Finding Peace this September #GratitudeCircle #MondayMusings

Finding Peace this September #GratitudeCircle #MondayMusings

While August seemed inordinately long, September seems to have rushed past in a blur. August was about struggling to find mental peace, fighting off loneliness and coming to terms with the absence of friends – real as well as virtual. September, happily enough, has been about getting comfortable with myself, learning to look inwards and finding my own peace while being grateful for friends as and when we cross paths.

It wasn’t as if I had a great epiphany. Rather, it was just about lowering my expectations and learning to manage my moods, aided by long chats with my sister and spontaneous meet ups with my SIL.

Oh and also, long long walks.

If August was about finding an indoor exercising routine, September has been about stepping out. An hour spent outdoors walking hard, with the breeze in my face, wiped away all my moodiness. As the weather has become drier, I’ve been stepping out most mornings. Moms standing by the roadside holding onto toddlers, then waving them goodbye as they climbed on their buses, the greenery along the way, groups of morning walkers and the happy sound of senior citizens clapping and practicing laughter therapy have brightened up my day.

Tracking my progress on Google Fit has given me as much happiness as Shylock got counting his gold. Very satisfying, indeed.

September has been a kinder month despite the kids’ exams kicking off, or perhaps because the exams are here. I spent the first half of the month feeling weirdly detached and guilty by turns, that I wasn’t pushing them enough and then I had no time to think at all. Sometimes that is what works best.

The Husband was home for almost a week right before the exams and that helped. I cannot begin to explain how his very presence takes the stress off me. The feeling that I and I alone am not responsible for the children, is one of the most relaxing thoughts.

Also, he is way more of a Tiger Dad than the Tiger Mom I can ever hope to be. When he is around we argue all the time because I feel he pushes the children a little too hard. Our parenting styles are very different. However, the more he is away the more I realise the importance of at least one parent pushing the kids. I don’t need to push myself to push them. When I’m alone, I have a thousand things on my mind, along with their studies, and I feel they tend to slack off.

I realise the husband and I set each other off well, we are a good team. And I’m grateful for his presence as much as there is of it.

October promises to be relaxed and festive.


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16 Replies to “Finding Peace this September #GratitudeCircle #MondayMusings”

  1. I agree. There is no single best parenting approach. But you two do make a good team.

    And I know how stressful it can get to do this parenting thing alone (for the most part, I mean). It’s very rare that my hubby travels for work, and yet I am on edge whenever he does. So I can completely understand.

    That being said, please know that you have your virtual family to turn to whenever you feel even the least bit lonely. And I am only a ping/whatsapp message away. Hugs.

    1. Thanks Shantala. I don’t really know why I didn’t reach out to anyone. I should have. If/when there’s a next time, I shall. You guys feel like family, which is why I miss posting on the blog so much.

  2. Ah so good to hear you catching up in stuff and taking it easy; parenting is a tough thingy and its great when both partners are hands on!!! Just one managing the whole show, can be so so taxing!!
    Cheers to the fitness stride and may it grow with leaps and bounds 🙂

  3. How nice to think your September was better than August! And hey you don’t come across as an obsessive mom in any way! And parents need to parent differently….

  4. Hey! I am here. Always!
    Also, this post struck me for for how to compared it with August and felt that you are changing things at your end to make them better. So kudos to you. Also, you both are a team. You are parents and even with different parenting styles – both of you together make the family. right? 🙂 Great that you are walking. It’s a great work out! I am also trying to hit 10K steps each day. It feels good. wishing you a happy October.

    1. 10 K steps is great. I struggle with consistency but average out at 7K steps.
      If there’s one thing I’ve realised about being happy it is that one has to find it within oneself – not in friends, not in one’s partner nor in one’s kids. They can add to your happiness for sure or pull you out of the dumps temporarily but nothing works in the long run if you don’t make your own happiness.

  5. I love Google Fit too. Such a nifty app. There is something about walking outdoors. It instantly lifts the spirits. I try to step out every day for at least a short walk even if it not too brisk. And yes I can imagine how relieved you must be feeling with the husband being home. I think I would go insane if I had to do it alone. Though their studies bit is solely managed by me and I get so stressed handling their schedule. But I am in a happy mood today because exams are getting over. Yay! I want to curl up and sleep more. October is rushing past and the festivals are upon us. Wish you a happy October.

    1. Thanks Rachna. One more paper to go for the kids. Monday spells ‘freedom’ :-). I like October. I have a whole list of things I’m going to do with/without the kids.

  6. I too feel like flying when hubby manages home stuff .I van actually go and sit inside my head day dreaming.Happy Navratri

  7. I hear you. Having been there in a similar zone, I know how the mind gets weighed down due to the loneliness and the responsibilities. I have to assure you your virtual friends are always here, only a ping away. While the real world may seem to have dried up of friends, the virtual ones will never go anywhere, trust me. I am here. Ping me anytime you need to chat, trivial or serious, I am here to listen. I can even make you laugh, you know that 🙂

    1. Thank you Anamika. Yup I know I can depend on you to bring a smile always. It’s a phase I think, when everything just gets to you and even asking to talk to a friend seems like such a task. However, filing away your offer for later use (like Kaikeyi), so beware :-).

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