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Unlocking Happiness in Times of Lockdown

Unlocking Happiness in Times of Lockdown

Dinner is done and the children and Husband have withdrawn to the relative cool of the bedroom. I’m done too as I put away the leftovers and wipe down the kitchen platform.

I glance at the dirty dishes piled up in the sink. We went a little overboard with the cooking tonight, I muse. Dinner was definitely worth it but it resulted in loads of washing up. Even though everyone has done their own dishes, the sink is full.

Washing up after the night’s cooking is the Husband’s responsibility. He’s the first one to wake up each morning and handles the twin tasks of washing and disinfecting the kitchen and dining area.

I know he hates it but I’ve been resolutely turning a blind eye and deaf ear to his deep sighs. These are Covid times and like it or not, everyone needs to pitch in. I’ve become good at assigning chores and am quite enjoying my newly-discovered despotic streak.

Most days the Husband tries to clear the sink at night so he can have a peaceful morning. But tonight, spent from the constant work calls, he’s let it be.

On a whim, I decide to surprise him, even at the risk of exposing a chink in my despot’s armour. I take up the scrubber and begin to do the dishes.

H saunters by for a glass of water. Glances at my soapy hands and the pile before me and walks off. He reappears with a set of headphones, fixes them on my head, tunes them to my playlist on the mac and walks away again.

Vishal Dadlani comes on with the cheerful Kudi nu nachne de (my current favourite) and the chore suddenly seems a chore no more.

Lockdown memories aren’t going to be all bad after all. Do you have a happy #sliceoflife to share too? Tell me about it.

Leaving you with this track that continues to make me smile.

A how-have-you-been post

A how-have-you-been post

How have you been dear friends? How is the Covid-19 lockdown treating you? Are you able to step out at all? It seems surreal, even now, after over a month, that we’ve been housebound this long.

It’s been even longer for us as the children have been home since the end of February, preparing for their exams which ended midway. Needless to say, they were thrilled to bits. Who wouldn’t be, to be free of exams?

Slowly, over time, the thrill has faded as the seriousness of the situation sunk in.

Initially, the little things irked us

… having no home delivery: no milk, no bread, no vegetables everyday; having to limit our forays into the outside world: not being able to go buy a vada pao or a muffin or even a chocolate or a bag of chips, on a whim.

But those are inconsequential

We have come to realise that we’ve had to face no real hardship at all, that we are uncommonly fortunate, privileged even. The Husband made it home just before flights were cancelled as part of the Covid-19 lockdown. We’re ever so grateful to be together and safe.

A month of challenges

That said, it has been a month of challenges of a whole different kind. The Husband hasn’t lived with us this long for years. He is barely acquainted with this teen-version of the twins. The shut doors, the constant headphones, the messy rooms – the whole teenage thing takes him by surprise. While I have had years to reconcile myself to all of it, he has had to absorb it all over the last few days as a crash course in Nirvana. There were days when i thought I’d go crazy with the constant arguments along with the additional pressure of cooking and cleaning and keeping the house running.

A month later, I am glad to report that we’re all still alive. And thriving, I might add. Somedays when we’re sitting at the dining table and the Husband is ribbing the children about something silly and we’re all laughing together, life seems as perfect as it can be under the circumstances. Wars over the TV remote continue to rage, though.

When we watch the news…

..when we see hundreds of thousands of people stranded, away from homes and families, with no income, hopeless and hungry, I am conscious of my privilege evermore. There’s guilt too and helplessness. But we plod on through the days hoping the craziness ends soon.

We have another few weeks to go at least, so stay home dear friends, stay safe.

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The Flat Share #BookReview

The Flat Share #BookReview

Book: The Flat ShareAuthor: Beth O’Leary I just finished The Flat Share and I haven’t stopped smiling. Sometimes a simple sweet funny story is all one needs. After Dracula, my last read, this light and fresh book is all I needed to put me in the holiday spirit.