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Dancing shoes for everyone please!

Dancing shoes for everyone please!

Last year, much against our wishes, we bought H a Play Station (after daring him to an almost impossibly consistent score in his spelling tests which he went to achieve, to our complete shock).

With strict rules in place – that he’d play only on weekends and only within specified time slots and not at the cost of outdoor play or studies – we left him to it. However we still weren’t too happy with the games he played. He enjoyed some WWE kind of fight moves, which he proceeded to try out on N.

A friend

Then H found a new friend, A, with an X Box and a passion for dancing and he got hooked. They’d spend hours together before his XBox copying the moves.

During Christmas…

..holidays we had a family get together. With the oldest cousin at 15 years and the twins at 8, they found they had little in common. There were days when we stumbled upon them all sitting together busy with tabs, computers, iPods and the television with zero interaction among themselves. 

The sight was depressing to say the least. 
Come New Years Eve we decided to have a ‘talent show’. And H showcased his dancing skills. He’s quite bad actually, but hours of practice, simple steps and groovy music made the difference and before we knew it all the kids had joined in one by one and were dancing together.

And then they were dancing

Since then the PS3 has been put to such good use. What’s more, you don’t even need a PS3 or an XBox. Our oldest one, the family techie, hooked up the laptop to the television, tuned into YouTube and the kids had a wealth of dance videos to follow. It was such happiness to watch them – the good and the bad, the shy and the uncoordinated … all together. Once H’s glasses went flying off but he didn’t pause to pick them up continuing to squint at the screen yet dancing away. What a sight it was!

We were pretty happy because…

The kids were all having fun in a good, healthy way.
They kept busy.
They had some great exercise.
They kept away from tabs and laptops.
And they bonded.. Wonderfully.

If you’re fed up of your children playing mindless games on the PS3 or the XBox try getting them a dance CD. Or simply switch on to Youtube.

What’s more you can join in too, even if you have two left feet. If an uncoordinated 8 year old can do it, well so can you. And if you’re still feeling self-conscious check out their video – No, don’t watch it, just listen to the music and the laughs.

You can check out the original video they are trying to copy.

One last 2014 post

One last 2014 post

Happy New Year folks!!

I find I cannot get on with my posting without one last 2014 post even if we’re already sitting in the second week of the new year.

Of course, this should have ideally come at the year-end but it never did happen. Seriously, I always wonder how most bloggers manage to post bang at the right time – right before a big day or after a celebration. Never ever have I managed that – which is why most festivals and birthdays sail by without a mention.

Sigh! That’s one of my resolutions then. 

On with the news now..

Our Christmas play went of wonderfully and was much appreciated. That the audience was made up half of doting moms and dads and half of people who were simply glad to see the kids kept out of their way, may have something to do with it. Since many parents didn’t arrive in time, it being a working day, we had two runs of the play back to back for those who missed it.

What’s more, the kids brought out the Christmas spirit in our fuddy-duddy apartment members. An ‘uncle’ brought cake for everyone – enough to feed an army, an enterprising mom turned up with homemade chocolates, at least two others brought more bunches of chocolates and still another one got tiny gift wrapped ‘Christmas trees’, real plants, for each of the kids. One of them dressed up her little daughter as Santa and there she was – distributing sweets to adults and kids alike.

And the best part – none of it was planned, other than the play. Each of the other acts were individual acts of affection and camaraderie in true Christmas Spirit. The children of course felt on top of the world and went on to have quite a party.

Preparations are already underway for Republic Day.

By the time 2015 rolled along, I’d turned another year older and we rounded off with a wonderful family get-together at Goa.

I’ll leave you with some pictures and hope to get back really really fast.

Looking forward to a wonderful New Year.

Finding Santa

Finding Santa

Dear H and N,

Christmas this year, is going to be different for it was only this year that you discovered Santa wasn’t real. N, how you cried! It broke my heart. I had no answer to your ‘you lied to me‘. It’s true of course. It did. It was I who ate up your cookies, I who put the gifts and I who read the letters I’d helped you write in the first place.

