How can I not be grateful? #gratitudecircle

How can I not be grateful? #gratitudecircle

When I sat down to write the last post of the year, which was supposed to be my gratitude post I drew a blank. Gratitude posts don’t come easily to me. However, later when I was posting the new year wish on my Facebook timeline I realised the one thing that had cheered me through the year had been my friends and family.
And there it was – that one single thing, which I mentioned ever so casually, was the biggest blessing anyone can ever want – the love of friends and family. And this year has been more bountiful than ever because I met up many friends, actually many many friends, some for the first time, in person, face to face.
In all of my ten years of blogging I hadn’t ever met any of my blogger friends, in part because I am in one rather isolated corner of the country and part due to my own rather unexplained reluctance to do so. It was momentous then, that I met Shilpa a dear BARmate right at the beginning of the year. And we chatted for hours like familiar friends, easy and comfortable.
That set the tone for the entire year.
A friend from my journalism days dropped by. Seriously, there really is no gossip as delicious as office gossip. I caught up with who-had-moved-where, who-got-the-pink-slip, who-moved-to-television and who-will-always-stick-to-print. I do miss all of that sometimes.
Then came another friend from my Mumbai days. She was my roomie in the working women’s hostel. She’s the one who would ‘save’ tea and breakfast for me while I slept in on Sunday mornings, the one with whom I trawled Churchgate pavements for books and Fashion Street for clothes. She’s the one who made hostel life bearable.
I travelled to Delhi during the summer and met up with a bunch of school friends. The years fell away as we chatted about dreaded teachers and well-loved school mates and made as much noise as we made during ‘tiffin-time’ at school.
I spent a few days with my first ever mommy friend. Our kids were almost the same age and we reminisced how we celebrated when they first went to play-school, how we’d felt at once bereft yet relieved when we had those two hours of me-time. It’s amazing how the toughest days make the best of friends.
Later in the year, I ventured to the Pune Lit Fest, meeting up another writer friend who was soon to launch a book. She’s the one who prodded me to write my first ever story for the Chicken Soup series. I wrapped up the year at her launch event feeling very proud and very happy for her because I know exactly how hard it is to write a book with two sons and a house to run.
But the most momentous occasion of all was meeting up with my cousins – the Super Six. We recreated a two-decade old childhood photograph and it was absolutely the best thing to have happened. I wrote about it here.
Lastly, most importantly, each time I have been happy or upset I have had all of you to unburden myself to. We haven’t met and we may never meet, yet how can I not be grateful for your presence?
I might not have broken any records, or won any lottery, but the year was crammed with scores of super-happy moments. How can I not be grateful?
Thank you 2016.

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  1. Hey Tulika, Its so awesome to meet so many friends. It remind me of my wedding day when I had my friends from school, college, job all gathered with me. I do not get chance to meet my Blogger friends- There are no meets here in Panchkula.

  2. Those must have been such special moments when you met your special people, Tulika! Lucky are those who have friends who care, in spite of never having met, even. And, more often than not, it is these people whom we tend to take for granted when we rue about things not going our way, or life not working out the way we wished it to. How CAN we forget the ones who stood by our side, offering us their support and love and care when we needed it the most? Your post reminds me that I too need to be grateful for the friends and family who are always by my side, without whom I would never have made it to where I am today!
    It was a really sweet post! May you have a very beautiful 2017! And, may we meet some day! 🙂

    1. I hope we can have a big BAR meet someday when all of us try to come down from whichever city/country we live in. Wouldn't that be just awesome?

  3. You are so amazing, Tulika! I am blessed to have you join me in the Gratitude Bloghop. This may sound odd, but start your day thinking you are enough, believe it. And see the difference. Hugs! I am glad you have wonderful memories from 2016. So happy you are sharing them with us. I wish you a fab 2017. Maybe we'll meet this year?

    1. We just might Vidya. I seem to be oscillating continuously between the North and West – need to move down South just a little bit :-).

  4. Meeting old friends and bloggers is always fun. You never know how time flies by. Wish this year too you experience a lot of super happy moments 😀

  5. Wow! That sounds so fantastic. I wish I could meet you and our dear BARmates. Some day, may be..
    Gratitude post doesn't come easily for me as well. But your post inspires me to write one.

  6. So beautiful Tulika. So many wonderful moments. By writing about them, you recreated the happiness. This is inspiring me to write a gratitude post.

  7. How truly lovely, Tulika. I feel energized for days after meeting friends or even having a long chat with them. You met so many over the past year. I hope 2017 is even better for you. I look forward to meeting you.

    And am so glad that you wrote this gratitude post.

  8. Such a lovely post, Tulika and so glad you got to catch up with so many friends. Wishing you many more happy moments in 2017, and always!:)

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