Old mess new mess

Old mess new mess

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I’m back. Back from the land of the Nawab’s to Peshwa land. 
There’s a sheen of dust on everything in the house even though the maid has been in to clean once. The pigeons seem to have converted my balcony into a mass loo of some kind. 
That’s just the new mess – the one I knew will be there waiting for me. That’s the one I’m prepared to handle.
What’s worse, my old mess also seems messier now that I see it after a month. The thing is, some bits of my home accumulate disorder slowly, over days and months, so slowly that I barely notice. I live with it all, in peaceful cohabitation, a kind of happy chaos.It makes the room cosy and ‘lived in’ or so I like to tell myself.
Clearly I’m not a cleaner. As long as my bit of workplace is neat and dust doesn’t come away when I put down my tea cup on the table I’m good.
If I’m away just for a week or so I won’t even notice anything. But when I’m away for a month, I see my house a bit like an outsider would, a rather judgemental outsider, I might add. And all the clutter comes leaping right at me.
There’s that side table that simply accumulates suff on its own, the rather worn out tissue box I’ve been meaning to change for ages, the medicines that need to be in the box not around it..… and so much more.
I’ve been cleaning, scrubbing, giving away stuff, arranging books, changing footmats, discarding faded towels – they fade away so silently I never even notice when I keep seeing them everyday.
All of this might have something to do with the fact that my mom’s and my MIL’s houses are always spotlessly clean and perfectly maintained. The two of them are bad influence.
I do need to get back to my comfortable messy self soon. This  cleaning will be the end of me.
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25 Replies to “Old mess new mess”

  1. Ask me! My home looks like that it is hit by a hurricane every time I travel and that's when KG is staying at home. The longer I am away from home, the longer hours I have to put in to restore some order. The newspapers are at every possible place and so are the clothes, shoes socks, utensils… sigh! Hope things are back in order at home now 😀

  2. I find myself cleaning corners of the home even after returning from a solo trip. Even when the home wasn't locked, and hubby was around and the maid was working, somehow the mess still accumulates. Wonder why that is? 😀
    Take it easy, Tulika. You will slowly get things in order!

    1. Thanks Beloo. We're back to normal now. Not sure if I cleaned it all up or whether I just got used to it again. Not that it matters – I'm back in my comfort zone.

  3. That layer of dust..that extremely fine, seemingly harmless layer of dust..it is like Pandora's box! It opens into the world of all sorts of mess..and can ruin the perfectly sunny day..coz once you start cleaning, you can't leave it half done..but once everything has be dusted and organized and mopped it feels so good to step on that squeaky clean floor or look at that completely uncluttered dining table(sometimes I even forget what color it is and I don't remember the last time we had a meal at it) ….all that dirt on the skin and sweat on the brow..it is all worth it! 🙂

    1. Hah.. you sure know how to romanticise everything Anitha. Nope dust isn't worth it and beginning to clean it is even less so – how it eat ups your time.

  4. I get that feeling every time I come back after visiting super clean friends. And it's my husband who would point that first 😛 and then a weekend is spent cleaning the house.
    Take it slow I would say 🙂

  5. You have that too ? Every time I come back from my parents' place, I feel our house is horrendously messy (and not always because of the toddler); So the first thing I did after coming back home is scrub, clean and re-arrange a few things 🙂

    Welcome back, Tulika!

  6. haha I love this post! My mother in law is actually messy, clean but just stuff everywhere, but my mum is a clean freak and I grew up in a spotless home, I freak out when she just randomly pops in! I am an OK cleaner, I tidy, but I hate the deep down cleaning like the oven, who has time to clean an oven? More to the point who can be bothered?

    1. I should have mentioned that – the respite from the heat is the hugest blessing – the single thing that makes coming back absolutely worthwhile.

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