Adieu April #GratitudeCircle

Adieu April #GratitudeCircle

April always is the most eventful month of all. This is the time that the children finish their exams, get to see their papers and we travel to Lucknow.

This year we also changed houses (in the same city though).

We hadn’t shifted in a decade so it was a huge step. The amount of clutter we accumulate is amazing. I am pretty proud to say that for once I gave the hoarder in me a rest and got rid of quite a bit of it. Nope, it wasn’t easy but having done it I feel lighter and happier.

Settling in the new house remains a work in progress since we left things midway to make the annual trip to our hometown. That’s something I like to think of as non-negotiable. Not only do two sets of parents wait for us anxiously each year, but also it is my annual recharge more than any other holiday I take through the year.

April was a busy month

What with shuttling between hardware stores picking out things for the new house and coordinating with carpenters while also trying to help the children with their studies, April was crazy. The pressure took much of the fun out of doing up the house but in the end I’m grateful most of it is done. It’s going to be a while before I get the new house in order but I have to keep telling myself that there’s no hurry. 

Grateful for friends I left behind

While saying goodbye was hard it was gratifying to realise how very many connections I’d made over the years without even realising it. The farewells from friends, acquaintances and everyone in between were warm and heartfelt.

The new house

is something I cannot but be grateful for. There’s something exciting and happy about doing up a new home despite the work it entails. The curtains have to go up and the ACs fixed but most of all I’m looking forward to re-organising 12 whole cartons of books. I’ve saved it up for the last as a delicious pleasure. And I’d love for ideas on how to organise them. Should I go author-wise or genre-wise or should it be according to the continent they’re set it? This is going to be fun!

Yup, books are the mainstay of my happiness

Through the crazy last month it was reading, friends and reading-with-friends that kept me happy. I don’t think I’ve spoken about it earlier, but I’d been longing to join a book club – a real live one – for a long long time. Finally, at a cafe near my new home, one was launched and obviously I was there at the very first meeting. It was as wonderful as I’d imagined and I’m looking forward to happy times.

I also buddy read 1984 by George Orwell. This was my third time reading it and I managed to do so without skipping a single page. That was a bit of a feat because it gets heavy and pedantic in bits. It was good to chart my progress along with that of others and that kept me going.

And now I’m home

..shuttling between multiple homes, for I have more than one here in Lucknow. Somedays when I’m torn between how I should divide my time between the large family I wish everyone lived in different cities so I could have undivided time with everyone. However, in my saner moments I realise how wonderful it is to have them close by, despite the time-management I have to do. I’m set for flitting between my parents’ home and my in-laws’ as also those of uncles and aunts and cousins and childhood friends. I know the month shall fly past and I’m looking forward to it.

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18 Replies to “Adieu April #GratitudeCircle”

  1. So happy to see such a fantastic April Tulika – congrats on the new home. I always get into a tizzy when I sit down to re-arrange my bookshelf. Totally with you on the excitement of that. Congrats on the bookclub – I have tried to find one here in Gurgaon several times and been to many meetings too but none measured upto it. Cherish the one you have got gurl!!!

    Enjoy the family vacay and wishing you a fabulous May ahead.

  2. I love it that you have made this hometown visit an annual ritual. I have always hoped for doing the same with an India trip, but costs and visas have kept that particular dream out of reach. One day, one day..

    Though I have to say that having both sides of the family close by is a blessing, even though all the time management/division strategies can draw us crazy. I know because I have my family and my in laws live reasonably close by in Mumbai, and inspite of the challenges of time management, the proximity opens up wonderful opportunities to do things together and mix and match, if you will.

    Oh and yay on finding a bookclub!! I am so so happy for you (and also slightly envious, but mostly happy). I hope you keep us updated on the book blog about how you find it. I’d love to read and live vicariously through you.

    Also, congratulations on the move! I think the worst is behind you, and all the excitement ahead. I would love to read about how you organize your bookshelf. I personally organize the boring way – read vs unread, and then authors/series together.
    Shantala recently put up this amazing post…There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon | Book ReviewMy Profile

    1. Despite my best intentions I think I’ll choose the easiest path to organising my books too. It’s pretty time-taking and I want to get the house in order ASAP. Of course I’m telling myself I’ll redo it someday but I also know that ‘someday’ may never come.

  3. So lovely reading about your vacation with your folks, Tulika! Congrats for your new home and also for letting go of stuff. 😛
    I did it all last year and now I am obsessed about de-cluttering every weekend. That much less to deal with, right?
    Enjoy your Lucknow ki garmiyaan and come back home all pampered and fresh! 🙂

    1. Thanks Shilpa. I hope I can keep up the decluttering. Also, I hope in my josh I haven’t thrown away something I’ll need later on. The doubts are beginning to come right back :-).

  4. April was rushed for you and satisfying as well. It’s lovely that you get to do the annual holiday thing to your town every year. I have no family left in the home town any more. Dad and brother live in Mumbai and luckily dad is visiting us now. Our vacation to meet family are usually pretty short with my professional work and Sid’s study load. Enjoy a lot. The settling in can wait for after. And how wonderful about that book club. Is it the same place you wrote about earlier?

    1. Yes it is the same cafe. I’m really looking forward to it and keeping my fingers crossed that more people join in till it takes on a life of its own.

  5. So very happy to read about your April. Looks like it was a really good month for you, family-wise 🙂

    Much love for the new home, settling in and making time with your books. I can relate to that feeling. We moved into our own place 2 years ago and I am still waiting to get my books organised. We are going to get a new bookshelf (hopefully soon) and I can’t wait to display my favourites, although THAT is going to be a task for sure.

    I love that you’ve got a book club close by and enjoy it too. So tough to find one with like-minded people, right?
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently put up this amazing post…10 Summer Vacation Activities your Older Kids Will EnjoyMy Profile

    1. That’s right Shailaja – it’s tough to find like-minded people. For now I’m just grateful the book club is there. Will worry about the like-minded bit later on :-).

  6. Dear Tulika,
    First of all Congratulations on the new nest. Exiting and busy times ahead but so worth the hard work.
    LuckNow in summers sounds delicious. Was my yearly ritual too when MA was around, but now I try and go more often as my father is alone, but then only when he ain’t traveling on work.
    I guess we can never tire of Lucknow. LuckNow main kuch baat hai jo aur kahnin nahi.
    Even I end up juggling between my brother’s home and parents home. But those catch ups are so precious.

    Wow the book sorting bit sounds exciting. I usually sort mine genre wise and even author wise. Easier for me to locate them.
    I can’t wait to have a home with an exclusive library where I will organise all my precious reading treasure.

    Have a magical May. Lots of love.
    Natasha Sinha recently put up this amazing post…Bee Unique: #ThursdayTreeLoveMy Profile

    1. I was thinking genere+author too. That would make it easier to locate the books. As for Lucknow – it will always be special to me. I’m hoping I can keep up this ritual and I’m grateful I can carry my work along. That’s the hugest perk of not having a full-time office job.

  7. Congrats on the new house. Hope arranging the new nest will be a happy one. Definitely can understand the excitement in preserving the book cartons for last, they have such pleasure when took out and kept in shelves and not to mention the joy of seeing them there.

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