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In search of an exercise routine

In search of an exercise routine

‘You need to exercise’, a small voice tells me as I settle down on the sofa with my glass of warm lemon water. It’s Sunday morning and exercise is the last thing on my mind.
‘But it’s Sunday’, another part of my brain argues.
‘You started going to the gym yesterday so it’s just Day 2, it’s not like you’re exhausted by a whole week of exercise’.

That’s true, of course.

I look down longingly at the newspapers on my lap and Ranjit Lal beckons me from one of the Sunday magazines.
‘The children will be up soon and there’s so much to be done…,’ I begin.
‘Half an hour,’ cuts in that other voice, ‘the children will sleep through.’

That’s true too.

It’s the last day of their Diwali vacation and they have already told me they want to spend a ‘lazy day’ as if the other days have been full of hectic activity!

Anyway, I pull on my sneakers reluctantly, then realise I’ve put the milk for boiling.
‘You can boil that later’, says the voice even before I can open my mouth to put in an excuse.

‘It’ll be crowded and there’s just one treadmill,’ I muse as I wait for the lift to come up to my floor, wondering if I should just squash that voice and go back to my sofa.
‘You can cycle or lift weights till then’ the voice is insistent.
I hold on to my resolve with every ounce of my will-power and get into the lift.

Finally, I make it to the clubhouse and find the gym empty, which is a bit of relief and not really surprising.

Forty minutes later, I am back, brimming with endorphins, to find the children still sleeping.

When did exercising become such a chore for me? I wonder as I sit down with my cup of tea.

I have exercised almost all my life. The gym has been my go-to place. I’ve tried everything there – cardio, weights, aerobics, a little bit of kickboxing, some Bollywood and Salsa too – though it all seemed the same with my two left feet and the focus was always simply on exercising.

A few years back I discovered Zumba and I thought I had found my ‘thing’. Zumba didn’t seem to mind that I had two left feet or that I had no clue what the lyrics of those songs were. I loved it and I never missed a session.

Then I injured my foot and it took a long time to heal and that was that. I moved to yoga and have been at it for almost a year. It’s fun but it doesn’t give me the high of a Zumba class or the happy sweat of a good run on the treadmill or a long brisk walk.

And that’s how I turned into a very reluctant ‘exerciser’. Weirdly enough, I find each time I leave off my exercise routine, my diet goes haywire too.

You know those people who wake up every day pledging earnestly to begin a serious exercise routine and then give up as the day wears on? Well, I have been that person for a while now. It’s been next week, next month, after the kids’ exams, after Diwali, after the holidays and so on.

Meanwhile, the weight has piled up and stamina has hit rock bottom. So finally, yet again, I started off this Saturday with a new routine. Twice I’ve taken up swanky annual gym memberships only to abandon them midway. This time I’ll stick to the one in our apartment complex – it’s small and just about functional but it has everything I need to make a start. What’s more, it’s a minute’s walk away and is open almost through the day. Like I mentioned earlier most days I have it all to myself. I’m hoping that will take care of all my excuses. Today was Day3 and I’m hoping, putting this out here will somehow strengthen my resolve to keep at it.

I’m simply aiming to keep going every day – even if it’s for half an hour.

Today is the last day of the Write tribe Problogger Challenge and I had something entirely different planned but this was so top of the mind for me I had to get it out.

Have you struggled with an exercise routine ever? How did you motivate yourself to stick with it?


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100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days

Thanks to a blogger friend I stumbled across this site

This is what you’re supposed to do – post a picture of one thing that made you happy each day for 100 days. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? I desperately wanted to be a part of it .. but the daily commitment scared me. There’s something about a daily challenge that I find very daunting.. and a picture at that! Even though I’m notorious for picture-clicking it’s tough to whip out your camera at every happy moment. Some of them are to just be enjoyed and stored away in your memory, aren’t they?

So I’m taking a middle path. What I can and hopefully will do, is post a happy post at least once a week.

Since something super happy did happen yesterday here I go…

A happy surprise!

