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A happy sidekick

A happy sidekick

This past weekend I was demoted from my undisputed seat as the main villain to a very contented sidekick. But I’m getting ahead of myself – let me explain.

The children’s exams are in progress – they go on for three whole weeks. During all of that time, I transform into the main villain (or vamp, if you like to nitpick) of their lives.

With the long weekend, The Husband came home and rather unsuspectingly,  offered to help them with their Math, which he is quite good at.

Since he’s out most of the time he has no clue that being good at something and teaching that same something to two reluctant and distracted tweens who have much else going on in their lives and who do not have ‘exams’ in the top 10 or even 20 places of their priority list, are two very different things.

Anyhow not one to refuse a good thing when I see it, I handed over the reins to him with a heart full of gratitude.

It started off pretty well. The children were on their better behaviour and The Husband was all enthu too. However ten minutes into the lesson and N had already visited the washroom twice while H had his head stuck in the refrigerator complaining, ‘We never have anything interesting to eat’ – yeah, twice within ten minutes.

All the while the poor man sat twiddling his thumbs ready to walk them through their LCMs and HCFs, his enthusiasm waning rapidly. I could see where this was headed.

I hustled H back to the study table only to find he had no exercise book and his pen had run out of ink. Off he went looking for them.

Meanwhile, N was still in the washroom. ‘I think I have an upset stomach’, she announced when she finally stepped out, suspiciously redolent with talcum and cream, not at all looking like someone whose stomach wasn’t in perfect working order. When The Husband pointed out that she didn’t look unwell, she answered with profound wisdom that her stomach was not well on the inside. ‘It doesn’t show, you know,’ she explained.

H meanwhile had returned with a pen, which turned out to be N’s and if you have two children you’ll know where that is going. The LCM and HCF were quite forgotten as The Husband focussed on maintaining peace while clutching onto his fast evaporating patience.

I didn’t blame him one bit when the lid finally blew off. And at that exact moment I was displaced from my main villain’s seat and relegated to a sidekick’s place – a much-preferred sidekick with a very soft heart, I might add. Like a faithful sidekick, I thoroughly enjoyed adding my two bits here and there, ‘Listen to papa’, ‘Get your own pen, please’ and so on without raising my blood pressure one tiny notch.

Half an hour later, peace had descended, the children though sulking still, were getting along with their sums while The Husband begged me for a cup of tea because ‘his throat was all dry.’

I have to admit handling the children isn’t half as bad when one doesn’t have to do it himself/herself. In fact, it can be quite an enjoyable thing, funny even, if you’re watching the whole ‘performance’ from the sidelines.


PS: I didn’t even know I had a sadistic streak. I swear I had no clue till this weekend.

PSS: We still have another week to go, The Husband’s gone and I’m back in the main villain’s seat. Pray for me, please.



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Report from the sick bed

Report from the sick bed

After six days of illness.. Hrit is off to school today. Cough, cold then high fever, then ear infection and finally an upset stomach courtesy the antibiotics … that’s the way things go with Hrit each time. What’s worse between bouts of fever he is completely well. The challenge is to occupy him without tiring him out and that is a true challenge for an up and about child like him. The options are limited…..Reading, playing board games, crafting or watching television. Over the last few days we exhausted pretty much each of them.

He read and I read. From Dora to Dinosaurs.. we did them all. He watched hours of Doremon and Ninja Hatori till my ears protested. And we did craft. But that’s another post. So bored was Hrit that the other day I found him at our ninth floor balcony addressing an imaginary gathering in chaste Hindi. He said in a booming voice, “Aap sab log dhyan se suniye. Kal raat ek bahut bara bhoot aane wala hai. Main use maroonga. Aur koi ghar se bahar nahin aayega. Jo ayega mara jayega.”

Friends, Romans, Countrymen….

Yes well kids are allowed to do strange things when they’re unwell.

With all our attention focused on Hrit, Naisha’s been feeling left out. She fussed around Hrit alright.. getting him water, fetching his medicine, putting his dinner plate in the sink. She’s been a good good girl. However she made sure I ran all her errands for her. I had put away her dinner plate, help her get dressed and when she went down to play I had to follow with her bottle of water — a kind of ‘I”m not relinquishing claim to mum just because you’re ill’ thing.

I did the best I could … relaxing the rules for her each morning.. the toughest time of the day for her, going to school alone. So the glass of milk was smaller, the daily egg relegated to alternate days and she was given a ride to the washroom each morning… sigh! I wish I had some way of reassuring her that I loved her just as much as Hrit. And I’m so very glad she’s spared the frequent viruses that seem to stalk him all the while.

Never two much

Never two much

Here’s something I stumbled upon at momofrs’ blog and couldn’t resist sharing here. Thanks momofrs for letting me.

There’s two to wash, there’s two to dry,

There’s two who argue, there’s two who cry.

One’s in the mud having a ball,

The other holds a crayon, another marked wall.

Some days seem endless, my patience grows thin.

Why was I chosen to be a mother of twins?

The answer comes clear at the end of each day,

As I tuck them in bed and to myself say,

There’s two to kiss, there’s two to hug,

And best of all, there’s two to love!

~ Anon
Beautiful isn’t it?
A team

A team

Hrit Naisha are increasingly teaming up against me and I’m not sure I appreciate it. The other day they were both sitting with their glasses of milk. (The milk drinking is a real ordeal. They sit for ages with their glasses. Naisha’s turns cold and she makes me reheat it almost everyday. Hrit’s spills as a rule.. either some or all). Anyway I was working on my laptop and berating them quite mechanically… finish your milk..don’t spill.. on and on. Hrit, I think, got a bit fed up so he stuck out his tongue at me. I started to scold him and then I noticed Naisha.. she was giving him a silent ‘thumbs up’.. as in good job Hrit bhai.
That they’re already teaming up against me made me nervous. Tough times ahead.

Can’t eat without Naisha

Can’t eat without Naisha

Yesterday we spent over half an hour trying to convince Hrit to eat a chocolate. Not that he didn’t want to eat it… it’s just that he wanted Naisha to eat her’s too with him. He just refused to eat it alone. Poor chap followed Naisha arround saying ‘Please khaiye na, Naisha.’ Unfortunately she didn’t want to eat her’s. No matter what we said to tell him it was okay to eat alone he just wasn’t convinced. And he went on and on begging Naisha. She got so irrtated that she whacked him and things just got out of control. We told him we’d get him another one to eat with Naisha.. no use. Then Papa (Sunil’s) said he’d give Hrit company… no use. Then we all begged Naisha to eat a little bit… no use again!! I thought I’d have to yell at both of them (unfair to Naisha, but too bad), to break the stalemate. But suddenly Hrit bhai decided that they’d both keep away ‘this’ chocolate and eat another one together. And they both agreed.
I have NO idea how that sorted the problem… why Naisha was ready to eat the second chocolate and why Hrit was okay with that or where that idea came from… but the crying ended with that thought.
And by the way… they didn’t eat even that ‘other’ sweet! Will someone try to fathom this out for me?

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The Bodyguard – A #Review

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Book Title: The BodyguardAuthor: Ruchi Singh I was eager to pick this one up as I had read Jugnu, by the same author and loved it. The premise was deliciously different and the cover was enticing. What’s not to like with a brave strong heroine and a rich handsome hero in a sort of role-reversal? That’s […]