Ten things that just have to be done during exams

Ten things that just have to be done during exams

Twenty days to go for the twins’ final exams and we’re all gearing up in our own ways, though not quite like that young boy in the picture. I am making out calendars and timetables and trying my darndest to squeeze in portions in the small window of time we get  between school time, playtime and the children’s rather happening social lives. While I am trying, and failing pretty miserably I might add, in bringing about any amount of seriousness to the whole thing, the children are going on with their lives pretty unhindered.

I know I know. I know you’re all sympathising with the children and labelling me a Tiger Mom. I know that the idea is to not stress them out, they’re young, they need their playtime .. yeah I know all of that. But if you’d only see how very unperturbed they are you’d perhaps think about realigning your loyalties.

Here’s what according to them are Must-dos during exams.

1. Wonder why you ever gave up playing with bubbles, insist on buying a bottle, (a clear bribe in exchange of a few hours of study) and then spend leisurely hours blowing bubbles in the washroom (completely ignoring the conditions of the bribe).

2. Celebrate Pokemon’s birthday because he/they are your absolute favourites and you just have to treat your friends.

3. Throw a tantrum because ‘we are never ever allowed to go swimming’.

4. Go stationery shopping because obviously you need a bunch of pens and markers and exam boards and palettes, yeah palettes – the all important art exam can be flunked for lack of a palette.

5.Dig out long forgotten Barbies and decide they desperately need hair cuts.

6. Make cookies.

7. Then decide you really have to have your recipes in one place and start working on a recipe scrap book.

8. ‘Discover’ books at home bought years ago and fall in love with them and decide they just have to be read, now.

9. Find ailments that you’d been suffering from for many many days but had been too brave to tell anyone but that just couldn’t be ignored any longer. And so you spend hours spraying Moov and tying crepe bandages on imagined sprains and then limp around the house. And if someone happens to say that one could sit and study despite a sprained ankle, you brand that person the meanest most heartless soul on the planet and you look up with such hurt injured eyes that said person sits down to massage your ‘hurt’ foot.

10. Then finally you decide to get all serious about studies and make out a case for not going to school at all because it is such a waste of time and there is so much to study.

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  1. Relax Tulika. At this age, very common reasons I would say. My son used to go to potty for half an hour at a stretch till I would knock him and ask him to come out only to be repeated again. And then he would be hungry and have multiple meals. Which mother can stop the child from eating? Have fun. But be firm.

  2. Tulika, best of luck for the exams . My daughter needed an excuse to buy new stationery items. She is all grown up now but still when I am on my way to the Hypercity, she asks me to get her a couple of cute pens . Love how the kids make their moms sweat during exams.

  3. HahHa..as much as these sound hilarious I get your concern. I'm already nervous about when my son will start having exams. Already, he doesn't like sitting for too long with homework and if I ever give some *extra* study material, his hands ache after 5 minutes. The worst fear is of karma. I was such a bad student. *Shudder*

  4. Hahaha! I used to go on a writing spree before my boards! Just random nonsense, like I write on my blog. And would spend hours on the phone with my classmates, guessing the question paper for the exam the next day. Oh I was super cool about exams! My classmates used to call me up just for 'moral support'! It was fun! 😀

  5. Uff don't get me started! Exams start in ten days for Gy and I am doing everything in my power not to lose my cool. Sighs and sobs emerge readily when it comes to studying and all vanish mysteriously when she needs to play. NOT looking forward to that exam time.AT ALL.

    Hugs and empathy from a fellow mom.

    1. Just read your post on forgiveness and that's exactly what I need at this point. The kids seem to be getting worse as the exams close in. Good luck to Gy.

  6. Can't help but admit that they do make some really valid points 😉
    Jokes aside though – I have no idea how you manage.

    PS: I see that you're pressing 1 million page views soon. Woohoo!

  7. This was so hilarious! I was hoping there was more to that fb post! 🙂 I am not on their side because I feel they need their play time or that you are 'Tiger mom' but simply because I'd be a hypocrite if I take your side! Hope the exams are done soon. Good luck to all three of you!

  8. I agree with the books one! In fact, I'm such a weirdo, I reread books more around the examination time. Like, I can reread old magazines, biscuit wrappers, chips wrappers, prefaces to the textbook, anything.

    And yes, wishing the little ones all the best for their exams, and get well soon for all their health-woes 😀

    1. Biscuit wrappers? Mithila seriously? The health woes are all long gone (only to be replaced by new ones – just as imaginary and just as transient). Thank you for the wishes.

  9. I have to say I love your twins. They make some very valid points, Tulika! I realized in my own way I have my own unique excuses for (not) doing certain things! Hugs! And wishing them all the best. I am pretty sure they'll manage just fine to sail through their exams.

    1. Now that's something I hadn't thought of. We do too put of things we don't really like to do. Thanks for that perspective and the good wishes Vidya.

  10. This was quite hilarious. Though my kids find different things to do, it is true that kids drive us nuts when they have to study for exams.

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