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Of travel plans and travel anxiety

Of travel plans and travel anxiety

Its the summer break and that means my presence here at the blog shall become sporadic. As we ready ourselves to set off on our travels I am consumed with a bad case of travel anxiety. 

What if the taxi gets a flat tyre?
What if I miss the flight?
Did I miss packing anything?
What if my baggage is overweight?
What if I misplace my baggage?
What if I forget the ticket, the id?
What if I am not at the correct terminal?
What happens when I get there?
What if I don’t find a cab?

It’s endless… this list of tiny worries.

Without even being aware of it consciously, they nag at me for days before I set off. That, when I’ve been travelling on my own for over two decades. It makes me irritable and more likely to snap at the kids, not that they aren’t doing enough to drive me up the wall anyway. It wasn’t half as bad when I travelled alone, having responsibility of the twins just makes it worse.

I’ve tried imagining the worse case scenario and that isn’t scary at all yet the anxiety refuses to go.

I’m hoping putting this down here would make me see how irrational it is. 

Do you worry when you travel?

Stories to tell…

Stories to tell…

The last few days we were in Goa creating memories for a life time… Some great ones and some not so great ones too. Signing off for the night with a thank you prayer that we’re safely back home together. There’s truly lots to be grateful for. More on this tomorrow.

A gorgeous sunset at Calangute Beach
Five reason why I adore road journeys

Five reason why I adore road journeys

That was clicked on the way to Goa

It was only some years back that I discovered the pleasure of road journeys and in these years I’ve done quite a few. Here are my five reasons to go on one if you’ve never done it. And if you have.. well then you know what I’m talking about.. Read on.

1. It’s such an adventure..
something so relaxed yet adventurous and spontaneous about picking up your car
and driving off without the hassle of ticket bookings and reservations and
catching the flight or train. A few times we’ve even hired a bus or a Tempo Traveller
packing in aunts and uncles and grandparents and kids .. oh it’s been a riot.
2. You don’t need to be too meticulous a packer 
There always is that last minute stuff that
is simply dumped into plastic bags and loaded on. And then there are the kids..
I mean it would be a tad odd to carry a hula hoop and a football while boarding
a flight. But in the car.. everything goes. On our last trip to Goa this is how
the kids made an entry…

That’s my son with the ‘essentials’ and my daughter’s hula hoop
3. You get
amazing glimpses of the countryside
I must have gone on the Pune Mumbai
expressway countless times and am yet to tire of the scenery. Try Pune – Goa.. the hills, the
windmills, the coconut trees… beautiful. Back home in UP.. you get to see fields
stretching on both sides. The highways there, are dotted with villages. Watching people
going to work in the fields or feeding cattle or women and children sitting
outside their huts is so enchanting. Then, there’s always the road. There is
something completely mesmerising about the unending road stretching ahead of you.
Check out this man repairing his roof..
.. or my absolute favourite .. the brick kilns in UP. 

4. There’s the food

If you
travel enough times you get to discover the most mindblowing food joints along
the roadside. There’s this place called Maigalganj (Not Michaelganj!) between Lucknow and Sitapur on the way to Nainital that offers amazing gulabjamuns. When I first
heard of it I was certain it was overrated. I mean no matter how great a gulabjamun
is, it still is just that – a gulabjamun, right? Wrong.. these are truly bliss.. melt in
your mouth soft without being overly sweet. Then there are the sabudana vadas on Mumbai-Pune Highway and the dhabas
between Delhi and Haryana (I was travelling to Kurukshetra) have wonderful paranthas with butter melting on them and lassi glasses as tall as the
cows themselves. (Okay I got carried away.. but you do get the idea, right?)
The famous gulabjamuns
5. It’s a perfect opportunity to bond with family
Do you ever remember spending four or
five or more uninterrupted hours with your family at home? With no TV and no
computer games… oh it’s fun. And if The Husband is at the wheels he doesn’t
even get to open his laptop. Hah! The only catch is that phone. Do a ZNMD and
dunk it out of the car if you can and life will be perfect. Umm …well maybe
not.. okay keep the phone but still it’s just one spoiler you have to tackle.
The journey is often as much fun as the destination itself when you’re on the road. Here’s Ernest Hemingway agreeing with me..
It is
good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the
So there!

It’s Day 5 at the Write Tribe Festival of Words. The prompt for today is ‘Travel’. For some great takes from Write Tribers go here..

Ten things you must do …

Ten things you must do …

… on a rainy drive through the Pune-Bombay Highway

1. Look and be awed.. the scenery’s absolutely breathtaking.

2. Watch as the clouds come down right on to the road… and this isn’t even Nainital.

3. Look out for the transient waterfalls rushing down the hills.

4. Count all the different kinds of clouds in the evening sky… (remembered only cirrus and cumulus.. you can try more), then count off the colours.. scarlet, salmon, orange, amber, amethyst, black, silver.

5. Fight about who has the window with the better display. Then fight to sit at the others’ window. Finally try to unseat the poor mother sitting in the middle because “you always get to see the best through the dashboard”.

6. While at the window.. race the raindrops with your fingertips as they trickle down the panes on other side.

7. Argue noisily about whether we’ll crash into or safely cross the car in the front till the rattled driver shushes you as he tries to drive through the pouring rain.

8. Go wheeee……… as the car does those turns on the ghats.

9. Watch out for that single patch of sunshine on the hills, like a spotlight, as the sun struggles to show up from between the clouds (seriously amazing!).

10. Count how many times you drive in and out of rainy patches… here it’s raining, here it’s not.

Can’t end without this one even though it upsets my predilection for round numbers..

Stop for a hot ‘cutting’ chai and a fiery vada pao.

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