When Chalk and Cheese decide to mix

When Chalk and Cheese decide to mix

The twins are back at school. This year is a bit of leap for them from primary to secondary and the sections have been shuffled pretty drastically. As a result they left all their friends behind. 

A surprise…
However something quite spectacular happened – something that we have successfully avoided for the past 6 years – they have landed up in the same section. This happened only once before when they were in nursery and such was the mayhem they created that the teacher begged us to ensure it never happened again.

Why we never want the kids in the same class
Not only are we worried for the teacher’s sanity, the Husband and I, dreadfully dread the C word – The Comparison. Up until now they have been very secure in themselves and their capabilities. I am afraid to rock the boat. Then there’s the other thing – Competition. The whole world does not matter to them but they compete with each other passionately. This has often lead to tears for one or the other.
But sometimes we have little choice
However, when I suggested I’d get one of them to change their section, in a rare show of extreme bhaichara and solidarity they broke off from their squabbling to protest in unison. An onlooker would have branded us evil parents trying to separate the joint-at-the-hip twins. So we have finally decided to let them be together and watch how it goes.
For now they are sitting together and coming home with new stories everyday, laughing good-naturedly at each other.
– She is the blackboard in charge, he is in charge of the morning prayer.
– While she sits like a lady with back erect and hands crossed (that’s how one should sit in class, says she), he sprawls on his chair (how can we concentrate if we aren’t comfortable, asks he).
– He lost his locker key on day 1, she discovered her key could unlock his locker too.
– She almost dozed off during Marathi class and he nudged her awake.
– She forgot to take her pencil box, he lent her a pen.
He resents it a bit that she gets more than her share of attention from the teacher purely because she is ‘better behaved’ – those are his words, not mine. Other than that it has been largely peaceful.
Change can be good
It’s been almost three weeks. I waited to do this post lest I jinx the whole camaraderie thing. It’s so good while it lasts.
This got me thinking and I wondered what it would be like if I shared a class or a workplace with my sister. I’d like it I think. Maybe that’s only because I don’t get to see enough of her.
What about you? Would you like to be in the same class/office as your sibling? Would it be one big party everyday or would the closeness get to you after a while?

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  1. hmmmm never ever thought about it in office terms .. maybe not .. but in school we had fun me and my cousins were in same class and it was party time .. BUt also sometimes embarassing because I was the MOST OUTSTANDING student (always standing out of the class) .. while they were studious.. other than that it was fun


  2. Visiting your blog is always an enjoyable experience for me, Tulika! I so loved reading about your babies studying in the same class, without any discomfort (as yet! touchwood!)
    Personally, I might enjoy being in the same class with my younger bro – we would sit and gossip after class about everybody, for sure! 🙂
    I do hope your kids enjoy each other's company throughout this year and give you reason to smile more that you are worrying right now! 🙂

    1. Oh yes, oh yes — the gossip. My sister and I were in the same school and we always had so much to discuss. I see H and N talking somedays and it's kind of reassuring. And thanks for dropping by. Nice to have you here.

  3. That sounds cute to me. I am glad they are doing well for the last 3 weeks 😉
    I have a younger brother and he is just a year younger. So, we never landed up in the same class. Luckily 😉 But Mum was a teacher then as well. So she taught him and I never got a chance. She used to say C is extraordinarily well behaved cos it's Mum's class. Wonder how children feel with siblings around 🙂

  4. Oh wow! That is so awesome being in the same section of school. I remember having twin friends end up in my class some year and it used to be so exciting for me as well for some reason. My baby bro is 6 years younger to me and we always ended up in different standards obviously located on different campuses of the same school. But given a chance, I think I would have enjoyed to see my lil sibling in the same class as me. 😀

    1. I think I would have too but that's what i feel given the perspective of age. I'm not sure how I would have felt then, when I was a kid.

  5. That's awesome that it is working out so well. While you might (definitely) have some interesting times ahead, I think this is good. You will get to see how this dynamic works, and I am sure the kids will learn to deal with competition sooner rather than later, which is not so bad at all. No harm in some healthy competition, as long as it stays healthy, and I am sure you will keep it that way. 🙂

    1. Shantala it's often not in my hands at all. There are so many people out there ready to push one up at the expense of the other. It bothers me sometimes – but then all I can do is try to make each of them confident in their own self.

  6. Wow! That's some interesting times for all of you! Love the way the kids are there for each other and of course having so much fun too! I think being in same section, may bring in comparisons from at least the teachers.

  7. My sister and I went to different schools and we were thankful for that as there was no comparison then from the teachers. I noticed with most siblings, usually teachers would end up comparing either based on marks or behaviour or something! Good to hear it's been a good start this year.

