Two updates

Two updates

The two current worries of my life — the darned fancy dress and my weightloss — seem to have sorted themselves out.

First the fancy dress.. the decision has been made — Queen of Hearts for Naisha (Yesssss!), Incy Wincy spider for Hrit.
Naisha is a real surprise. She’s a great story teller so I tried to sell her the idea of just narrating the story in the rhyme rather than mugging it up and says she, “No mama I’ll learn the rhyme.. look I already know half. Then she proceeded to rattle off  “The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts….” Women I tell you.. most unpredictable. What’s more she has also prepared herself to tell the story if she forgets the rhyme. That’s one kid sorted. SIGH!

Hrit was a no brainer.. anything black and scary and he’s happy.. so a spider he is.

Somehow the task of putting the costumes together seem so much easier than arriving at a decision that makes the kids and me happy.

Now for the weightloss…
BOREDOM ALERT: If you’re not a compulsive fat fighter stop now.

If you are one read on…
Actually, I’m not even sure I should be happy about this one but I am. I did my BCA (body composition analysis) at the gym today. And the results…

The good first.. (me being a wannabe optimist)
— muscle mass has increased
— BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) has increased.

Isn’t that wonderful?

On the flip side
— Weight up by 2 kgs
— Water content down (I need to drink more water. At least 4 ltrs says the instructor. When I started at him incredulously and asked, “Do even you ever drink 4 ltrs?” He replied with a deadpan face, “I drink 8.” So much for being a smart alec).
— Fat percentage up too.

The net result is what the instructor had pointed out earlier… exercise regimen is perfect but the diet….hmmmm.

However, for now, I can’t look beyond the BMR and I am pretty kicked. All I have to do is eat sensibly and all will be well. How tough can that be? I’ve done it before. So two kgs by Spetember end.


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  1. OM! My dietician gave me Do's & Do Nots before I started the dieting and she shares a daily plan with me and you what is written in each of those plans in bold? NO SOUP & CURD at night 🙁

    And dear ensure that u have your dinner before 8:30 pm. It makes a hell lot of difference.

  2. @Haddock.. I've vowed to work on the diet this month.

    Smita.. Thanks for the tip. Am sticking with soup and salad for dinner. Unfortunately our gym doesn't have a proper dietician so we kind of blunder along.
    Oh and you did read the second part so you're a weight watcher too. *High five*

  3. Wah! Chalo she was happily and readily convinced!!

    Pass on good luck from my end to both of them 🙂

    Tell me something, do u have cold? Because my dietician tells me that coz of cold there is water retention, also to reduce the same u shud avoid eating leafy vegetables at night.

    I am sure you are on right track and the weight too will fall, it is a matter of time 🙂

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