The Magic of New Beginnings #GratitudeCircle

The Magic of New Beginnings #GratitudeCircle

A week into February and the New Year hasn’t quite lost its sheen yet. That essentially means I’m going strong with my exercise routine, even though the weighing machine doesn’t seem to have noticed!

Anyhow, I am grateful my spirits are still up, and that’s the most important thing.

We began the year with..

…the almost-teens staying up till midnight for the very first time. The Husband was home and four of us stayed in watching a film award show (my guilty pleasure!), eating chips, pizza and cake and washing it all down with coke and wine (no guilt for those, after all it was New Year’s Eve. However this could give you some idea why the weighing machine doesn’t move :-)).

Other than the food we also indulged in serious celebrity spotting exclaiming at how cute Ranveer and Deepika looked while N rued that Zero didn’t make an appearance anywhere at all. H pretended to be annoyed at all the excitement and continued trying to roll his eyes (he still can’t). The Husband sat calling up people wishing them a happy new year in an attempt to ‘beat the rush after midnight’. And no he wouldn’t move to another room, he sits right there trying to speak above the sound of the telly, gesturing to us to turn down the volume, completely oblivious to our dagger-looks. It’s called a ‘mobile’ phone for a reason, I would have tried to tell him in the old times. Not any longer. Over two decades of marriage one learns to manage and so I simply turned up the volume while H and N wrestled the phone out of his hands. Once done, all was peaceful.

Just as the clock struck twelve

..we headed towards our beds but someone started off a fantastic display of fireworks. N ran to the balcony and called out to the rest of us. And so we sat out watching the display with the children oohing and aahing happily. That’s really the best thing about being a parent, looking at things through the children’s eyes makes them  new and exciting.

The Husband slept off soon after but I could hear the children chatting away above his snores. That was the most reassuring sound ever – the sound of them bonding – allaying my fears that I was bringing up Kane and Abel.

School started

…and much as I like having the children home, it’s a relief to have the house to myself. I love that their school always begins midweek to get us all in the rhythm of things and also that their uniforms are the most hassle free ever, no hooks or pleats or belts or ties.

More excitement..

..came this month with Republic Day celebrations in our apartment complex. I love N’s enthusiasm that never flags despite everything being against her. No matter what happens she manages to get together a band of children and put up a performance each year. There’s much discord during the process. She comes home each evening with a bagful of complaints (everyone wants the lead role, no one is listening to me, no one is coming for practice, they aren’t serious at all…) and yet she sticks it out. I have to admit that many  times, fed up with the arguments, I’ve told her to let it go (Yup, not supportive at all) but each evening she goes down with renewed enthusiasm. This year was special because H actually lent her a hand where once he used to be as bad as the rest of them. He helped her by restoring order and goofing around only when things got too serious. One more kick in the pants to my Kane and Abel theory.

I went to check a few final practices and I have to admit they’d done quite well, given the constraints.

Work wise too January has been a productive month

… with collaboration offers coming in. I read and blogged better than I’ve done in some time. It must be the New Year effect that makes me optimistic and happy. If only January 1st could come around more often than just once a year, it would do me  world of good.

Till that happens I’m hoping to carry my upbeat spirit as long as I can through the year.

How did 2019 begin for you?

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16 Replies to “The Magic of New Beginnings #GratitudeCircle”

  1. Kane & Abel? Tulika, kuch bhi, haan!!! Such cute kids they are!! 😀
    Yeah, we do learn a lot from kids–their enthusiasm, their perseverance, their sensitivity….they sure can surprise you sometimes, na? 🙂

  2. Ah how cutely you have summarized this 🙂

    I love watching award shows too, it sure is my guilty pleasure. And Ranveer and Deepika is pure lovvveeeee, I can sit and watch them all day 😛
    Soumya recently put up this amazing post…SparkedMy Profile

    1. Thank you Soumya. Over the years I’ve realised N’d amy taste in television seems to be converging – whatever little I do watch – and it’s a lot of fun.

