Finding Santa

Finding Santa

Dear H and N,

Christmas this year, is going to be different for it was only this year that you discovered Santa wasn’t real. N, how you cried! It broke my heart. I had no answer to your ‘you lied to me‘. It’s true of course. It did. It was I who ate up your cookies, I who put the gifts and I who read the letters I’d helped you write in the first place.

I’m sorry I should have done it differently, perhaps.

I know you’ll miss him. That smiling, silver-haired presence bearing gifts, the one who made everyone smile – he’ll be missed sorely.But wait. What if I told you there really IS a Santa – nope, not a make-believe one in a red suit, a real one. There’ll be no more lies, I’ve learnt my lesson. He’s a bit different, this one, from the one I told you about.

He doesn’t live at the North Pole to begin with.

So where is he? You ask. I can see the disbelief in your little faces. Hear me out then and be patient.This Santa is all around us. What’s more, he’s far more generous than the one you’ve known all along. He doesn’t wait for Christmas to give us gifts. He comes unannounced any day, anytime, sometimes many times a day, bearing precious gifts. You’ll have to look carefully though for he’s in disguise – no red suit, no silver beard.

‘So how will we know him?’ I hear you ask, suspicious still.Well, first, wipe off those disbelieving looks then listen on my little doubting Thomas’ – here’s how you can see him.

Shut your eyes.
Go on do it.

Now open your hearts.

And think.
Did someone make your face light up with a smile?
Did someone do anything to make you feel special?
Did someone make your heart swell with happiness and fill with warmth?
Did a hug, a kiss, a compliment make you feel like the happiest person on earth?
Did someone make you feel so happy you wanted the whole world to smile with you?
Well.. hold on to them, that right there is your Santa.


The friend who stood up for you, the teacher who said ‘well done’, mama who surprised you with your favourite tiffin, grandma who saves up a new story for you everyday, dad who came home early with your favourite sweet – they’re your Santa.And your gifts? – the smile, the warmth, the happiness – aren’t they all precious? Way more precious than that remote controlled car, that crashed within a week of it’s arrival, right H? Or that Barbie buried somewhere deep in your toy cupboard N.

And you know what? You are a Santa too.

Remember that one time I came home all tired and you ran to give me a hug? I so needed it then, and you were my Santa. And that cake in a cup you made for me – you were my Santa again. To tell you the truth, you became my Santas the moment you were born.

There’s a Santa in all of us. He just hides away sometimes under the stress of homework and housework, the arguments and the anger. This Christmas let’s dig him out and give him a new life, shall we? Let’s all be Santas this Christmas – real live Santas.

Love and hugs,


44 Replies to “Finding Santa”

  1. This such a nice post to read on this Christmas Eve, Tulika. I love this spirit. Now Kanna is at the stage of learning if Santa is real or not. He has been asking questions. I will use the pointes you mentioned to guide him find the real Santa. Thank you. ❤️

  2. Dear Tulika,
    Happy Yule 2017
    What an incredible post. And it comes to me at the right time. Just last evening I was telling my DH how let down the 9 yo will eventually be when she discovers the actual truth.
    And here I have a beautiful post from you teaching us how to simplify it and make it less complicated.
    Thank you so very much.
    Loads of festive cheer

  3. You have said it brilliantly, Tulika. We were never upbeat about the concept of Santa or gifts. Santa did not exist for me or D until last year when I got him to play the Santa (minus the get-up) himself by gifting a few Kannada storybooks to the maid’s son. On Thursday last week, we were at the mall to watch the movie Ferdinand when we spotted the Christmas Decorations and children getting their photos clicked with the Santa sitting there. Seeing this, D asked me if Santa is Really Real and I told me he is real but we can’t see the real one with our eyes just like God. Now I think I will make use of your points to explain to him 🙂

    1. You’re doing such a sensible job with D Anamika. I didn’t have enough sense then and pandered to every stereotype. But I did try my best to wean them off.

  4. Tulika, your posts make my day 🙂 The beauty in your words and the emotions in your thoughts make for an awesome read. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  5. What a lovely way to help them get over their disappointment Tulika! I would love to share this with my little ones too, you have written it down so well :).

    1. Sure is Corinne. But growing up is inevitable. I find myself struggling at each step to adjust to the new set of twins each time something like this happens.

  6. such a cute post !!!!!!
    You have been my Santa many times around . Thanks for being there 🙂
    Enjoy Goa, you really deserve this break.

    lots of love

  7. Such a lovely post!! <3
    I know there is no physical Santa – but I still believe in the magic he represents.. the spirit of Christmas 🙂

    Merry Christmas Tulika! 🙂

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    miss you

  9. this is so so beautiful. I loved the way you are teaching your kids, the lessons of goodwill with so much patience and love. It's very inspiring.
    I remember how heart broken I was when I realized there's no Santa. It was unbelievable.

  10. This is such a wonderful sentiment Tulika…I loved it and I believe in it…I'm going to write a similar letter to my child, whenever I have one 🙂

  11. LOVED this post, Tulika. Think i am going to use this with Gy when the time comes. Merry Xmas from this Santa to you and your lovely family 🙂

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