Battling Bloggers Block

Battling Bloggers Block

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 It seems the world is conspiring to rescue my blog from inertia. I’ve been trying to get back to posting regularly but nothing seems to be working. First I did a week-long Drabble Fest. I struggled to sit at the computer each day, posting my entries late into the night. Once the Fest was over I was back to square one.. Idealess, inspirationless.

Now I get a second chance…
Write Tribe asks us to list five ways to tackle bloggers block. If I don’t make use of this bit of introspection to help myself, I truly never will. So here goes…
The first thing I should be doing is 

Read read read

…blogs. I find reading other blogs often opens the floodgates of my creativity. Something somewhere sparks off an idea – an agreement, a disagreement an add on – And voila.. I’m off. Then there are times (like now) when reading doesn’t do it. So then I look for ..

Blogging prompts

Sites like Write Tribe throw up prompts which are a great way to begin that conversation with your blog. I often weave my current state of kind into the prompts. Not just is that a bonus but it also helps me open up my heart. And that’s how blog posts happen for me – from the heart. Less mind more heart!
If that doesn’t work either, I try a..

Free write

I often win my battle with the block by pushing myself to sit down with the sole purpose of writing. That in itself is a task – no browsing, no FB, no tinkering with the kids’ projects… just writing. It’s hard, often. However, once I make myself sit I simply write the day’s happenings. Mundane details like what I did, where I went, how I felt – a good meal, a nasty neighbour, a challenging day with the kids, a spot of good behaviour from them – anything can make for a post. Of course a bunch of such free writes never get to hit the publish button and languish in my drafts.  And that’s where I go scavenging when I’m at my wits end.

Going through my drafts

…and trying to rework them helps sometimes. Seen days or months later from a new perspective they throw up new insights. 
And my final astra against the bog block are


.. articles written as lists. I try some easy ones…

5 reasons I love blogging
5 reasons I enjoy going to the gym
5 kinds of people I cannot stand
5 ways to handle cranky kids
And that normally does it for me.

Still stuck?

If my top five didn’t work for you, do check out Write Tribe for more bright idea from some of the most fabulous bloggers. Good luck!

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21 Replies to “Battling Bloggers Block”

  1. I read the blogs, and I read books, but still I'm idealess and inspirationless at times… Listicles, aah, they're lovely 🙂 As Vidya said, you being inspirationless is something unimaginable with the happening ones around you 😀

  2. Going through old drafts – that's a good one. I have tried this often, going through my old writings, jottings etc before my blogging life, and sometimes have gotten some good ideas from there. Never tried the listicles thing (good word!), but will certainly keep that in mind….though I am not a list-making type of person 🙂 But can always write long paragraphs after the list 🙂 Hope your block is now gone after writing this post!

    1. Oh yes Beloo, I feel much better. In fact the head is swarming with ideas. Not just the drafts but even reading your own old posts helps. Kind of builds up confidence like Wow I wrote this, I can write more.

  3. Tulika you and writer block dun go well together 🙂 I agree with Vidya with double muse around should be flowing naturally. I like the ideas splly the listicles one.

  4. All excellent tips. Now go use them 😀 Somehow, I find it hard to imagine you with blogger's block Tulika. You've got two sources of inspiration growing in your house 😀

    1. Thanks Vidya. Sometimes too many inputs can leave your mind blank… He he! But taking your advice seriously and looking at the twins for inspiration.

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