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10 things to do with tweens during vacations

10 things to do with tweens during vacations


With the first excitement of vacations wearing off I find the children flitting between the pool and their tabs. It’s as if they have nothing else to do. The moment I try to restrict their screen time they come up with “What shall we do?” – the question that is the dread of all mums. If you’re a mum in the same boat as I, here’s a list to help you out.

1. Master a recipe 
Learn to make at least one dish completely on your own – a salad, a raita, french toast, no bake cookies, cake in a mug. If you find that you enjoy cooking you could work on making your own recipe book. That reminds me to get N to work on hers. She started one during the exams and never got back to it.

This Marie biscuit cake is one of the easiest ever.

2. Read books
Duh! Obviously. Most of you would be reading books, a few at least. How about trying out a short review after you’ve read it? That way you can keep a record of all the books you read and what you thought of them.

3. Make a summer holiday diary
You could write about
Things you did: Played scrabble with cousins, Made french toast, Made friends with your aunt’s pug (N is dead scared of dogs and this last one is high on her list).
Places you visited: A relative’s place, Historical monuments, the Science centre
Foods you ate: Shared mangoes with grandpa, Pain puri at the roadside stall, Kulfi  and falooda, a new flavour of ice-cream.

4. Make a family news collage
How about turning a journalist this summer? Collect ‘news’ about family members. A cousin who graduated from high school, an aunt who got a promotion, a relative who went on a holiday, your achievement in school, a dance you performed or a skill you picked up – all of that is news. If you have pictures that’s like the icing on the cake. If not, no problem. Make small write-ups on pieces of paper and stick them onto a chart paper like a collage. We made one for our apartment complex. We typed out the news items and cut them out but hand written is good too.

4. Learn a funny poem or maybe two
They’re fun to recite. Here’s one to get you started.

5. Plant a plant and learn how to take care of it
Does it need a special kind of soil? How much and how often should you water it? Google it or get an adult to help if you don’t have access to the Internet. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb. I have a black one too. Go for the easy ones first. You could simply begin with a money plant in a glass or a bottle. They almost never die on you.

6. Learn the names and know how to recognise at least five new flowers/trees that you see around you
Watch out for the regulars. Can you tell a Neem tree from an Ashoka tree? Or a Banyan from a Peepal? You couldn’t possibly miss the Gulmohur or the tall Eucalyptus. Try smelling a eucalyptus leaf. Does it seem familiar?

7. Take responsibility for one household chore and make sure you do it every single day
You could try folding your sheet, making your bed, folding dried clothes, watering plants, wiping the table after lunch/dinner. Helps to have mum on your side since you’re home all day 🙂 and she’s the one in charge of doing up the cakes and the shakes.

8. Talk to your parents/grandparents and ask them how they spent their summer vacations
Can you try any of those things? How about writing out a small piece comparing their vacations and yours?

9. Make handmade gifts for friends for school reopening day.
You could try photo frames or pen holders. I loved these easy pencil toppers made from duct tape at Atop Serenity Hill. Take a look.


10. Make your own school labels
Even if you’re not very crafty you could have a go. Cut out plain white paper labels and border them with Washi tape. That shouldn’t be too tough. Oh and before you do this, don’t forget to ensure it is allowed in your school.

I’ll be trying out all of these with the twins over the next month and sharing what we did. So watch out for detailed ‘How Tos’. I’d love it if you shared yours too.


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When the TV is switched off…

When the TV is switched off…

…..creativity flows.
Last week fed up with too much TV I banned it completely and look what H came up with! 

A board game of his own. It’s a simple one but we had a ball playing it. The ‘tasks’ he set up ranged from funny to outright weird. There was ‘sing a song’, ‘take three sips of water’, ‘skip 5 times’, ‘touch the quilt’, ‘hug your partner’.

His was an amateur’s job, but this is a great way to include physical activity in a board game. So if your dice lands on a particular number you might be required to skip a specific number of times or jump or somersault, do handstands, pushups .. whatever. 

Before I get carried away any more I have to add – there’s a catch – you need to be ready to do all of it too.

So come along make your own board game.

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100 Happy Days – Week 5

100 Happy Days – Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of my 100 Happy Days Challenge.. that’s 35 days of positivity. I’m getting used to this.

