International Blog Delurking Week

International Blog Delurking Week

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Hiya people,
Today I’m not here to talk about myself. I do that all the time, don’t I? But today is different. Today is about YOU.
This is blog-delurking week. Is that a blank look on your face? Don’t know what I’m talking about? The thing is – the number of people who drop by here for a look is way larger than the number who leave a comment – just a minuscule percentage do that.
But I’d like to know ALL of you – specially you the silent ones. If you’re one of those quiet lurkers, now’s the time to show up and say a hello. I’d love to hear from you even it’s just this one day in the whole year.
So come now don’t be shy. A simple hello or a hi would be fine. Of course, if you’re in a garrulous mood you could tell me something more about yourself – your family, your profession, a favourite hobby, a film you watched recently. Or ask me something, anything.
Or you could simply tell me what makes you come here (that essentially means you have to say nice things about the blog).
PS: This invitation includes family members and close friends too. Reveal yourself guys. I know there are some among you who never admit you read me but the one time I blogged about something I didn’t want my parents to find out – a rather scary car accident a few years ago – news reached them faster than I hit publish. So come now, own up, show yourself.

That’s all from me for today. Go on say something.
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32 Replies to “International Blog Delurking Week”

  1. Saw the delurking on Alphabet Salad too…..I am reaching your blog through BAR…I read your TBR list for this year and left you some suggestions….Hope you enjoy reading the books….:)

  2. Hello!
    I am a lurker on most blogs. I rarely comment because sometimes I really don't know what to respond. It's just that I enjoy reading and knowing how each person is so similar yet so different. I associate best to your mommy posts cos I am not the most patient of parents. I hope I can get myself to comment more here 🙂

  3. Hello There Tulika!
    I don't lurk at your blog .. coz I don't remember visiting you much in 2016 .. so that's something I need to correct.
    I have kept my blog hidden away from personal and professional contacts so I admire your courage of actually inviting 'opinions '
    But looking at the fun aspect of it .. it must be really easy planning april fool pranks on people right? 🙂

    What I would leave you with is a promise that I would visit you more and yes , never lurk , always say a hi . Wish you a fabulous 2017.

    1. Oh I kept it hidden from EVERYONE for a good three years or so Chandni. I didn't list myself on any blog directory – I almost wrote in solitude. Given a choice I'd still not like to mix Obsessivemom and the offline me but after so many years now there's barely any point since the two have seem to have merged. A very happy new year to you too and I look forward to visiting you more often too.

  4. The best about about your writing is that even a non-parent like me can relate to what you say when you write about your twins. Your writing style makes me come back to you. It's like a cup of tea with someone I know 🙂

  5. I love the idea of encouraging the silent readers of the blog to finally speak up. It's going to be fun, surprising and heartwarming for sure. I'll be back to check out who all are the secret admirers of your beautiful blog <3

  6. Oh, I loved this concept of calling out to the lurkers. And, a whole week dedicated to that, how lovely! I have many lurkers for my blog. I'm sure more people read than I suspect (at least the thought is motivating, even if not true). As for me, I'm not a lurker here. I love being here and almost always try to leave a comment 🙂

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