Walks and conversations

Walks and conversations

The children had two days of mid-week holidays – a parting gift from Ganapati as he is taken off for visarjan. We had more peace in the house than we’ve seen in some time. More than one person commented on how relaxed I looked!

Despite exams being just a few weeks away we managed some fun together-time. Remember I wrote about N’s interest in photography? Each time we go out for a walk she comes armed with her camera and clicks anything that catches her fancy. We chanced upon this tree.

‘It looks rather sad and lonely’, I remarked, ‘with it’s leaves and flowers all gone’.

‘I think it looks great fun – like a giant catapult’, said N, ‘imagine how far a huge ball would go if I were big enough to string it.’

She had a point, of course. And all of a sudden the tree didn’t look quite as sad any longer. It’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

Children do come up with interesting ideas, which is why I love walking with them. The only hitch is, we don’t actually walk, as in the walk-for-exercise kind of walk. Or, since N has put me in a positive frame of mind, we do much more than walk – we talk and discuss and observe. We look at the flowers and trees – how the Amaltas hangs down like a chandelier or how  Peepul leaves twirl in the wind. We stop to smell and pick flowers. N is fascinated by the Harshringar we find strewn in a cream and orange carpet. She wonders, a little disappointed, why a tree with such delicate blooms should have such rough sandpaper leaves. I have no clue, I really am not much of a Botany person. I do want to tell her that beauty is never perfect but I stop the cynic in me – time enough for her to discover all of that on her own.

Soon enough H will want to sit and tell me about Greek Gods, yeah he’s still going strong with Rick Riordan. So while he and I will find a bench, N, definitely the more active one, will  continue with her jog around the park.

We’ll pick up dry pieces of branches to be used for craft projects, which may or may not happen, but my bag will look like this.

While N is the one doing the running, H is the one who gets thirsty and will drag us all to get him a drink. ‘Any juice will do,’ he says accommodatingly. And though I’m not a fan of packaged drinks I’ll indulge them just this once, and we’ll walk back home to begin the day.

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  1. I love taking nature walks with a camera in my hand. I think the tree looks like a vertical wishbone from a turkey. I remember how we used to pull them as kids to see who came out with the long end so the wish made would come true.

  2. There’s nothing like a walk among nature with the family. I remember my society in Calcutta had the harsingar tree, and every evening my friends and I would take the orange bit of the flower and paint our nails with it. Small joys for us kids.
    [@samantha_rjsdr] from
    Whimsical Compass

  3. walking under trees I feel is the best walk….shade, clean air, and greenery…that’s the best takeaway!

    Wasn’t aware that you also take part in Parul’s Thursday tree love!

  4. How lovely to have walks and conversations. Something I love doing with my daughters, but don’t land up doing as much as I wish to (time constraint and teenage moods if you may). What a nice perspective of looking at things. We also have this habit of collecting anything different and interesting we find in nature, on our travels, trips or walks. Anything in the outdoors is such a fulfilling way to spend time with kids. More such moments to you! 🙂 Glad to connect with you Tulika.

    1. Thanks SoulMom. As the children are growing I find I have less and less time with them. Mercifully my daughter loves mornings walks as much as I do. She’s a morning person so that helps. You should see the things we bring back home – a complete jungle :-).

  5. From all the parenting and children related blogs I read, the best take away is so much experience and observations and perspectives. I am not a parent yet but then it gives so much food for thought 🙂

  6. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be a fly buzzing around you’ll teh next time you’ll take a walk! It sounds like so much fun! I love the perspective of the Catapult. Yes, it is , almost always, refreshing to walk with children. They teach you so much. I am leaving this post with a huge smile on my face, Tulika. Thanks for sharing!:)

  7. Now thats truly a quirky perspective which boggled me too! Catapult!!! Its like as a child (Actually I still do this) I loved looking out of the window (esp on train/bus journey) and imagine shapes in the clouds to keep me busy! I have seen dragons, unicorns, doughnuts and giant teddy bears most of the times!!! 😉
    I loved the look of your bag – you know it felt so good to see a Mom so involved with her children – you are lucky to have the time to spend with them as most peeps I know of are working moms (Mine is still to date and I wish I had these walks with her)!! Your walk sounds indulgent and so full of love and sharing!! I wish you many such moments with your children! A thoroughly enjoyable read Tullika 🙂

    1. It’s fun to get out with them sometimes Shalini. At other times they try my patience but I know they’ll outgrow these fun times soon enough and so I treasure them.

  8. I love it when Gy comes on my walks too. She always has something fun to point out. Of course, she isn’t walking, but wave boarding, but same difference 😉 N is so cute! I love her perspective! And H, I hear you, my man! ANY juice will do 😉

    1. Ha ha.. H’s focus is that juice when we’re out on a walk. I love the thought of Gy on her wave board though I have no idea how anyone can do any amount of balancing on it.

  9. Oh yes, the kids love our evening walks/runs and keep yapping nine to a dozen. This is our time to hear their tales, angsts and joys. And you’re right. They share such different and refreshing perspectives. This was a lovely, positive post to read, Tulika.

  10. Aha, walking and talking – my favourite stuff too:-) And sooooo true- it’s all about perspective – love how kids have a way of making us look at things differently. May we always be open to see things from other perspective than our own! Then maybe there would be peace in the world:-) Lovely write up- Tulika:-) hugs

  11. And I forgot to share that I love harshringar. My nani used to tell me that those orange parts of the flower were boiled in water in olden days to make orange dyes. 🙂

  12. I love that huge catapult. N is right 🙂 Lovely peek into your life and the kids. And walking to get some shots is such a good thing. I do that all the time 🙂 Thank you for joining Tulika. Makes me so happy.

    1. I’d been thinking of joining in for a long time Parul – I’ve got the pictures clicked and kept away but just didn’t get around to it. Glad I could finally.

  13. I love looking at bright colors and your first picture made me feel happy and yes I agree each of us are different and so is the way we look at everything around:)

  14. This is such a wonderful post. It’s mood enhancing just like the walk you described. I love how N sees things, I wish she continues to be this positive person forever. Loved this, Tulika.

  15. Such a sweet post straight from a mom’s heart and yeah I have often seen perspective from a child’s angle brings in so much fun. It was a pleasure reading about you and N and H ❤️Love their tales

  16. Oh, I loved this post! Walking is my favourite exercise (because this is the only thing I can do:)) – a perfect ‘me or we’ time. Instigates so many thoughts & ideas.
    And, N is so thoughtful! Her thoughts about Harshringar tree is bang on! Blessings and love to N and H. 🙂

    1. Thanks Tarang. It is always a pleasure to see you here at Obsessivemom. I like walking too. At the height of my fitness days – I could do 7-8 kms. Now I’m down to 3 or 5 on good days!

  17. Perspective is very important, I feel. 🙂 And children, more often than not, bring a very positive spin to those things that others observe negatively. Those walks sound more fun than exercise walks, that’s for sure. 🙂

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