Isn’t a happy surprise the best ever? Two days back I forgot my iPod in the gym and was pretty heartbroken – one because it’s such a lifeline to my exercise routine and two because it was a birthday gift from my sister. I’d given up on it what with the scores of people coming in and out of the gym. But wonder of wonders.. the cleaning boy had kept it safe and handed it right over to me the next day. By God I could have hugged him. He seemed pretty overwhelmed as I gushed out my 100 odd thank yous. (Wonder what he would have done had I gotten out my camera to click his picture :-D)
That was happiness no 1.

Onto happiness No 2..

…which is also at the gym. I’ve been exercising more or less regularly for over 15 years now. And finally I’ve found my groove, as it were. Zumba –  a super cardio routine. It’s an aerobic dance that combines Latin and other international dance forms. Go here to read more. I’ve said it often enough that I’m not a dancer and so I was very apprehensive about the whole thing. But what absolute fun it’s turned out to be. That’s perhaps the only place I let go and have a blast, bad knees and all!

We’re a mixed bunch of girls/women.
– There are the really good ones who move like a dream.
– Then there are ones like me.. who just about manage to move to the beat without much grace – a 1, 2, 3, 4.. kind of thing
– Then there are others who don’t even get the beat.
– And finally there are some who should come with a ‘keep distance’ banner.. so uncoordinated are they. Hands and legs kick out in all directions.. off beat, off time.

I’m sure we make for quite a sight

But the thing is
It just doesn’t matter.

Everyone has a great time. There’s something wonderfully warm about being happy together. The icing on the cake is our super sunny-smiled trainer. Thank you P for a wonderful time each week!

Those were my happy moments. What made you happy today? Do share it here.
Cheers to a great weekend.

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Of unwanted advice and weightloss

Of unwanted advice and weightloss

Some time back a fellow blogger suggested it was a good idea to incorporate surya namaskars in ones routine. Always ready to try out a new suggestion in the fight against fat, I did so. It’s been over a week now and I’ve stuck to it.

Today as I was in the middle of my daily dose of twenty ..
Aap breathing control nahin kar rahi hain,” commented a voice.
She was a co-gymmer I barely knew. I threw her a mildly apologetic smile and continued.
Aise toh koi fayada nahin hone wala,” she went on. This time I gave her a not so apologetic smile, resolutely turned my back at her and went on.
Haan sachchi.. yeh sab toh instructor ke saath hi karna chahiye,” the co-gymmer had been joined by a friend. This was getting seriously.. IRRITATING. I tried to concentrate harder on my counts.
Aap ne woh Nazia ko dekha hai? Woh perfect karti hai
I don’t know who Nazia is and I don’t care. I do not want lessons in Suryanamaskars I’ve been doing them for years. I don’t even know who you are, you are certainly not an instructor. Why don’t you find something else to do rather than commenting on me…

I wish I’d said at least SOME of that. I didn’t. I wish it weren’t so tough being rude to strangers… even to rude strangers who crawl on your nerves.

Of course one reason for my irritation was the fact that I haven’t been losing much weight in a long long time, which is also why there hasn’t been a post on weightloss. What’s the point of a post on weightloss when there’s no weightloss?

The summer vacations are suicidal, I swear. Remember before I went off I was there – in that 60s club. However two months and it’s all undone and I can’t get back. The other day my trainer watching me conscientiously at the weights said, “aap exercise toh theek karti hain.. aapka weight kam ho kyon nahin raha?”
Hah thought I, “You haven’t seen how often I’m heading for the fridge”.
It was like he’d heard my thoughts, “Aap bilkul diet nahin kar rahin hain kya?”
Yup “Nail on the head,” thought I.. while nodding and trying to smile a non-commital smile.

However, that pretty much sums up my situation.
Chocolates, pastries, khakras, breads, bhels, soups, salads, eggs and milk.. the good, bad and ugly..all of it finds a place on my plate.

I really do need to get my act together.

And so here’s my pledge for September.

I will

Keep going to the gym
Try to squeeze in a 20 minute walk in the evening
Have just two cups of tea/coffee.. three maybe
Stop at soups and salads at dinner time

I won’t

Eat junk
Smuggle in a sweet post meals
Grab a spoonful of Nutella if there are no sweets
Eat up the kids’ chocolates and replenish them quietly
Sit with a plate while watching late night TV

There I’ve confessed all my sins.

The target for September: Two kgs.

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Dopehri #BookReview

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