I’m sorry I should have done it differently, perhaps.

I know you’ll miss him. That smiling, silver-haired presence bearing gifts, the one who made everyone smile – he’ll be missed sorely.But wait. What if I told you there really IS a Santa – nope, not a make-believe one in a red suit, a real one. There’ll be no more lies, I’ve learnt my lesson. He’s a bit different, this one, from the one I told you about.

He doesn’t live at the North Pole to begin with.

So where is he? You ask. I can see the disbelief in your little faces. Hear me out then and be patient.This Santa is all around us. What’s more, he’s far more generous than the one you’ve known all along. He doesn’t wait for Christmas to give us gifts. He comes unannounced any day, anytime, sometimes many times a day, bearing precious gifts. You’ll have to look carefully though for he’s in disguise – no red suit, no silver beard.

‘So how will we know him?’ I hear you ask, suspicious still.Well, first, wipe off those disbelieving looks then listen on my little doubting Thomas’ – here’s how you can see him.

Shut your eyes.
Go on do it.

Now open your hearts.

And think.
Did someone make your face light up with a smile?
Did someone do anything to make you feel special?
Did someone make your heart swell with happiness and fill with warmth?
Did a hug, a kiss, a compliment make you feel like the happiest person on earth?
Did someone make you feel so happy you wanted the whole world to smile with you?
Well.. hold on to them, that right there is your Santa.


The friend who stood up for you, the teacher who said ‘well done’, mama who surprised you with your favourite tiffin, grandma who saves up a new story for you everyday, dad who came home early with your favourite sweet – they’re your Santa.And your gifts? – the smile, the warmth, the happiness – aren’t they all precious? Way more precious than that remote controlled car, that crashed within a week of it’s arrival, right H? Or that Barbie buried somewhere deep in your toy cupboard N.

And you know what? You are a Santa too.

Remember that one time I came home all tired and you ran to give me a hug? I so needed it then, and you were my Santa. And that cake in a cup you made for me – you were my Santa again. To tell you the truth, you became my Santas the moment you were born.

There’s a Santa in all of us. He just hides away sometimes under the stress of homework and housework, the arguments and the anger. This Christmas let’s dig him out and give him a new life, shall we? Let’s all be Santas this Christmas – real live Santas.

Love and hugs,


A play, a letter and some cards

A play, a letter and some cards

That’s exactly the kind of a headline that would have drawn the nastiest of frowns from my editor way back when I was working. How cool is it to be your own editor! While on headlines, even the biggies get stuck sometimes. Why else would Shakespeare call one of his works “As You Like It”.

Anyway it’s Christmas and there really is no time for rambling. Since you already know the three things on my mind – a play, a letter and some cards read on..

First – The Play

I haven’t been posting about the Book Club for sometime now. That’s not to say we’ve been idle. There has been plenty of activity. In fact that is exactly why I haven’t found time to post.

Yes, finally the children are putting up a play this Christmas. In the spirit of the festival and in trying to keep everyone happy and involved I’ve gone over the script scores of times to weave in parts that each child wanted. Finally, everyone is pacified and reasonably happy. We now have …
– two narrators (because two kids would be nothing else), 
– a number of good fairies (ALL girls wanted to be fairies), 
– a bunch of evil goblins (Yeah, you’ve guessed it – the boys would be nothing else, much as I hate stereotyping!) 
– and two leads!

My door bell hasn’t stopped ringing with queries and complaints. The evil goblins are proving to be really evil and the fairies are giving them fair competition. However, I would like to look at the positive side – the kids ARE working together despite it all. There are walkouts each day and yet the next day they are there again trying to practise, with barely much adult supervision. That’s something that makes me very very proud of them.

Look at the lovely invites they readied.

