Gratitude this June

Gratitude this June

June is a month of settling down for all of us here, as the new session begins. It is a tough month which is why I keep my targets easy and expectations low.

In the beginning of the month the focus was on getting the children’s schedules in order. We had to figure out what co-curriculars they’d opt for and how that would fit in with their school day.

The trouble is, both H and N tend to cram in a lot in their days. Then they get overwhelmed with it all and give it all up. Personally, I’d be happy if they stuck to school and, later in the evening, played with their friends.

I keep telling them that having one too many things on their plate will tire them out. In typical tween tradition they refuse to listen and we end up having long arguments ending with, ‘You never let us do what we want to do.’

This year I thought I’d let them be, that they were old enough to decide for themselves. As a result of their over enthusiasm, the schedule is chock-a-block between chess and guitar class, handball and skating and drama. A lot of it is taken care of at school but for the rest, I need to be available for pickups and drops and that is a little crazy. I seem to zipping in and out of home all evening. This whole thing is like a jigsaw puzzle of their time slots and mine, where if one piece is disturbed the whole thing goes for a toss!

I’m not sure any longer whether this was such a good idea. But then parenting is about hits and misses, trial and error. I am hoping they’ll see sense soon. Also I do realise that they have just this year and maybe another one, to try out whatever they want after which they’ll have to settle down. 

That said, I am grateful they such have such a choice of activities they want to try out and also that everything is within easy reach – a five or ten minute drive is all it takes me to ferry them around. We have a wonderful neighbourhood and I’m so glad of that.

Through all this running around there have been things that have kept a smile on my face:

  • The weather has been a dream with the rains setting in.
  • I’m grateful I don’t have to step out much and that I can work from the comfort of home. I get to enjoy the monsoon with my cup of tea without needing to see its messy side.
  • Fitness has been a win this month. I finally went to see a nutritionist and am sticking out with the exercise/diet routine she prescribed.
  • We (I and my girl gang) discovered a fabulous new restaurant with a menu full of smoothies and salads and we’re so excited we’ve planned weekly lunches. The best bit – it’s right next to our apartment complex.
  • I took up the #WriteTribeFestivalofWords of seven-days-seven-posts on my book blog and was pretty happy I could complete it despite having guests over. A special thank you to the super-organised Shilpa who never fails to lend a hand when I panic and reach out for help.


Linking up with Vidya’s Gratitude Circle

With this post I also kick off the Bar-A-Thon – the fortnight long Blogging Challenge. I’ve kept it simple today because the gratitude post needed to be done and I know it’s a lousy use of a prompt but I’m hoping I’ll come up with something better next time.

The prompt for today was ‘One too many’.

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  1. My 5 year old goes for two activities over four days during the week and I feel overwhelmed with it. Hats off to you for managing your twins so well with their activities and your own schedule.

  2. First up, I dont think its a lousy use of the prompt at all T – I found it just perfect 🙂

    I know so many moms who build their lives around their kids and live in just that; you seem to be one such too and I hope you do take good care of yourself with some Me-Time too. Happy to note that you found that great F&B place next to your home – take some chill pills there and let your hair down 🙂

    I think your month has been fulfilling and happy- here’s wishing July brings in more abundance for you and the family!

  3. It’s lovely that you let the kids do their own thing and not decide for them! This is so important I feel. Me-time is precious…I cannot be more happy when I find mine in between the chores. I love your posts. I can relate to them so much as we seem to have a lot of shared experiences. Would be lovely to meet you someday, Tulika. 🙂

  4. Finally you are following a fitness and diet routine!! Good girl!:P
    All I can say is, I am glad kids these days have such a variety to choose from and also the understanding about what they should do with their time! Good bacchaas!

    Wishing you luck for the BAR challenge!
    Love! <3

    1. Yes. Finally. You know na I’ve been struggling since the beginning of this year. Keeping my fingers crossed.
      PS: Why aren’t you in the challenge?

  5. I always wonder how you Mums do a 100 things at one time while planning another 100 in your head. I like the fact that you are not making choices for N and H but letting them choose. But I do worry for you and your me-time 🙂 **Just the logical me and I know you have a BIG role to play in their development**
    Good to know about the weather. I love rains and Bangalore too has been amazing. Glad you got fun time with your friends. Wishing you a lovely July, Tulika!

  6. I can completely relate to your kids schedule and running around them for classes. Luckily now elder one goes on her own and I don’t have to drop or pick her up. Tween is still getting used to handling things alone like her elder sister. Looks like you had an interesting month and all the best for your fitness plan.

  7. I like how you are letting H and N explore and learn. And must compliment you on the pick and drop thing. It can be pretty overwhelming, but you are doing great on that front too. Arent you a supermom, Tulika!! In awe of you!!
    Thanks for the mention, though I think it was nothing.

    1. Oh it helped Shilpa. I was terribly stressed at that point and worried that I might flout a rule or something. It just helped to have someone to check it out with.

  8. That sounded like a good month to me, Tulika. This thing about what works for kids is a complete trial and error. I feel the older son takes on too much on his plate but then I let him learn his own lessons. The younger boy needs enormous nudging to participate in any activity. Sigh! Good for you on the fitness front. So happy to hear that. And indeed you are lucky to have everything closeby. Just thinking about the traffic deflates my intentions of going anywhere. So nice about the smoothie and salad place. Wish I had something like this near by. Hope that you have a great July.

    1. With two kids one gets to see how what works for one may not work for the other at all. Parenting never gets easy :-).
      I do live in a great neighbourhood and as a result I;m even more reluctant to travel.
      I hope you have a great July too.

  9. Amidst the chaos you managed to find an order that fits you. Isn’t that wonderful! It’s good that your kids want to try out different things. My son, though interested in extracurricular activities, is too lazy that I have give him the necessary push at least to try. And you are right, this is the time they can explore these activities. Looks like you had a good month all in all. Have a wonderful July!

    1. Thanks Vinitha. We’re still struggling with our schedules. I’m hoping the kids give up somethings and concentrate on only a few. Children are so different, aren’t they? Some need to be asked to slow down while some need a little push.

  10. I am actually glad you combined the gratitude post with Barathon 🙂 Keeps the stress levels low and we can do without any extra bit of that.

    Yay on the fitness and nutrition front and kind of jealous about the smoothies place. No matter. You can treat me there when I come over. (notice the optimism)

    As for the kids, I totally get the idea of not cramming too much. I gave up everything and just send her for one music class now because she is really interested in that. Sports, she gets a good workout at school so am happy that she is happy .

    Congrats on completing the WT FOW 🙂 I caught a few of your posts and you did a FAB job of them too.

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