The exam checklist

The exam checklist

We’re almost done with the children’s exams – three whole weeks of crazy days. Each small windows of free time that I’ve had has been taken up by housework since the maid has been playing hooky since the day before exams. But the mandatory exam-post needs to be done.

You remember the one I did during the last spell ? Well here I am again.

Exams affect different people in different ways.

Each exam time I find my children changing in interesting ways.

This year they turned into authors.

Their creative juices are in full flow. The only catch is those juices are directed in every directions except towards their books. They have both decided that being a writer is their calling after all and have started work on their debut novels. The daughter is writing a book on an Indian girl who strikes up a friendship with an English Girl. She informed me today that she has written 1021 words over the last two days. She just might finish her novel by the time exams are through.

H’s masterpiece looks vaguely like Rick Riordon’s work, only in an Indian context. The Gods and goddesses have names that are part Indian part Australian (since they have Australia as part of their syllabus, in excruciating detail). One of them, I clearly remember, is called Yirdaki,

Meanwhile I have turned into a queen of confiscation.

I have currently, in my possession

Sponge balls – 3 nos
Rubix cube – 1 no
Tub of slime – 1, small
Water colours – 7 bottles
Nail paints – 6 bottles
Toy dinosaurs – 2 nos
Fidget Spinners – 2 nos
Guns – 2nos

I’m fast running out of space to hide away all the confiscated items. And if you’re beginning to feel sorry for the children, Don’t, for toys are mere props to their rich imagination. They are currently in the process of fine-tuning an adventure sport that involves jumping from one bed to the other because the space in between is a volcanic field covered with ‘bubbling lava’ visible of course, to their eyes only. I’m not sure how long their Pepperfry particle board beds will bear the onslaught. The way they jump and clamber, even my grandma’s teak would have groaned and died.

Other things that have kept the twins busy are as follows:

H has discovered a new shop of ‘imported chocolates’ in the neighbourhood (Where on earth do they get their information from?).

Also, as he very proudly informed me, he is fourth in the world in some online game he plays where he, quite darkly, calls himself ‘Death’.

The other day as I settled down with a book he jammed his fist in my armpit. As I straightened after picking up the book I had dropped, he explained, “I read that children resemble their parents in six aspects – colour of hair, colour of eyes, smell of armpit…. (I forget the other three) so I was checking whether the theory was true. He proceeded to thrust his other fist in his own armpit and then sniffed at both his hands, nodding in agreement.


N has found a way to make coloured slime (resulting in a coloured bathroom sink everyday) and is now in the process of adding glitter to it so she can patent her own glitter slime. She got pretty offended when I refused to believe that she could continue to study with ‘full focus’ while kneading that bit of slimy dough.

Even as I write this they’re deep in planning their after-exam social calendar which is chock-a-block with lunches, dinners and rendezvous at Ice Cream parlours.

I’m off then, to sort my TBR list.

Happy days ahead.

18 Replies to “The exam checklist”

  1. I’m still searching for the person who created the concept of examination lol

    Btw Author u have written it well…Keep going and HAPPY NEW YEAR

  2. I think we ace the role of Queen when we embark on the confiscation march! Such an adorable post…though I can see much sweat behind courtesy hooky maid and the daunting exam season.
    A fun read!

  3. This is the cutest post I have read today dear and trust me we have a lot of similarities at home and I am so elated to know I am not alone whose kiddo’s creative juices all ooze our only in exams. Aldi since we have changed his school it is two and a half months of summer vacations for him, so please do pray for me. My list of confiscation will not fit here, may be I send you an email

    1. Ha ha Roma, good luck with the vacations. That bit does become easier as they grow up – your responsibility of entertaining them goes down just a little bit.

  4. I’m not sure how old your kids are but I remember the first book I wrote, a murder mystery set in a circus where the murder weapon was a dart gun. It had to have pictures as part of the assignment and since the pictures I draw look like drunken stick figures because of my disability I got permission from my fourth-grade teacher to have my mom draw the pictures. The teacher said my book had the best pictures, I was so proud.

  5. Wow, it’s amazing your hair isn’t white just yet 😉 I would have left them both and escaped to a desert island or something 😛

    AlsoEWWWWW! H and his armpit smell theory. WHERE do they get this from?

    N and Gy seem to be on the same wavelength. How many nailpolish bottles I have confiscated! It isn’t funny. And expecting that she was studying when I walked into the room to find herself talking to the mirror! And the book too! Madam here is writing a murder mystery inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

    Come to think of it, why isn’t my hair white yet? 😉

    1. Woohoo cheers to the murder mystery. There really should be a club of sorts for young story writers, isn’t it? N is very clear hers isn’t a book for children but a book for everyone. Sigh! By the time she finishes it my hair will certainly turn white, whatever is left of it, that is.

  6. hehe…I remember how I wanted to do so many things during exams but had to study. But the time after exams is so precious no? I remember buying audio cassettes and nail polish after the completion of exams. Oh those days! I can imagine the excitement for H and N. And I can’t wait to read their novels 🙂

  7. Hahaha! Tulika, you have some highly creative and fun loving kids. Guess, they take after their mother. I was visualizing H, checking the armpit smell and nodding in agreement. Hilarious. 😀
    Glad that the exams are finally over for you! Wishing you happy days ahead and happy reading too 😀

  8. Where in the world did that Arm pit theory come from? And ugh hos I hate that slime. My kiddo has this store bought one, which she keeps plopping around, well when she is studying, and still claims her concentration is all intact. Kids!!!!!

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