We’re waiting for D-Day with crossed fingers hoping there are no casualties along the way.

A Letter

This year H and N discovered that there’s no Santa. And so there was much protesting when during a book club meeting I suggested everyone write a letter to him. After some cajoling (encouraged by the pretty printables I downloaded from here) they came up with some interesting ones. I did tell them to think of intangible things. (I heard one of the older ones explaining to a younger one – write about things that are ‘untouchable’ :-)).

I loved what some of them wrote. Much venom was directed at the security guards of our apartment building, who are all just doing their duty, poor souls. Among other requests for craft sets, chocolates and good grades we also had some for a neater country, more respect for girls, help in making their grandma’s room Christmasy and even one for snow in our city!! Awww!!! Isn’t that really sweet.

Do try to get your kids write a letter to Santa. It’s just so much fun and makes for a wonderful read when they grow up.

And finally the cards! 

In case, like us, you have lots of cards to make and are struggling with a deadline you could try this. All you need is some coloured paper, stars to go at the top and a ribbon or simply some more paper for the stems. Cut out triangles, stick them overlapping each other for the tree. Put up the star and the stem and you’re done. Ours are all ready. Don’t they look great?

We’re all set for Christmas. So what have you got lined up? A craft, cooking or baking or carol singing? Do share with us here.
If you’re short of ideas you could check out some of the posts from my fellow bloggers. Do take a look.

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Starting from today till Christmas and beyond, each one of us will be writing a post related to Christmas.
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I is for Innocence

I is for Innocence

The other night as my 8-year old was on the verge of drifting off she said, “Mama, if I ask you something will you tell me the truth?” Now this is one question I dread as much from my daughter as I’d dreaded it from my mum in my teenage.
So anyway.. “Yes,” said I.
“Is Santa for real or do papas and mamas give us gifts every Christmas?”
Whew.. What could I do? I’d promised to tell the truth so truth it had to be…the whole truth and nothing but the truth.The deluge of tears that followed was heart wrenching.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” she sobbed after I’d very deliberately, very surely killed Santa. “I argued with all my friends. They told me there was no Santa and I didn’t believe them. I believed only you.”

Heartbreaking! O I felt so guilty.

“Who will we decorate the tree for? Who will we keep the cookies for?” she went on.. And then the thought struck her “Did YOU eat up all the cookies we kept for Santa? And the letters we wrote to him.. all lies.”

And more questions..
“Are there no reindeers either mama?”
“No,” said I, shamefaced.
“No Rudolph?”

“If I hadn’t asked you, you’d have never told me and then when I had babies I wouldn’t have bought them gifts thinking Santa would get them and then on Christmas day they wouldn’t have had any gifts at all. How sad they would have been.”  Some thought!

Finally after a long sad time we managed to console her.. not convince mind you, just console her.. that there had been a Santa long time back and then parents had just taken over after he passed away. Next morning having slept over the issue and apparently having given the matter plenty of thought she said, “Mama when I die (death and dying are pretty much dinner table conversations here) and I am born again and if you’re my mama again please don’t ever tell me that there’s no Santa. It feels really sad”.

Even as I hugged her I wonder how would I handle it given a second chance.

Coming from her it sounded like I’d woven such an elaborate web of lies, which of course I had. So what should I have done? Killed the Santa story completely? That would be so sad. Or maybe I shouldn’t have built it up and embellish it as much. Definitely NOT make it the core of Christmas celebrations. How deeply I regretted not telling the twins about it earlier… or at least hinting at it.

My son had seemed unconcerned through this entire exchange. However in one of his Hindi worksheets on Christmas when they had to write a line about Santa this is what he wrote.. “Our parents give us gifts but we think Santa has come”.



What do you think, people? Do your kids know there’s no Santa? How old were they when they find out? How did they react?

I’m dreading Christmas this year.

PS: A few days later my daughter wanted another clarification.. ‘Are tooth fairies also not for real?”

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