When the TV is switched off…

When the TV is switched off…

…..creativity flows.
Last week fed up with too much TV I banned it completely and look what H came up with! 

A board game of his own. It’s a simple one but we had a ball playing it. The ‘tasks’ he set up ranged from funny to outright weird. There was ‘sing a song’, ‘take three sips of water’, ‘skip 5 times’, ‘touch the quilt’, ‘hug your partner’.

His was an amateur’s job, but this is a great way to include physical activity in a board game. So if your dice lands on a particular number you might be required to skip a specific number of times or jump or somersault, do handstands, pushups .. whatever. 

Before I get carried away any more I have to add – there’s a catch – you need to be ready to do all of it too.

So come along make your own board game.

Linking to # Microblog Mondays hosted by Mel aka Stirrup Queens who came up with this wonderful idea of micro posting every Monday. Do take a look.

33 Replies to “When the TV is switched off…”

  1. Hi Tulika! It always feels soo soo fresh and good to drop by your blog! Always gives me something new to try out with my daughter πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for this idea.. will try this out.

  2. That's a fun board game!
    TV addiction has become the norm these days. I've had people giving me strange looks when I say that I don't watch much TV, and that I have absolutely no 'Must not miss' programs. I could almost hear them think, "Kahaan se aaya hai yeh namoona?!"

    1. I wish there were more namoonas like you PI. It's hard to get the kids off TV but when they do, they come up with interesting things so that's something.

  3. Super cool! Awe inspiring πŸ™‚ n yes you are right about the fact that we need to be ready to do whatever it takes… when we try to keep them engaged..

    1. Thanks Aparna. I always surprise myself with the things I do when I'm with the kids. Aren't they the most non-judgmental of audiences?

  4. Tulika, I think yuor son created a very colourful, fun, and unique game: how wonderful! I rarely watch TV as I don't have the time (nor interest). And yes, you can certainly accomplish a lot more…even if it's blogging! πŸ˜‰ <3

    1. Absolutely. TV literally eats up time. I try to stay away most often and you're right, I get loads done including blogging when I avoid the telly.

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