Of travel plans and travel anxiety

Of travel plans and travel anxiety

Its the summer break and that means my presence here at the blog shall become sporadic. As we ready ourselves to set off on our travels I am consumed with a bad case of travel anxiety. 

What if the taxi gets a flat tyre?
What if I miss the flight?
Did I miss packing anything?
What if my baggage is overweight?
What if I misplace my baggage?
What if I forget the ticket, the id?
What if I am not at the correct terminal?
What happens when I get there?
What if I don’t find a cab?

It’s endless… this list of tiny worries.

Without even being aware of it consciously, they nag at me for days before I set off. That, when I’ve been travelling on my own for over two decades. It makes me irritable and more likely to snap at the kids, not that they aren’t doing enough to drive me up the wall anyway. It wasn’t half as bad when I travelled alone, having responsibility of the twins just makes it worse.

I’ve tried imagining the worse case scenario and that isn’t scary at all yet the anxiety refuses to go.

I’m hoping putting this down here would make me see how irrational it is. 

Do you worry when you travel?

24 Replies to “Of travel plans and travel anxiety”

  1. All these thoughts do come to mind but am prepared to face the consequences if any of those come true πŸ™‚ I believe it adds to the adventure of travel!! Have had quite a few of them, make for excellent stories at the bar!

  2. I worry as well thinking up crazy scenarios and worrying if I have missed out on something. When it is traveling to another home, I tell myself that it is okay even if I forget something. These days, I am letting the kids pack for themselves so the stress has definitely reduced. Good luck and enjoy your vacation.

    1. I tried that Rchana and at the nth hour I was pulling out Elsa pillows and need guns to make room for night suits and formal clothes.

  3. It's normal to worry specially when you're traveling with kids because you need so many things. But I think worrying makes you plan for all contingencies and pack everything you need so its a good thing. When it tips over into becoming obsessive I take a step back and say, ' No. Enough. I've done everything I could do.' Have a great holiday πŸ™‚

    1. Yes that would be a lot like what I do too. I think and think and think and then let it go and prepare myself to do without stuff I forget to pack.

  4. I worry a bit too and this is when I travel for 8-10 days in a month and plan meticulously. Hope you had a good vacation and your worries were all in vain!

  5. Enjoy the vacation.I too become panic-stricken especially while travelling with my daughter alone.The list of remembering things gets added :).But vacations are fun so relax and have fun.

  6. Remember to breathe πŸ™‚ That's what the wise say, at least! But I know what you mean about getting anxious when planning for longer travels etc. I also used to get anxious but for a while now it has been better. I find it more enjoyable when I just relax and let things work out themselves. They generally do. Of course, don't forget to take your ID, that can make things rather difficult! Ok, that wasn't to get you more anxious, just reminding πŸ™‚

  7. I worry if I am travelling alone with the children and that too if it is train travel. Otherwise, I let the husband worry.

  8. I worry in a same way when I have to travel alone, I check my ID's, vouchers, all necessary items infinite number of times before going on board. Traveling with a partner is easy, I leave all worries on him.

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