The tree with a swing #ThursdayTreeLove

The tree with a swing #ThursdayTreeLove

This is N’s favourite tree. The reason is pretty obvious, isn’t it? That tyre swing. She loves it and each time we go on a morning walk it is a given that I’ll let her have a go at it for as long as she wants. Do scroll down for a better picture of the tree. I love how its branches spread out in an all-encompassing manner.

It was I who first spotted it and exclaimed happily because we hardly get to see swings like these now. She couldn’t figure out how one would ‘get inside’. But once I explained, she completely adored it.

How I would have loved to have a go at it too. However I had this terrible mental image of getting stuck in that tyre with my newly acquired girth and having to roam around forever with it around my waist and the idea disappeared almost as soon as it had come. I decided it was safer to simply stand by and watch.

This swing reminds me of one of my favourite books The Boy in Striped Pajamas. Remember how a bored Bruno builds himself a swing out of a tyre? Have you read it? It’s a heartbreaking story.

When we were children our uncle, who was an engineer in the Irrigation Department, used to be posted in small towns and cities. The upside was that the Government bungalows he was allotted, came with a huge space around them. The one I remember best of all had this large Jackfruit orchard that was crowded with tall dense trees bent low with an abundance of fruit. A huge swing would be put up on one of those trees. It wasn’t anything glamorous – just a large very sturdy plank of wood held up with sturdier ropes. Four to six of us would climb up – the younger ones would sit down clinging to the ropes while the older adventurous ones would stand behind them and we’d swing really really high. The target would be to touch the leaves of the tree up above. Uff The thrill of it! The smaller steel versions at school didn’t even come close.

Recently when we went to the garden, to N’s immense dismay, the tyre had been tied up out of reach. How crestfallen she was! All we can do is wait and hope someone brings it down soon.

Did you ever play on a home-made swing?


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  1. I have been on many swings but never a tyre one. The jackfruit orchard rang a bell. My nani’s house had one and it used to be so beautiful watching all the fruits on the trees. I loved the tree’s picture, N swinging on it and then your memoir. I am glad N is able to have fun there and she is now making memories like you.
    so glad you joined! <3

  2. Ufffff……touching the trees! Reminded me of my childhood, when we cousins would all gather in the summer vacations, at my granny’s house – Jabalpur. There was this huge swing, like the one you mentioned. The guys would stand and we younger ones would sit, holding tight to the ropes and praying for dear life as our elder bros would swing like crazy, in an attempt to be parallel to the ground! Still gives me the goosebumps – no, actually, my stomach churns!
    Loved the tree! And, the memories you shared!

  3. Such a beautiful post, Tulika. What love we have in our memories, don’t we? I’ve not yet read the book although it’s on my wish list since I asked you all for it in December, remember?

    N looks so happy in that first picture! That’s the beauty of childhood. TO be carefree,come what may and enjoy the happiness that comes from a tire on a tree 🙂

  4. Years back in the colony I lived in one such swong was put up. However I would often find it difficult to get through it and stay in.. oh well I was far too short to prop myself up. SOmehow never got myself to doing it. The boy in the striped pyjamas.. Ah!!! A lovely read indeed. Probably I need to have a second go at it 🙂

  5. Swinging on a tyre on a tree is an unmatched joy!! I think grown ups will love this too… I think it would be fun to just twirl round and round on it… Swinging amid jackfruit laden trees must have been great fun.. I hope they have brought down the tyre so N can enjoy it again.. Great post 🙂

    1. Oh I forgot about the twirling round and round. We’d all end up dizzy and yet we’d do it again and again.
      I hope they bring this one down soon too.

  6. Oh Yes this memory is intact from childhood. So I have never been in a tyre swing but a wooden plank one – yes and also in my nani’s home we had one iron one too! A friends home at a huge wooden one from South India which we could sleep in.
    I think swings hold a special place in everyone’s heart- no matter how young or old. I think its the feeling of being able to fly, try to touch the sky!!!
    I hope her swing is back in place soonest Tulika

    1. You’re right. I love swings. We had this huge iron garden swing and I’ve spent so may moments sitting on it studying. I’d love to have one in my balcony even now, but there just isn’t enough space.

  7. Wow I love the swings, we never had a homemade swing – but whenever we went out, me and my daughter loved to use the swing…. last two times we visited some lovely resorts and enjoyed swinging… love the pics you posted:)

  8. Amazing post and nostalgic too…Yes! I had played a lot on the homemade swing and had such beautiful memories of those childhood days. wishing my girls also get to chance to enjoy those kinds of sweet tiny things, but nowadays everything has changed, the simplicity of life has no longer exists. thanks for re- memorising those memories.

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