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We’re Different

We’re Different

If you were to watch the kids of our society playing in the garden now, something might catch your eye – a 6 year old boy in a Spiderman suit (meant for a four year old) with a bat and a girl in a chaniya choli behind the wickets, brandishing a diwali gun for some reason playing pretty comfortablly with the four or five other kids around them.
Each day I think my kids are just too grown up to play dress-up and each day they prove me wrong. I see other children refusing to wear shorts because they’re “too big”, girls loving their fluffy dresses and smart halters, kids feeling awkward if they’re dressed differently… not so for mine. They revel in looking different. How come they’re not embarrassed? I often wonder. How come they don’t get teased to death? To wear a costume outside a fancy dress party is kind of weird by my standards.

So why did I let them?

Well because my standards are never their standards. Weird/scary/silly for me is often fun for them.

Besides, one of my rules for survival states – ‘Allow the kids to do what they want unless it’s life threatening or involves a mess that I’ll need to clear up’.

Plus, there’s a bit of a history.

This year we finally managed to organise a fancy dress and talent show in our society. That was no mean achievement given that the average population here is above 60 and likes to lead a quiet life bereft of so much as the whiff of excitement… specially stuff that involves anything to do with noisy children.

As usual, there was this huge debate at home on who will be what and as usual what I wanted wasn’t what the kids wanted. Hrit was dying to show off his Spiderman costume, a hand me down from his cousin, while Naisha wanted to be Krishna complete with a blue face and body. I, on the other hand wanted for them to do something together, for once. I thought of an earth-moon sequence where Naisha would be the moon revolving around a rotating/revolving earth, Hrit. I thought it was a great idea. Not so, the kids.

After much negotiation they agreed provided I let them wear “what they want” for “however long they want” after the show. Hence.

The show, by the way, was great fun even though we had no budget. Someone got a laptop, another one got the speakers and someone else got a pen drive full of music. A creative mum rustled up some badges while everyopne chipped in with leftover birthday decorations. The mums turned up with their kids and we were set for a great time while the senior citizens snoozed (Yes well.. I don’t quite like their attitude. I’m sure you’ve guessed that by now!).

A few pictures of the event…

A bunch of grapes, a bhajiwali, a nurse aur do mere wale. They’re not in costume because
much of it was paper and I wanted to preserve it till the fancy dress actually started.
Shivaji, a zebra crossing (that had a real flashing red light) and a Japanese doll.
And there’s the girl who could do a hundred cartwheels, as part of the talent show.

The youngest of them all.. a fairy.
Shivaji gets busy with his mum’s camera

Krishna and Radha
Our very cool DJ aunty

For the talent show Hrit Naisha did an edited version of Ek Chidiya, an old favourite of mine. Even though I say it myself, they were pretty purrrfect :-).

During a ‘dress rehearsal’ at home


We are Maganlal Dresswala

We are Maganlal Dresswala

Check this out1. Sher Khan from The Jungle Book
2. Mowgli from The Jungle Book
3. Ladybird (2 sets)
4. Bee
5. Octopus
6. Jelly Fish
7. Air Hostess
8. Pilot
9. A river
10. An astronaut
11. Planet Venus
12. A Russian dancer
13. Spiderman
14. Nurse
15. Baker (2 sets)
16. Queen of Hearts
17. SpiderThat’s our DIY fancy dress inventory. Crazy isn’t it? The kids have worn all of those over the years, of course not counting the ones I’ve rented/borrowed from kind friends. Add to this sets from varied annual day programmes and you’ll know why the kids’ cupboards are overflowing with clothes they do not wear, and this in just the four years since they started school.

I really should host a dress-up party for the kids and their friends.

Getting back to where I left off in my last post — the fancy dress was a grand success. They looked glittery enough and scary enough to each of their complete satisfaction. Here’s how they looked..

A crown, a cape, an apron and a heart worn over a red and white dress.
N painted a thermacol plate with hearts and also made some playdough tarts (which were demolished before they got back home).
I swear I didn’t ask her to show off her cape.


That’s the spider. Erstwhile octopus tentacles were covered with black ribbon and poof! they turned into spider legs. H wore them with slings. A piece of black cloth with the web, a hole cut out for the head to go in and tied at the sides with black ribbon, worn over a black T shirt. This one was easy.


Obviously, this then is our entry for Shruti’s Artsy Craftsy Challenge .
A glittery Queen of Hearts crown
Scallops cut into some red chart paper.
Paint on fevicol and spread glitter. Shake off the excess (and store for a glittery craft another day).


Paint on silver hearts
Add tiny hearts cut out from silver paper.
We’re planning to help N’s friends make similar crowns, the colour preferences are already pouring in. My only reservation is the glitter. It has a nasty habit of spreading itself all over the house. It’s been two days since I finished that crown off and I’m still trying to get it off me.
Even though this was easy enough N didn’t help with it at all so we’ll probably have to have another entry. I had fun, though.
Two updates

Two updates

The two current worries of my life — the darned fancy dress and my weightloss — seem to have sorted themselves out.

