It’s International Blog Delurking Week

It’s International Blog Delurking Week

It’s the same time of the year again. Nah, not the time when you make resolutions – that’s gone already. Did you know Jan 17 was the Ditch your New Year Resolution Day? Yes it is, so there!

This is something else. Jan 12th to 18th is ‘coming out’ week. Not that kind of coming out. In blogging language it’s called Blog Delurking Week.

It’s the week I beg lurkers at my blog to come say hello.

So who are ‘lurkers’?

Well those are the people who read my posts but don’t leave comments, the silent ones, the ones I never get to hear from. It’s time to come out, people. Say a hello and maybe you could leave a word saying where you’re from.

For instance I’d say something like – Hi I’m Tulika from Pune, India (also Lucknow, Delhi, Bhopal, Mumbai, for those are the cities I’ve lived in). You may simply stick with your name and your current city, or just with your name or whatever else you are comfortable with.

Oh I know it is hard to reveal yourself. Did you notice this is the very first time in my 11+ years of blogging that I’ve used my name on the blog here. It’s strange that while I’m okay with talking about my personal struggles, my failures and disappointments, my worries and concerns, yet giving out my name seems like a big deal.

That said, it is good to finally do it. So there, I’ve made a start. Go ahead and speak up.

Linking up with Parul who is hosting the delurking party.

32 Replies to “It’s International Blog Delurking Week”

  1. Hi Tulika, I never noticed that you haven’t used your name on the blog before. I have been reading for approximately four years now. Lurked sometimes but mostly I have left my footprints in a comment form. 🙂 Always a pleasure to read you, Tulika.

  2. Well I am not technically a lurker, but since it’s come up, I have to admit that yours is one of the few blogs that I regularly look up old posts and read, even though I might not always comment on there, so well you can say I’m an old-post lurker. 🙂

  3. Wait, what?? You have NEVER mentioned your name on your blog till now? 😀

    How come I never noticed that? Of course, I did know you as OM for a few months.

    Oh Hey Tulika, a non-lurking commentator here 😉

    1. Nope, Never. I don’t even know why I have always been so reluctant to do it considering almost everyone knows it’s my blog. But that’s just the way it was.

  4. I always leave my name 🙂 Love reading your posts about your twins and how beautifully you manage to parent them while being their friend . They seem to be bright and intelligent like their mom (and dad 🙂 )

  5. Hi ObsessiveMom (sorry, still don’t know your name. Please tell me this time.) Dropping in to say a Hello, for I don’t want to be the reader who doesn’t comment. Looking forward to dropping by often now.

  6. Hi Tulika I am Shalini fron gurgaon and love your blog for the creatively done up posts on personal life. Plus your way of telling it as is, is very refreshing! Its been good to connect with your blog.
    Wish you lots of success in 2018 with the blog for one and life in general!! Cheers Gurl!

  7. First time you used your name? WOW, why hadn’t I noticed that till date?

    Hello Tulika, I am a regular reader of all your posts and I love the honesty you write with. I’m not a parent, but I love reading your parenting gyaan and the naughty tales of H and N. And your book reviews! And everything else in general. I can come here for any post and I know that I will leave with a smile. So here I am, and here I always will be 😀

  8. Delurking! Something new for me. Good you made it simple for me to understand. This is Anagha Yatin, right now from Mumbai previously from so many places on Mother Earth and that includes Pune too! It was a pleasure to know that you are from Pune.

    1. Welcome Anagha, though I have bumped into you on social media but good to know you and glad to have met another Puneri, even if you’re only partly one.

  9. Hello, been in a blogging hiatus last year and returned to it with the turn of 2018. Have been lurking around your blog enjoying your posts.

    And I had no idea about the delurking thing until I read it up here. 🙂

  10. Oh! This is something I never knew . Being new to the blogger world seems interesting I suppose. I learn a lot of new things. I am Sudha here..

  11. I had no idea about this. These days there’s an international thing for just about anything anyone can think of. Just saying hi but you know me 🙂

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