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All things bright and beautiful

All things bright and beautiful

I had almost forgotten how much fun going to an exhibition could be. I  used to love going to them. Correction – I love going even now. It’s just that I cannot/do not do it any longer. During my working days, visiting exhibitions and writing about them was part of my job. That was such absolute fun.

My favourites were the crafty ones, you know the kind where craftsmen come by with their wares. Not because I’m a great shopper or because I have a great eye for pretty things. I do not. I love them because there’s always the chance I’ll stumble upon something quaint and quirky.

But it’s not just that; it’s the whole atmosphere I love – colourful stalls dotting a wide open field, shoppers laden with bags, children running around – yeah there was a time I could actually enjoy watching children running around without the face of an exasperated mom looming up in my imagination to spoil the picture!

But I am digressing. What I like even more than the cheerful vibe, are the craftsmen. They’re not mere sellers peddling their wares. In most cases they’ve made the products themselves so there’s a love for their craft that comes through way more warmly than the slickest sales speech of a savvy salesman in a swanky store. That’s quite a tongue twister but you do get what I’m saying, right? The craftsmen share a connection with and a love for their product. And that makes it special. It’s like I’m carrying a little bit of them with me when I buy their wares.

Remember my last post where I wrote about missing out on going to an exhibition? Well as it happened I did make time for it during the week – the delightful Dastkari Haat. It turned out to be all I loved and more. Colourful buntings welcomed us, a group of musicians all the way from Barmer, Rajasthan were singing folk songs and the air was filled with happy chatter.

Events such as this one are a bit of a rare treat for me.

Sharing a few pictures.

Rajasthani folk singers – looks like they spotted something interesting!
How I resisted buying these colourful kites! The thing is what do i do with them? There are only so many walls to do up.
An army in metal. Gorgeous!
Platters in blue and green


Did I mention quirky?
Camel leather lampshades. Such intricate designs.
… and there was food which I struggled to resist.

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Unfinished #BookReview

Unfinished #BookReview

Priyanka, with her grit and her determination, as also her ability to stand up to all kinds of trolling and bullying, has always been inspirational. Everything about her seems to spell, ‘Say what you will, I’ll do my own thing’. To me, that’s the greatest kind of freedom anyone can ever aspire for. And that’s what prompted me to pick up her biography.