First the fancy dress.. the decision has been made — Queen of Hearts for Naisha (Yesssss!), Incy Wincy spider for Hrit.
Naisha is a real surprise. She’s a great story teller so I tried to sell her the idea of just narrating the story in the rhyme rather than mugging it up and says she, “No mama I’ll learn the rhyme.. look I already know half. Then she proceeded to rattle off  “The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts….” Women I tell you.. most unpredictable. What’s more she has also prepared herself to tell the story if she forgets the rhyme. That’s one kid sorted. SIGH!

Hrit was a no brainer.. anything black and scary and he’s happy.. so a spider he is.

Somehow the task of putting the costumes together seem so much easier than arriving at a decision that makes the kids and me happy.

Now for the weightloss…
BOREDOM ALERT: If you’re not a compulsive fat fighter stop now.

If you are one read on…
Actually, I’m not even sure I should be happy about this one but I am. I did my BCA (body composition analysis) at the gym today. And the results…

The good first.. (me being a wannabe optimist)
— muscle mass has increased
— BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) has increased.

Isn’t that wonderful?

On the flip side
— Weight up by 2 kgs
— Water content down (I need to drink more water. At least 4 ltrs says the instructor. When I started at him incredulously and asked, “Do even you ever drink 4 ltrs?” He replied with a deadpan face, “I drink 8.” So much for being a smart alec).
— Fat percentage up too.

The net result is what the instructor had pointed out earlier… exercise regimen is perfect but the diet….hmmmm.

However, for now, I can’t look beyond the BMR and I am pretty kicked. All I have to do is eat sensibly and all will be well. How tough can that be? I’ve done it before. So two kgs by Spetember end.


A dilemma

A dilemma

It’s another fancy dress at the kids’ school and I’m in a bit of a fix. The theme this time is Nursery Rhymes. “Star, I want to be a star,” said Naisha as soon as she came home. “Twinkle twinkle little star. I already know the rhyme,” she chirped.  “We’ll see,” said I while thinking “Won’t do, too simplistic.” They have been singing that one since they could barely talk. I was hoping I could convince her for something ‘better’, according to me, of course.

After some thought, I arrived at the Queen of Hearts. It would be nice, thought I. It’s different, and it would be something Naisha liked — a red dress with shiny, glittery hearts, a crown, maybe and a plate of tarts.. perfect.

Not so, thought Naisha. The deterrent, of course, is, that she’d have to learn a new rhyme. She can do it easily enough, I know, she’s smart.. but the thing is she doesn’t want to.

So here’s my dilemma

If I push the Queen of hearts…
It’ll be an uphill task as she’ll need plenty of convincing.
Of course, she’ll have to learn a new rhyme.
She might worry about her lines (I know she’s a worrier, specially on stage) and her apprehensions might ruin the pleasure of the performance.
It is a nice concept.
It’s ‘different’.
She’ll certainly enjoy dressing up.


Should I go with the Star
It’s her idea.
She is comfortable with it.
She’ll be more confident on stage.
The idea really is too simplistic.
She’s capable of much more than this.

Am I being a Chinese Mum in trying to push her? Or am I being a laid back mum in letting her be? How will she know what she’s capable of if no one pushes her? She certainly isn’t the self-motivating kind. If she does well this time maybe next time she’ll be more confident in taking up a challenge instead of opting for the easy route and sticking to the safe and simple.

What do you think? Star or Queen?

Edited to add: She woke up this morning saying a ‘yes’ to the Queen. And now I’m wondering if she’s doing it just to make me happy.. sigh!
.. and I’ve had another brainwave.. what if we skip the rhyme. The brief says they have to talk for a minute.. not necessarily recite the rhyme. She could just say it, in her own words. Worth a shot. Yay.

Culmination day…

Culmination day…

… at the kids’ school today and I made sure I grabbed the front row seats after I almost cried in frustration last session . Turned out this time there were just a handful of parents since each division was putting up a separate show.
Hrit’s class came on first followed by a verbatum action replay by Naisha’s. The kids surprised me with their confidence, specially Hrit, who wouldn’t even look his teacher in the eye till last year. He delivered his lines perfectly, to everyone’s applause. As for Naisha – a more cheery nurse there never was. Talking is her forte so no surprises there except she seemed to have overcome her stage fright completely this time. I came back a pretty happy mum.

That’s Hrit the carpenter sitting with his tools…
… and Naisha the nurse
In a collage of baby pictures I spotted Hrit (with some difficulty). He’s the smiley
one in the left bottom corner. All kids really do look the same.

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