A happy sidekick

A happy sidekick

This past weekend I was demoted from my undisputed seat as the main villain to a very contented sidekick. But I’m getting ahead of myself – let me explain.

The children’s exams are in progress – they go on for three whole weeks. During all of that time, I transform into the main villain (or vamp, if you like to nitpick) of their lives.

With the long weekend, The Husband came home and rather unsuspectingly,  offered to help them with their Math, which he is quite good at.

Since he’s out most of the time he has no clue that being good at something and teaching that same something to two reluctant and distracted tweens who have much else going on in their lives and who do not have ‘exams’ in the top 10 or even 20 places of their priority list, are two very different things.

Anyhow not one to refuse a good thing when I see it, I handed over the reins to him with a heart full of gratitude.

It started off pretty well. The children were on their better behaviour and The Husband was all enthu too. However ten minutes into the lesson and N had already visited the washroom twice while H had his head stuck in the refrigerator complaining, ‘We never have anything interesting to eat’ – yeah, twice within ten minutes.

All the while the poor man sat twiddling his thumbs ready to walk them through their LCMs and HCFs, his enthusiasm waning rapidly. I could see where this was headed.

I hustled H back to the study table only to find he had no exercise book and his pen had run out of ink. Off he went looking for them.

Meanwhile, N was still in the washroom. ‘I think I have an upset stomach’, she announced when she finally stepped out, suspiciously redolent with talcum and cream, not at all looking like someone whose stomach wasn’t in perfect working order. When The Husband pointed out that she didn’t look unwell, she answered with profound wisdom that her stomach was not well on the inside. ‘It doesn’t show, you know,’ she explained.

H meanwhile had returned with a pen, which turned out to be N’s and if you have two children you’ll know where that is going. The LCM and HCF were quite forgotten as The Husband focussed on maintaining peace while clutching onto his fast evaporating patience.

I didn’t blame him one bit when the lid finally blew off. And at that exact moment I was displaced from my main villain’s seat and relegated to a sidekick’s place – a much-preferred sidekick with a very soft heart, I might add. Like a faithful sidekick, I thoroughly enjoyed adding my two bits here and there, ‘Listen to papa’, ‘Get your own pen, please’ and so on without raising my blood pressure one tiny notch.

Half an hour later, peace had descended, the children though sulking still, were getting along with their sums while The Husband begged me for a cup of tea because ‘his throat was all dry.’

I have to admit handling the children isn’t half as bad when one doesn’t have to do it himself/herself. In fact, it can be quite an enjoyable thing, funny even, if you’re watching the whole ‘performance’ from the sidelines.


PS: I didn’t even know I had a sadistic streak. I swear I had no clue till this weekend.

PSS: We still have another week to go, The Husband’s gone and I’m back in the main villain’s seat. Pray for me, please.



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41 Replies to “A happy sidekick”

  1. You are one of the very few parenting bloggers I read. You never fail to bring a smile on my face, or keep me wondering after reading a post. This brought back memories from my childhood.

  2. Hahaha..what a fun read this was! I can totally imagine the whole scene. Although, the husband is very much present here and does take over the reins , I’m the villian for most part. But I do agree with the part about parenting seeming easier when you’re pillion riding. I seem to get a lot more patient when the husband is teaching 🙂

    1. Isn’t it? No wonder the men always say that moms nag and shout. The thing is if they were the primary caretakers they’d be nagging and shouting far more.

  3. Hahaha! This made for a hilarious read. I could visualize the fun you had from the sidelines. The dad had no clue of what he was getting into. KG tried it once and gave it up after few minutes and since then it is my responsibility to handle such matters.

