office pals you look forward to. Or maybe a glimpse of your office crush :-).
Or it could be turning in a decent piece of writing, publishing a blog post, reading hundred pages of a book or watching your favourite soap at the end of the day. It could be anything that’s part of your routine and that makes you feel really happy and/or accomplished.

Of course you have to cross out things you cannot control

For instance you cannot say, ‘Not seeing that colleague I detest’ but you can include, ‘Not getting into an argument with that colleague I abhor’. Just like I cannot include ‘The kids  going off to school without an argument’. However, I can include ‘Not yelling at the kids in the morning’.
Are you getting the idea?
For me the very basic ingredients of a perfect day would be:
1. A good night’s sleep
Like I’ve said before this plays a huge role in beginning my day well.
2. An hour of exercise in the morning and another 15-30 minutes in the evening
The morning exercise gets me my endorphins for the day and those 15 – 30 minutes in the evening get me a good night’s sleep and also serve as a reminder of my continued pledge towards good health.
3. A half-hour decluttering.
I’m not obsessive about cleaning but I’m not fond of clutter either. So a half-hour clearing up makes me work better and feel happier.
4. One complete piece of writing.
..in addition to whatever assignments I have for the day. This one’s important. It adds meaning to my day.
5. Healthy eating through the day.
Well, obviously. Healthy meals are a definite check for me. For someone else it might be that single sinful chocochip cookie, and that’s fine too.
6. At least half an hour of leisure time with the children. 
This does not include the morning hours or study time or the time I spend sorting disagreements. This is the time we spend talking or reading or making something together.
So there: those are the essentials that make me feel accomplished and happy at the end of a day. If I manage to tick them all off – well then, I have my perfect day. 
That list keeps me focussed. Of course there are days I cannot get it all done – when assignments spill over or the maid decides to stay home. But even if I manage most of them most days it isn’t too bad.
It’s worth a shot to try to make each day perfect rather than living for weekends. Or hanging about, waiting for a holiday to come by. After all it is these mundane-everydays that make up most of our lives. Makes sense, then to try to make ‘everyday’ perfect, isn’t it?

What do you think? What would your perfect-everyday list look like?
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30 Replies to “A DIY perfect day”

  1. For me a perfect day would be an early start to the day, getting everything done on time, ticking off my to-do list of the day and my me-time (this one is most crucial).

    1. An early start is great. Each day, specially on weekends, that I manage to wake up early I find I get so much done. The day just seems longer. Only, I cannot do it too often. Sleeping in is another kind of pleasure.

  2. Most of the items of your list are same as mine. Going for a walk, eating healthy, finish writing that piece of article, playing with my dog, are a few things that make me happy during the day!


  3. Love your list to a perfect day. Good idea to make every day full of those special moments of joy and peace instead of waiting for special occasions. My perfect day includes doing something creative in some way, sharing a laugh with hubs and my sons, walking my dog out in the cold and not meeting other dogs for him to fight with, and getting off the Internet and not reading too much US Political stuff as it just depresses and scares me.

    1. I like that instead of including writing or craft or baking you have a broader idea of 'doing something creative' – that makes it easier to get around to our perfect day. Thanks for dropping by Cathy.

  4. A good night sleep is what I love too. Very important to not to have a crappy morning 🙂 I wish I could write more … that's something I am struggling with these days.
    A good workout at the end of the day and a nice dinner is enough to give a perfect day 😀

  5. This made me remember those days when catching a glimpse of the office crush used to ensure the day going well hehehe Today sound sleep, getting up early, not losing cool with D, going to bed early and getting to read a chapter from my book before sleeping is what makes a perfect day for me.

    1. Oh yes I thought about that too!!! It kind of made your day na, if he'd as much as pass by? We used to have group crushes – gosh so much fun that was.

  6. That's lovely Tulika – mine would include a good night's sleep ahead as well, and then probably hiking in the nature somewhere – stand singing loud on a mountain top somewhere makes me happy:-) (my very own mountain of course hahahaha – fresh air and exercise and a sense of freedom would be great:-) Lovely read my friend:-) Hugs

  7. My perfect day list would include: watching Criminal Minds, listening to songs for at least two hours, learning some new tidbit of information everyday, and reading a book (a complete book, mind you).

    And of course, chocolate doughnuts and Ice Tea 😀

    1. One complete book in one day? That's a dream. Ah yes the doughnuts and the Iced tea – how can life be complete without those?

  8. My list would include a good night's sleep, a good breakfast undisturbed with a cup of coffee, no yelling at upasana, eating healthy but tasty food, getting some chat time with friends (in person or on phone), reading/ working for a couple of hours only and watching something funny or food related at the end of the day…That will be the perfect day!!!

  9. Hmm…I struggle badly when it comes to healthy eating and exercising. Recently, I've created a '15 days fitness goal' in which I have listed 20 (small) goals/day. I monitor it on daily basis (long-term goals don't work for me), putting tick marks against completed goals & cross marks against those I fail to achieve. It's motivating – lots of cross marks though. Let's see how it goes.

    Spending quality time with my son and husband is of course fulfilling but I like my solitude (and silence), and I need that uninterrupted time- Reading, writing or maybe a good movie (which I'm selective about). A good night's sleep is essential, but I struggle here too (I'm a struggler, basically) as I tend to stay up late at night but need to get up early (on weekdays).

    Also, a good review/rating perks me up! 🙂

    1. Aren't we all strugglers in different ways Tarang? But as my yoga teacher says trying in itself brings happiness so that's something.

    2. Oh, you have a yoga teacher? That's so cool! What your teacher says is insightful.
      Yes, we are all strugglers in our own ways. But, you know I was trying to be funny. It's now certain that I'm bad at humour. 🙁

  10. A pretty little list you have there! Mine would be about getting a good night's sleep so that I'm not cranky during the day. Getting the planned work done during the time at work and making it home in time to spend a couple of hours with myself. Reading or writing. Then making Cal's favorite dinner and spending some good time with him. Then back to a good night's sleep and cycle repeat.

  11. Sleep seems everyone's favourite. Its mine too. Spending half hour with my boys just talking, 1 hour walk, and a 20 min noon siesta is all my heart desires.

  12. Very interesting, Tulika. Based on my experience l would definitely say that there are a few things that definitely perk up my day. A good night's sleep is the first must. Then my workout of the day. Spending time with kids and my Coco, having a lovely conversation/ couple time with the husband, hopefully clean up something which is okay on my list, read, write, watch something interesting. So many things l now realize.

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