Notes from a happy mom

Notes from a happy mom

This weekend has been frustrating and rewarding in equal measure. I was in the middle of penning a post on the frustrating bits when I stumbled upon this post from Kreative Mommy . It was such a happy idea that I dumped all my grumpiness and decided to go with it. I thought this was a great way to get back after my hiatus.
Despite the tussles that are characteristic of the tween years, growing kids can be a lot of fun. The conversations become more meaningful, the sharing more rewarding, the hugs more precious.
So here are some of my happy mommy moments.
When I hear the children singing and giggling together.
The songs are becoming increasingly unfamiliar but I love the sound of their togetherness – truly is the happiest sound ever.
When H smothers me in a bear hug, which he can do since he is almost as tall as I am, and then he tries to lift me off the ground, which he obviously cannot because I still win hands down in the weight category!
When N says, “You look pretty mama” in her rather woman-to-woman voice. 
Our taste in clothes are way different and I am definitely not looking forward to the arguments that the future has in store for us but for now a thumbs up from her in the fashion department is a big deal.
When they say they love my cooking.
I’m a no-good cook so the fact that they like my cooking is a constant source of amazement to me and amusement for the rest of the family.
When H does something goofy and N shakes her head in this very grown up way and exchanges a look with me that says, “Boys!!”.
When N surprises me with a cup of really good ginger tea – just the way I like it. 

When knowledge excites them and they run to share it with me like they’ve discovered something miraculous, “Did you know sloths are so slow algae grows on them.” 
For the record, No I didn’t know that.
When H does his ballerina impersonation. Of course he’ll kill me (or sue me) for revealing this one but it is the cutest ever.
Do share your happy mommy moments in the comments or, if you blog too, join the linky.
Thanks Kreative Mommy for this nudge. It made me realise how happy the twins make me – something I tend to forget when they’re driving me up the wall.

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  1. Heart warming post OM! Its moments like these that always come to our rescue 🙂 Felt good reading this after just having jotted down my niggling thoughts on my blog..

  2. So sweet! These are memories which you'll look back and get nostalgic. I miss having a daughter to judge my sense of fashion and share other girlie stuff but my son's antics makes up for it.

    1. You would have been an absolutely fabulous fashion icon for your daughter Vinodini. Mine is constantly disappointed in me in this area! Oh and sons are just as wonderful.

  3. What a fun list this was Tulika! Indeed these are the tiny moments one needs to hold onto and treasure for life! Adorable, annoying, mischievous, funny, lovable that's our babies and they are the ones that add so much more meaning to our lives. Loved this post Tulika 🙂

  4. Love…love…love the warmth, love and the heartwarming feeling this beautiful post oozes <3
    Wishing for many more of these precious moments in your life.

  5. That's such a sweet one, Tulika. My brother and did the same though we were not twins. We sang to each other too 🙂

    1. You did? We sang too. In fact antakshari was a huge favourite and we knew hundreds of songs all the way through with impeccable lyrics.

  6. Awww, Tulika, I love love love reading your posts, and this one was equally lovely!
    What fun it must be sharing those woman to woman moments with your daughter! Ah! And, no, I did not know that sloths grew algae on them because they were so slow! And, I loved reading about how your N nods her head and says,'Boys!" I could so imagine the scenario! Do give them both a tight hug from me, will you?
    And, thank you again, for sharing these beautiful moments with us!
    Love n hugs to you, too!

  7. Hi Tulika many thanks for this post…today I am having a FRUSTRATING day with my daughter…this post has made me go back and see all the happiness she gives on a daily basis…bless you…

    1. Uff I know how crazily frustrating kids can get. That's the time we need to remember the good bits. Sending you warm hugs Gowri.

  8. Awww Such lovely moments. Moments we parents live for. You've been away for some time and I've been missing both your posts and comments. 😉 So many of the moments you mentioned bring me joy as well.

    1. Yeah the holidays always upset my writing schedule and then I was without a Net connection most of the time. It feels good to be missed, though.

  9. Such a heartwarming post and have you been away from blogging for a while? I've missed you 🙂 Love to see how kids can make us appreciate the tiniest of moments too. And I so get that 'Boys' eye roll from Gy too. So hilarious!

    1. Heh heh! It's fun to watch the kids grow, isn't it? Somedays they act so earnest and all-knowing and grown up it's just funny.

  10. Yes sometimes, while going through the motions we tend to forget the happy aspects. Such a lovely post Tulika 🙂 Something I needed to read today to remind me of my own happy moments.

  11. Aww! This is such a heartwarming post that is loaded with love and warmth you share with your kids! It's moments like these that fill us with happiness and pride. Here's to many many more rewarding and beautiful moments with H and N ♥

  12. That was a heartfelt post, dear Tulika, really felt happy and warm at heart Reading it… And still With my grown up kids now, they can amaze me with love and joy in the most amazing way… Luycky us to be parents and have kids blessing Our lives, and even more important, to remember and feel Grateful about all those tiny small happy moments… so many. Big hugs

  13. Thats so sweet of you Tulika. And loved all the happy mommy moments you shared with us. Thanks a lot for participating in #MondayMommyMoments. Keep writing.:)

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