The Hugging Trees #ThursdayTreeLove

The Hugging Trees #ThursdayTreeLove

We found these trees in Lucknow’s Lohia Park while we were there this summer. Can you see there are two of them? I loved the way they seemed to be hugging each other, so close that one can barely make out which is which.

The trees capture the essence of my hometown which is a perfect blend of religions and cultures and languages, merging them all inextricably in its famed ganga-jamuni tehzeeb.

The park is absolutely delightful and I wish it were closer to where we live but we do make it point to go there at least once during our visit.

That’s all from me for now. I’ve been unable to write anything at all this past fortnight. I seem to be suffering from some kind of blog-existential-angst. However, I do know I’ll get around it sooner rather than later.

Till then, you guys have a good weekend.

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4 Replies to “The Hugging Trees #ThursdayTreeLove”

  1. You really do have to look closely to see the smooth barked tree and the roughed bark tree, so different but so supportive.

  2. This is quite amazing and your caption for these trees go so well. They do seem to be hugging each other. I wouldn’t have recognised that there were 2 trees if you hadn’t mentioned.
    I hope you get around your angst soon and return to blogging because I have been coming around every day to visit your blog ki koi naya post aa to nahin gaya ❤

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