At the Residency – a bit of history for kids

At the Residency – a bit of history for kids

It’s been over two decades since I moved out of my hometown, Lucknow. Each summer I come back here with the kids to renew my bonds with the city. I am extremely proud of its rich culture and history, the language of its people, their subtle sense of humour and of course its culinary treats. That’s not to say I haven’t bonded with all the cities I’ve lived in but nothing really does compare with home.

To the kids, it often doesn’t quite compare with the city of their birth, being smaller and more laid-back. For this one month I try to show them my city through my eyes, to share with them what I find special about it. 
This week we decided on a historical tryst with the Residency. It dates back to the time of British rule in India and was witness to the first war of Indian Independence way back in 1857. This is where some British families were held under siege while the Indian rebels waged war against them. It’s a majestic building, even in its ruins and has stood steadfast for over 200 years.
H and N wanted to know why we played cricket with the ‘British’ despite having been at war with them. They asked whether there were women and children in the British homes who were hurt in the fight. It was a great time to reinforce how History evolves and how things change over time, how we forget enmity and learn to live in peace. As also the sad effects of war – how innocents are always hurt no matter who is in the right.
Once there, they were too excited running around in the ruins with their cousins to really worry about the history. Sharing some pictures here.

The ruins stand amidst lots of greenery
Signs of the struggle – musket and cannon marks
That, in the backdrop, is a British banquet hall – we had a great time imagining what it would have been like before the place was destroyed.

Doors within doors – amazing symmetry


Linking to ABC Wednesday for the letter R with thanks to Mrs Nesbitt for coming up with this wonderful concept. 

34 Replies to “At the Residency – a bit of history for kids”

  1. Yes, you are right tulika sing. The present generation children are not having interest to learn about the history of their country. The main reason is because the present generation children are get addicted to social websites such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp and all. Because of this, they are all approaching the online custom research paper service website to get all types of their writing works to be get completed and so, they are unable to develop any knowledge both in subject and also for their life. So, it is now up to the parents to teach them about the history and all other important things which are all needed for their life.

  2. Lucknow is my favorite city. I am originally from UP and that was the last city I lived in before moving to Mumbai. Haven't been back since 2 decades now. Whew! Your tales brought back some lovely memories. We had gone to the Residency from school, I remember. I am sure your kids would have loved it there. Someday, I hope to go back too.

  3. I can understand your feelings towards Lucknow. I also come from far east UP and though I moved out to study when I was 17, I feel my roots are still there. 🙂
    Coming over to get away to Residency, I loved those pictures. I went to Lucknow for an educational tour when I was in standard 7 and I remember seeing this place. But other than those cannon shots, I remember a cool underground hall as well. Am I right on that? 🙂 🙂
    Great post! You look me back to my childhood and school days!

    1. That's wonderful Parul. One never does stop 'being' from their home two, right. You are right, there were rooms on many levels except they're pretty dilapidated now.

  4. Beautifully captured. Pertinent questions asked by children. Wish more and more parents today took their children to such historical sites and gave them a deeper insight apart from the textbooks of the freedom struggle.

    1. It's not always possible Deepak. Sometimes the distances are prohibitive and sometimes the weather isn't conducive. It all just came together this time round.

    2. Tulika one can take the kids to historic sites in the city one is living in as almost every city in our country has a lot of history! That is the beauty of our country!

  5. Love Lucknow for all that you have mentioned and also for some amazing friends and memories we had during our year long stay there! Looks like you had a great time re-living and refreshing the history of this lovely place with kids. The last pic is simply WOW!

  6. Sounds like you make the best of your time there in Lucknow, reconnecting, making learning fun for kids, giving valuable lessons to the kids without opening textbooks… Sounds great! Have fun. And thanks for sharing some wonderful pictures of this historical site.

  7. That is so great Tulika – it is so fun to do trips like this with he kids , and most fun to make those historical places come to life again! Looks like a wonderful place – and you sure have fun with them! Enjoy dear! Love the pics

  8. Wow! Beautiful pics and wonderful architecture of the building! They may not show it but they have absorbed your words! It's great that you are teaching them while having fun!

  9. Thank you for this piece of history and thank you for your wise words about war. The losers are always women and children and men who don't want to fight. There are no winners.
    How clever you are to built Goldberg's contraptions!
    Have a great time in Lucknow!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

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