  4. Hahaha, you are adorable! I read this whole post with Gabbar in mind for your husband and you as Kaalia. That being said, it is nice to embrace that sadistic side in us once in a while for the right reasons 🙂

  5. Oh yeah, sitting with kids to teach them is a difficult task no matter how good you are at the subject. Watching the drama from the sidelines is the best. But I can’t do that. I have to step in and tell them both off for not having enough patience with each other. So in my book you did good, Tulika. 🙂

  6. Ha ha! So much fun it would have been for you 😉
    Well, I enjoy teaching kids maths and science but that’s the place i also have a hard time maintaining calm 😉 I can do imagine the scene. Btw – exams for 3 weeks? Isn’t that a lot? Good luck to them and you! 😉

  7. Hehe My husband can’t teach for nuts. He blows up so quickly and I send him packing. 🙂 This was such fun to read. Ah kids! They just know exactly what to do to procrastinate. Both my kids started their half-yearly exams from this Wednesday. Two papers down, 4 more to go. They will finish just before Diwali.

    1. Mine is actually quite good at it. he enjoys teaching and does guest lectures for management students but younger kids are a whole different thing.
      H and N will finish theirs by this coming weekend, thank goodness.

  8. Great blog! Can relate with your experience. Yes, I too discovered that I have a sadist streak recently. To make kids study with so many distractions is impossible. You either need to become a despot mother or if you can’t just leave it to God. I believe in God so you know my decision.

  9. That’s funny but i can completely understand your account as i too have 2 kids but luckily, my second one is not in preschool yet. I have only one person to help with his homework, still it becomes a toughest task for me. I cannot imagine how i would be helping 2 kids for exam. Kudos to you and i will pray for you

  10. Oh my, this had me grinning ear to ear all the time! You have a way with words; and this scenario, is just something that I am so familiar with – I could actually see the same happening at my place- it all starts out nice and fun and it goes downhill from there. Every. Single. Time. Lovely write up!

  11. This was hilarious, especially about the lovely young lady with the digestive problems that didn’t show. She’s got quite some talent and I am jealous because I can’t hide my… um… discomfort. Your writing is very visual and very funny.

  12. Hahaha. This one had me chuckling hard, so hard that the laptop was about to fall down from my lap 😀 You bought me with the line – it is one thing to be good in one subject but another thing to get reluctant heads into it. Now that H and N have dealt with another villain in the house, I can imagine that those poor souls, H and N, might be left with no hope with their lives having the 2 important people, on whom their lives depend, turning into villains 😛
    Closer home, I have D complaining to me every day that I am becoming rude and ruder day by day. One evening, I caught him imparting his life lesson to a friend – “We must only listen to our fathers and not our mothers”. This would be a blessing with an absent father or a father-available-on-phone-only. And, guess what, the friend who is equally troubled by his mother agreed with D whole-heartedly.

    1. I love the image of those two tiny ones agreeing with each other about how terrible moms are! Dhruv is adorable. By the way my days of villainy shall be coming to an end soon enough and believe me, I’ll be happier than them.

  13. That was hilarious! Reminded me (yes, so many of your posts remind me of my childhood!) of my childhood, when mom used to help us with our studies. And, on the rare occasions when dad got into the “hot seat”, there would be only lectures (which had nothing to do with the studies), and tears, and promises to God that if mum helped with our studies instead of dad, we would be better kids! 😛

    1. Ha ha.. that’s a cute memory. Happens here too. Somedays when the Husband is in full flow, just like your dad, I wish he’d just get on with the portion rather than lecturing the children.

  14. Oh this was hilarious! And you are quite the visual storyteller. I could just see the whole scene play out in front of my eyes. Poor husband and yes, sadistic you! H and N had better come up with better ways to squirm out of studying 😉

  15. Haha. .A common situation in all households. But we play good cop, bad cop. And nowadays, the boys have picked on it too. Right now, I am playing the role of referee. And there are no right decisions, just my decisions. Well, all is well.

  16. Lol…Tulika, the humor in your tale is infectious so is the witty inner dialogue of the mothet 😉 The poor dad has no clue how or when he walked into quicksand when he good naturedly offered to help teach his kids. Love the antics of H and N. Awesome writing…

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