Vacations, train travel and other happy things

Vacations, train travel and other happy things

April is the fastest moving month of the year for us because it has so much crammed into it. It begins with exams, moves ahead with results and ends with travel and vacations. Quite perfect actually. And so it was that I didn’t quite notice how it crept up upon us and was over before I knew.

There’s a lot to be grateful for this past month.

First things first, the children’s exam results. They were my top worry for months together and I am glad so very and grateful for the way they turned out. The kids weren’t top of the class but they were pretty much what I’d expected, even better maybe. I always worry that I don’t worry enough, that I don’t push the children enough so it’s kind of reassuring to know that it’s alright, that we’re doing fine. So very grateful for that.

The most interesting bit is that N maxed her Art exam while H scored the highest in Science. Seriously, these two couldn’t have been more different!

The other highlight of the month was our 20-hour train journey from Pune to Delhi. It’s a whole different kind of wonderful to share a bit of your childhood with your children and to watch them enjoy it just as you did.

Trains were a very happy part of my childhood, perhaps because travel back when we were children was ever so rare. We’d squabble for the window seat, gaze for hours at fields golden with wheat or dotted with neat bundles after it had been harvested, we’d twist our necks trying to follow the trees that rushed by, we’d wait  for every hawker who came by, begging for a paper cone of bhel or peanuts.

I am glad to say that not much has changed.

Despite the fact that the children had carried along their tabs they did pretty much all what we used to. They went around inspecting the compartment, hung up their rucksacks on the hooks by their berths, spread out their sheets and blankets and settled down quite happily. The welcome tetrapack of juice was all it took for them to become Indian Railway fans. The feeling was only strengthened as lunch and snacks arrived at periodic intervals. When ice cream was served as dessert, they were completely sold over.

We read, talked, played word games and worked on N’s story. It was such a happy day.

The next five days in Delhi were completely relaxing. We managed to visit Kidzania which was a long-pending tick on the children’s list of fun-things-to-do. Although they were a wee bit grown up for the experience, they had a good time. I strongly recommend it for all children. Do try to visit it, there’s one in Mumbai too. The best bit is that it is extremely parent-friendly. I loved the super comfortable parents’ lounge. I ordered in a masala chai and ‘lounged’ on one of the huge sofas with my kindle, leaving the children to do their own thing. Those were happy five hours for all of us.

And now we were in Lucknow. I have so very many things to be grateful for here that I need a whole post, or maybe a bunch of posts.

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This new month promises to be wonderful.


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18 Replies to “Vacations, train travel and other happy things”

  1. So wonderful, Tulika.
    Train journeys are truly wonderful more so when you are with your family.
    I have fond memories of train journeys too.
    I hope you have a lot of fun in Lucknow and tell us the stories through your posts.
    Oh and I love Lucknow. Having studied in Gorakhpur, I have wonderful memories of Lucknow. It’s a city I truly love.

  2. It’s been a while since I traveled by train but I do also have fond memories of childhood train travels. Good to hear that the kids loved the journey. Being in good home town will be a lot of fun, I am sure. Have a good time.

    1. Thank you Rachna. I was reluctant to travel by train too. It takes just too much time and also because I dislike train platforms – the noise, the heat and the crowd really get to me. Yet it ended up being fun.

  3. This post took me back to my childhood days as well. I loved it – squabbling for the window seat with brother and gazing out at the green fields. H and N seem to be chalk and cheese. I am intrigued about N’s story, would like to know more about it. Have a great time in Lucknow.

  4. Oh how wonderful that the kids enjoyed the train ride so much – I remember as a kid this used to be the highlight of the vacations.
    I hope you have a fabulous time in Lucknow and come back recharged and refreshed 🙂

    1. Hmm… merceifully they’re quite fine here and I found plenty of senior citizens travelling on their own as also families with kids. Guess I should be grateful for that.

  5. Trains are still an excitement, though certain aspects have changed. I would be travelling down in 13 hour long train journey. Hoping my girls manage well. HAve a great time in Lucknow and share pics on Insta 🙂

    1. They’ll be fine Ramya. The one complaint I have is that the loos are still smelly and dirty. The children refused to go. Mercifully we were home by morning. Yup shall share pictures.

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