A time for family and friends

A time for family and friends

This last month, the month of May, has been filled with so many blessings that I’ve lost count. It is by far my favourite month of the year. It’s the time I am truly home, among extended family and childhood friends. The days are about reunions and getaways, about reinforcing age-old bonds and rediscovering the flavours of childhood, of leafing through photo albums and laughing at our tiny ponytails and large bell-bottoms.

There wasn’t a single morning, afternoon or evening when I didn’t have someone around, when I wasn’t planning a meet up, a movie or a dinner. Many an evening, my plans would dissolve into nothing because someone would drop by with the ease and comfort born of years of familiarity, the kind that needs no phone call, no appointment.

The children oscillated constantly between the various homes. The FIL took upon himself to tutor them in Math during the mornings, a family tradition of sorts. Their older cousins have all had to put up with his tenacious love for teaching Math. Despite plenty of good-natured ribbing and calls of ‘It’s your turn to get caught now’, he persevered and surprisingly enough, the children complied without a murmur. That there was a constant supply of laddoos and pedas might have helped.

The children also developed a severe case of ice-cream insecurity. The moment the tubs showed signs of finishing they’d sound an alert and sure enough, one doting elder or the other would order out another.

One night they were carried off to a wedding by my sister, their first ever. I stayed home enjoying a chat with the in-laws. They came back tired and completely overwhelmed, yet thrilled at the colour and the crowd, the food and the festivities and the excitement of it all. ‘The bride was epic,’ pronounced N. She had never seen such finery except in films. Meanwhile, H said the buffet was the best.

I had set myself some tasks for the month including blogging and figuring out some technical concepts which I normally do not get time for. None of them got done. I have to admit the first few days I was a trifle unnerved with this total lack of order, something I normally strive hard for in my routine. It was strange not to be worrying about the children, their food and their studies, specially after a rather stressful year. Bad habits stick on so hard, isn’t it?

Then somewhere along the way I let go and decided to go with the flow. Then on, I had the best time ever.

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We went off to spend a weekend at my cousin’s farm and then in the middle of all the craziness, we  managed a two-day trip to Agra. The six-lane Yamuna Expressway meant that we could travel the distance in about four hours. Everyone had cautioned us that it would be too hot, that the children wouldn’t be able to handle it, unused to such high temperatures. We decided to go on anyway and I’m glad we did. We spent the mornings and evenings visiting the absolutely stunning monuments and stuck to our hotel room during the hot afternoons while the children took to the pool. It was as idyllic as it could get.

I often talk about how much I love my hometown but it’s the connections and warmth of relationships that continue to make it special – a place where friends are family and family are friends.

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  1. Such an interesting post and article you shared! This look you are a great writer… Thanks for giving me so many places to bookmark.

  2. A place where friends are family and family are friends – you are so blessed to have that to go back to every single year. Loved reading this post and catching up with your trip back home. I hope you had a great June too, even though I know it must be back to the routine now.

  3. Reading this post filled me with joy. Holidays and vacations are meant to be like this, carefree and fun. It would have been relaxing to let go off the ‘baagdor’ of the kids with so many people around to look after them. I totally get it about having all the time on visiting home, to follow the established blogging routine and yet not being able to do anything. It is indeed wise to let go. There is the whole year to honour the routine.

  4. How delightful, Tulika. As I read your post, I visualized the photos you’ve been sharing on Instagram. What a wonderful May. It is my favorite month too! Vacations are definitely something to look forward to, and I am glad you focused on family, fun and connecting. Do your kids write about their vacation?

    Thanks for being part of the Gratitude Circle.

    1. I need to thank you Vidya. I am so glad I’ve stuck with the Gratitude Circle this year. No, the children don’t write about their vacation but they’ve been busy writing their ‘books’. N’s currently stands at over 5000 words. So that’s a bit of an achievement.

  5. What a lovely post, Tulika. As I was reading you, I felt I was home with my extended family and so much to talk. I am so happy that you had a beautiful May. Good months are so energizing. Isn’t it?

  6. Ah! I so loved reading your post, Tulika! It’s because my family lives 20 minutes away, and most of my relative overseas! 😛
    Loved all the pictures you shared on FB. Esp the one with your sis! MAde me wish I had a sis, myself! What fun! 🙂

    1. Since I get to meet mine just once a year I envy you for having family close by. Yeah, having a sister is good. She’s way more upbeat and positive. It’s good to have her around.

  7. A trip home is always rejuvenating and yours seems packed with action and adventure too. I love the bonhomie of meeting cousins and elders when everyone is over for the vacations as there is always some company for each one and its one big hullabullo over meals and outings.
    I loved your Agra pics Tulika – thats one sensational monument, in my opinion, and any and every opportunity to see it while its still in its pristine glory is a boon!
    May you be showered with loads of june joys!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Shalini. Yeah, the Taj is gorgeous. I’d though I’d seen enough pictures of it to not be awestruck by it but I was. Seeing it for real is a whole different thing.

  8. This just warms my heart, Tulika. I saw your pictures and it felt so nice to see you let your hair down and have fun with the twins in tow. Sometimes it sure is the best to go with the flow. There is a certain warm comfort in it. Just like the hug of a family, perhaps.

  9. Ah lovely! I’m glad you allowed blogging to take a backseat and made some lovely memories for you, the children and the extended family! That’s what summer holidays are all about. Loved the pictures you’ve been sharing!

  10. Such a feel good & heartwarming post (like your previous post – I read but couldn’t comment). So happy for you! May you get many such beautiful moments and vacations. 🙂

  11. I could see the joy and love in the pictures you shared. It took me back to my memories of childhood when we would go to my nana’s house. How much fun those months were! Now there is no family left there but my heart yearns for those precious moments. I am so happy for all the time you and the kids spent with the family. That is truly something to be grateful for. Hope you have a lovely June as well.

  12. I am so very happy for you. The pictures on Insta and FB said it all- the warmth, the laughs, the fun, the food, and I can tell that the family hangover isn’t quite done yet, is it? 🙂

    To more vacations with the family and to more stress-free parenting moments when the kids are taken care of 🙂

    1. Absolutely Shailaja. I’m so used to being with the children on my own it’s unbelievably relaxing to have, not one, but a bunch of people to share the responsibility.

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