Now for a WARNING:  The kids have been home almost all this week so this is going to be pretty much a child-centric post. They had their annual day and that culminated in a long weekend. There was a time I’d dread them being home five days at a stretch.. yeah I do love them but their boisterousness can get a bit much specially if I bar them from the TV and the Computer! However as they’re growing older I find them much more fun. They’re at that stage when they do things on their own yet expect me to be around to sort their squabbles (which there are PLENTY).


Happiness is..

1. … watching the little ones on stage

There’s something very heartwarming about watching your children perform even if they are tucked in that far far corner. I couldn’t help but seek mine out (doesn’t every parent?) and watched them through the show. N danced to Saxobeat and J Lo’s ‘On the dance floor..’ both my favourite numbers (how the girl loves to dance!) and H very diligently sang ‘It’s a beautiful day..’. Perfect song for a happiness post, isn’t it? Check it out..

2. … a hot n cheesy pizza.

The Husband was travelling so to cheer us all up we ordered pizza. I’d had two deliciously wonderful slices before I remembered my weightloss target. I have to admit part of me was glad I remembered late heh! heh! The pizza was wonderful and the forty minute walk after that with the cool breeze on my face was even better. Now that’s what I call a win-win situation.

3 … shopping for books

I quite dislike this trend of having toys and books together in a shop because we always end up in a tug of war – me pulling the children to the books and they running off to the toys! Anyway since challenges are not something a mum is scared of I took them to Landmark with a budget of Rs 500 each ‘only for books’.
Here’s what they picked… H is a Geronimo fan (pure peer pressure I suspect) and trust N to pick a book that’s not a book!

And we rounded it off with a pure junk lunch at Mc Donalds. And I’m proud to report.. I stuck to my coffee. Yay!

4 … finding a partner in weightloss

This gets better and better. The Husband has joined me in my weightloss plans. I so couldn’t believe him because he’s a pretty finicky foodie. After I made him promise he’d have any soup I made (No saying.. this is too sour, this ones too sweet, this ones spicy till I go Aargh!) and he agreed I’m beginning to believe we’ll do it. Yeah.. this is what we hope we’ll look like by the end of the month. ‘Hope’, I said. (Besides, the Net just doesn’t put up pictures of overweight couples exercising).

5. … Watching the kids create ‘Toyland’

while I happily caught up with my reading in peace. They were so busy designing and planning there were no fights and no disagreements. I love it when they do things together.

That’s a slide that leads to a pool in the park.
The rest is still under construction.. stay tuned!

6. .. crafting with the kids

I’ve been missing this for some time now. The holidays gave us a chance to sit together and make some book marks for N’s friends for Valentine’s Day.

7. This last one is a bit much. And if we hadn’t had so much fun I would have struck this one off my list out of pure embarrassment.. but then happiness can be cheesy right? So here goes..

dancing with the kids to ‘Tune maari entriyaan’

How I dig these boys!!!!
Dinosaurs, Dragons and suchlike

Dinosaurs, Dragons and suchlike

This is definitely not the first from-the-sick-bed craft post. I find making something is a great way to take Hrit’s mind off his troubles. To cheer him up what else would we try but dinosaurs. .. something basic and easy.We got an Amul Cool can and cut out the top. This was a bit tough the first time round, then I got the hang of it. With a knife and hammer I managed to get the top off. If any of you knows a simpler way please do share it.

We covered it with green glaze paper.

Since it was to be a Stegosaurus we cut out the spines from card paper…

.. Hrit stuck them on.

Then the tail.. a curved one with zig zag edges.

Stuck that on too.

Then came the face,.. a simple oval, with googly eyes and a big smile.

We gave it a pair of feet, then stuck on some rounds of golden paper (which Hrit insists on calling ‘yellow ochre’ for some reason) and finally smaller drops with paint and it was done. As a bonus it holds pens and pencils too.

Hrit wasn’t entirely satisfied because the Stego didn’t look scary at all so next we did a dragon, a scary one. The face, the wings and legs came out of red card paper. We cut out a zigzag from white paper and stuck it on for ‘teeth’.

We even did a tail with a pompom at the end ‘with which it could hit out at its ‘enemies’.

After everything was stuck on it looked quite nice.

There they are.. the two of them.
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