  3. So good to hear about how things have been going so far for you, Tulika! I hope and sincerely wish 2019 brings you everything that you’re hoping for. January sure sounds very good for you. May Feb be even better. So nice to hear about your N being the great organiser. I can never get my teen to participate in these events in our complex. As for me, 2019 started on a good note. But, within a week or two, things started going downhill. Healthwise, I did have a very difficult month in January, with very high stress levels but as they say, there’s always something to be grateful for, so I would like to focus more on the positives and will be writing my Gratitude post this weekend. As always, I’m looking forward to a silver lining in my cloud and hoping February is kind to me.

    1. Sorry to hear that January wasn’t all good for you. I do hope things have improved. I love that despite the stress you are trying to focus on the positives. Writing a gratitude post helps. Sending you good vibes and hoping February makes up for January.

  4. Lovely way to start the new year. Reminds me of ours. With my Dad, DH, little girl and furry babies in tow. We bellowed our lungs to some old Hindi Karaoke music, cooked a sumptuous meal together and yes, watched the same awards that you did. High point, na.

    Next day we got some sun on our shoulders by doing an outdoorsy brunch. Was just so lovely. Both the girls, Dad and DH in tow. Complete fam-bam bonding.

    I hear you on the scales. The buggers refuse to budge, irrespective of our efforts. They seem to become more stubborn with each passing year. But whose fault is it- the copious pizza or the sly KFC or the loaded peanut chikki. All theirs for sure. Not ours. :))))

    1. What a wonderful way to usher in the New Year. I love how up-and-about all of you are. A brunch on a cold Delhi morning sounds perfect. As I grow older I find I am becoming even more mindful of the importance of family and loved ones. Also, with the children growing up I realise I have less and less time with them and that I should make the most of it.

  5. Reading this post felt so warm like we were chatting and it was a real conversation. You made everything about the NY eve so much fun and full of love Tulika – god bless your happy little foursome and wish truck loads of abundance and happiness for all of you!

  6. Aha! The New Year has started on a wonderful note for you, Tulika!! I was rolling my eyes at the talking on phone with TV!! KG does the same too, but he matches his volume with that of the TV!! *Double eye roll* N and her enthusiasm for getting the kids perform is so endearing. It’s wonderful about blogging and collaborations. Wishing you a productive and happy February too!

  7. How wonderful to read about your January! The way you celebrated your New Year’s Eve reminded me of my childhood as we used to do similar stuff and it was fun. This year husband made sure all of us stayed awake until 12 midnight to watch the fireworks at the London Eye on TV. It was splendid. Every mom, including me, will agree with you about the school opening after holidays. It is akin to heaven to have a quiet house just to the self, sometimes in my case. Does N organise and prepare the programmes for Republic Day herself? This needs to be applauded. And, H deserves praises too for being the supportive brother. I am glad you have had a high spirited January and wish you loads of good luck for February.
    As for me, I too had a satisfying January. I was sober throughout the month with not a day of anxiety hitting. Or may be it did but then I caught it in the bud and smashed it with my colouring therapy. Blog wise, I did very well. I posted book reviews regularly and I think I am getting better at doing them, barring their length. I think I should have written a gratitude post for Jan. I really have things to be grateful for.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently put up this amazing post…Pin Parvati Pass trek #WordlessWednesday 27My Profile

    1. So good to hear about this Anamika. I think the more we involve ourselves in our work the better mental state we’re in. Being busy keeps unnecessary anxieties at bay. Do write that post, it isn’t too late. It feels good to see all the happy things written down.
      N does organise it herself and the toughest bit is getting all the boys (there are no girls in their group) to come together and cooperate, even more because most of them are the same age as her. She bosses around a little and that doesn’t go down well with them :-). This time I helped her learn to include others more, accept suggestions. And that seemed to have worked better.

  8. Wow! Just this morning I was telling sis how even though new year looks like just another day, there is a definite shift if one really observes!! About your twins.. i get it..the feeling when they are not at loggerheads and we wish the camaraderie/bonding lasts 😀 . Glad for you OM.. hope your enthu stays put!!
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