A wandering mind!

A wandering mind!

I had a
medical checkup recently and its report time! I’ve been putting it off, yet it’s
been on my mind .. a lot. Oh I know I’m in decent enough health, yet the
thought that something may not be just right is scary.
All day I
hear a constant stream of — “Mama I’m hungry”, “Mama may we watch TV?”, “Mama she’s
teasing me”, “Mama where are my clothes?” …. on and on.

I rarely
allow myself to think about this, but it is my secret dread – that we won’t be
around long enough to look after the kids forever.
And now I feel all melodramatic and sad and worried. That’s what happens when you let your mind wander, all thanks to this prompt from Write tribe which asked us to ‘Write a hundred words without thinking – just free your mind!’

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13 Replies to “A wandering mind!”

  1. I know what you mean…Though I don't have kids yet but I have the same fear when it comes to my parents, sister and husband… But just relax everything will be fine!

  2. Sigh.. we really can't escape Fate and those worries stay with us all the time. I try not to think beyond the here and the now, and the weekend perhaps 🙂 Helps to stay positive 🙂

  3. Tulika , you have echoed my thoughts. A mother is always worried for her little ones( no matter how old they grow up) and worry more for when we cease to exist in this world.At times mind does wander off to not so pleasant thoughts. nice write-up.

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