  8. It's wonderful that it's working out..As for me, whenever I talk about trying for a job at my sister's company, she says she'll run away! Well, I don't blame her because I'll keep trying to control her there !!! What to do, elder sister over protective syndrome I suffer from 🙂

  9. I do enjoy your kid musings. I guess it is a hypothetical question for me but I would also prefer my children to be in different classes though comparisons are inevitable. The other day my younger son was telling me that his teachers now ask whether he is S's brother. Since big brother is a high flyer, I am sure very soon he will begin feeling a bit uncomfortable with their comparisons. I remember my younger brother used to hate his teachers mentioning the better performing elder sisters. But if your kids are doing fine, I guess it is okay. It will be an interesting year for sure. 🙂

  10. I think it is perfectly lovely for the kids to be together in the same class! I distinctly remember having one or the other set of twins all through my school years being in the same class and they seemed to be doing great! My bro and I studied in the same school, two years apart and though comparisons did spring, I don't think it mattered much to either of us….probably such mundane worries figure more on the parental mind than in the childish and playful minds. So KEEP CALM, ENJOY THIS PHASE, I say!

  11. My siblings and I studied in the same school and i can totally understand that comparison factor. They figuratively had to live under my shadow 😉 When you are taught by same teachers comparison is bound to happen… Bu I guess with proper guidance kids learn to chill out and appreciate the other rather than be competitive or be jealous… I am glad they are doing well… ��

  12. I think you're going to really enjoy the experience, just as they will. What fun to have a sibling, that too in the same class. So precious! Looking forward to reading more about their new phase, Tulika. Hugs!

  13. Ah! I've always wondered how it would be if twins shared classes. As in, were in the same class. So, thank you for shedding some light on that.

    I reckon they'll be fine. Some healthy competition is good. And comparisons, well, that can't be helped. It's bound to happen at some point, isn't it?

    Good luck to your little munchkins. And of course to you too.

    1. Thank you Sid I need all the Good Luck I can find. The first class test marks are out and I'm beginning to wonder about the sense in the decision.

  14. My sis and I are 3 years apart and even then she didn't want to be compared with me. Mind you, the comparison was in her head. Neither parent ever compared us. Ever. I may have enjoyed it, to be honest: working together, studying together and all of it and perhaps she too would have. One doesn't know.

    I think it depends on the dynamic of the sibling relationship and how they'd cope if in the same class. In your case, they may grow to help each other out, watch each others' backs and more. But I've heard of stories where it was the exact opposite too. Comparisons happened, almost imperceptibly so and the kids ended up not wanting to be in the same class going forward.

  15. I have always imagined sharing a class with my sister and in my mind it is a 'big party'. Although It would probably take an ugly turn after the first few days(mom would agree as we spent 90 percent of the summer vacation fighting, chasing each other around or giving each other the silent treatment). Fortunately I did get the opportunity to share a class with my cousin. We are both the same age and never talked to each other until std X. We spent std XI and XII together. I ended up completing his physics and chemistry lab manuals!! I used to be so mad at him. He was so sneaky and would convince me every time. But even today when we meet it is so much fun to discuss those memories. It actually bought us a lot closer!

    1. I thought so too – it might not be a party after the first few days. But yeah if you are old enough it might bring you closer. Great to hear from you as always Anitha.

    2. It is actually pretty cool because if you are lucky enough, you may see a little personality swap. My cousin made sure I bunked a couple of classes and I made sure he submitted a couple of assignments in time(is that in time or on time?..always confused). As far as competition was concerned, my cousin was always so happy go lucky. He'd purposely discuss all the answers to all the questions after every exam although I tried my best to run away(in vain as we attended IIT coaching classes together and he lived 10 mins away from us). He did that, not because he cared but only because he knew it really irked me. After a point I realized competition would exist even if we were miles apart. That society puts it in our minds. He was really good at some things and I felt I was a tad better in other areas. We tried to keep the 'not-so-healthy-relationship-ruining' competition at bay. It also helped that my parents enforced that. They always made sure to highlight the great things about each of us and never compared our marks seriously. Results day was actually fun because we made fun of all the mistakes we had made. Sometimes the jokes serve as a mnemonics, rather a learning aid, and you never make the same mistake again. The best thing was that by the end of the two years we had made loads of great memories that would make us smile for the years to come and we each found a friend we could trust(and blackmail because we knew we other's 'secrets') . Even now he makes sure that I step out of the line and just enjoy sometimes and I try to keep him on track.

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