A lesson, a Drabble and some innovation

A lesson, a Drabble and some innovation

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This was going to be hard. Saying ‘No’ always was. For a second she considered a ‘Yes’ then gave herself a mental shake. ‘No’, it had to be. A moment later her daughter came skipping in, ‘So may I mama, please?’. ‘No,’ she said gently, trying to blunt the blow with her smile. The dreaded tears came in a deluge.

Later she watched her daughter playing happily. In teaching her a lesson she had learnt one too – that life lessons were important, tears temporary. She wished she knew then what she knew now. It would have made her decision easier.

Linking to Write Tribe’s 100 words on Saturday for the prompt
“S/he wished S/he knew then what S/he knew now”

The Drabble will make more sense if you read yesterday’s post.

With all of that behind us we spent a near perfect day today.. Cleaning together. 

There she is wrestling a cushion cover. She won with honours, I might add.

A month of being away has left the house coated in layers of dust. Seriously, how it climbs up to the 9th floor is a mystery. The maid’s on leave and I’d have probably left it as it was and waited for her (yes I’m bad like that. And I do hate housework) but we’re expecting a friend and it needed to be done. 

Over lunch, N asked me if she could melt her dairy milk and re-freeze it into tiny chocolates. I had this vision of a chocolate smeared kitchen and refused rightaway. I stashed away the moulds for good measure. Later, while cleaning the fridge I spotted this… 

She even found some cake sprinklers and used them

On quizzing her she said she had melted the chocolate in the sun then poured it out into medicine dispensers and topped them off with gems. Didn’t I tell you this new gen was a tad too smart?

In other news she has figured out how to use the printer all on her own. Now she can do her school projects on her own. Yay! Maybe 8 years is that magic age when kids grow up suddenly.

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25 Replies to “A lesson, a Drabble and some innovation”

  1. oh yes agree with you Tuliks…
    little girls grow up so fast……
    and they are the best friends a mom can have….
    you just relive your childhood and teenage with them….

  2. I like and wholeheartedly agree with whatever you write in brackets… from this post and some other posts I read of yours today.. all mommies rant along the same lines huh?? (by the way, I am just the new kid on the mommy block)

  3. Loved that drabble and how you worked in another post as well into the prompt! Now that's some clever work, Tulika. As always, a big fan of your work 😀 N is really the smart one, wow!! I would never have thought of melting chocolate in the sun. Then again, maybe my brain refuses to work these days 😉 And don't start on housework! I have loads to get done myself!

  4. indeed the next generation is way ahead of us for sure ..

    and that little drabble SO true ..a few tears here and there dont do that much harm if a lesson is learnt .. a No means a No


  5. N is a very cool, smart young lady…learning well from her Mom 🙂 Those chocolate cups look so yummy! And the drabble makes perfect sense too 🙂 Very well done!

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