Three weight loss tips for WFHMs/SAHMs

Three weight loss tips for WFHMs/SAHMs

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If you are a stay-at-home-mum struggling with weighty issues this one is for you. I have been fighting to get back to my fitness routine for the past two years (and failing miserably, I might add). But I’m not giving up just yet. As I start off yet again here are three ideas I am finding useful.
Get rid of food
This one took me by surprise because I was never the kind to eat the kids’ left-overs. But what do I do with that cream-roll they refused to eat (I got it for them because it reminded me of my childhood!) or that muffin they found ‘too chocolatey’? (Seriously, how can that even be a problem?) But kids can be temperamental, mine are. And then that sweet, creamy, buttery delight sits in the fridge beckoning me as I go about my chores. Then comes a point when I’ve wrapped up everything, I’m happily tired and I pick up my book and reach out for that treat. And Bam! my best laid plans go up in smoke. That is why I say get rid of food, fast! Dump it or give it away to your maid. Her kids will probably enjoy it way more than yours and definitely more than you.
Get out of the house
As a stay-at-home-mum/work-from-home-mum there are days when I don’t step out of the house at all other than for small chores around the apartment complex or for the gym. I end up living in my comfort-wear for days – tracks or tights and tees. And I don’t realise how much weight I’ve put on till one day when I decide to pull on my favourite jeans or shirt. Also I forget how much happiness I get from dressing up and looking good. In fact that was/is the one thing I miss most about going to work. So get out of the house. Dress up, pick up your laptop and go sit in a coffee shop if you have to but get out.
Sneak in exercise time
This is another toughie because household chores have a way of never ending. There is always that bit of ironing to be done or a cupboard to be sorted. There always will be. You have to look for small 20-minute windows (less than that doesn’t make an impact for me) and sneak in exercise time – a short walk, a few situps, some suryanamaskars, a few rope-skips – anything that you love.

Small steps go a long way in the fight with fat. And now as the sun comes up I’m off for a walk. I’d love to hear from you. What worked for you in your fitness journey?
Linking up Mackenzie at Reflections from Me. She talks of her fears and vulnerabilities as a mum and the hundred small things that lurk in our heads all the time.

And also with Mel at  Microblog Mondays.
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32 Replies to “Three weight loss tips for WFHMs/SAHMs”

  1. Tuli, lovely tips and really simple ones. I was feeling a bit down with things from work and reading your blogs filled with warmth and earthiness and made me smile today.
    I tend to take a lot of business calls from home in the evening which means sitting in your chair for hours together. Since then I have raised the platform for the laptop and take the calls standing. One caution – its easy to get caught in the flow and not realize that you have been on your feet for hours together, hurting your back and fee, so mix it up.

    1. Oooh thanks Savvy. You cannot imagine how good it is to see you here. Yeah standing/sitting for long hours can be really bad. And fitness is often not a priority with many of us.

  2. I agree it is hard if we don't get out of the house enough, I am OK when working at home, but if I take some me time at home I tend to veg out in front of the TV and eat too much. Where as if I took break and went walking I would be healthier! Thanks for motivating me today!! Hope you have a fab weekend xx #mg

  3. Things that help me:

    I've found completely avoiding something I actually that should be love(chocolate) works adversely..after some days I tend to eat much more than I would have ideally. Giving it up altogether is tough but reducing the amount I eat( the little boy in the kishan jam ad says) is a lot easier. It keeps my brain and heart happy and the person I've shared it with now owes me a favour!

    That extra spoon of oil or ghee while making food goes a long way. I've found that eating delicious ghar ka khana(instead of using little oil or no ghee) keeps me satisfied and say no to the not-so-healthy cheesy pizza more often.

    Sweet cravings are satisfied by a few raisins and dates and honey is yummy. Soaked and ground pecans make paneer dishes quite rich(instead of cream). Of course when I want to get to the bucket of ice cream, nothing, and I mean nothing can stop me. But I recently discovered that a cup of vanilla yougurt, pieces of pear and chopped pecans is delicious. If the craving is very powerful then I use the 'phone a friend' option. Calling and talking to someone serves as a great distraction to 'whip' up something healthy.

    Music is my best workout buddy. She is always game when I am. Many a times she makes sure I go the extra mile(pun intended).

    It is an ongoing battle with the weight. But I'll take any new tips/ideas that help me shed some pounds!

    1. Me too – any new ideas are welcome. And even though I keep trying new things – some points always help. I loved your substitutes – raisins, dates. Never tried pecans in paneer.

  4. Give food away NOooooooooooooooooooooooo 🙂 he he he

    I need to look into this one for sure 🙂 🙂

    Dont get time seriously although Now I tend to walk instead of lifts etc, it is not working Mam… 🙁 🙁 I am getting fatter and fattterrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  5. You should see my shopping list, Tulika. After my son left for college, it seems like I only buy veg and staple groceries. However, food is not my problem. I just find it hard to get up and go to the gym at 6 a.m. and if I miss that, I am pretty sure I won't make it that day. Sigh. Getting out may be good, but that doesn't work for me because my crazy mind just schedules chores to run. I actually have no problem about extra weight, but that is not enough.Gotta be on the move to keep those blood sugars stable. Last week I finally downloaded some exercise sheets – core/strengthening/flexibility I can do at home in 10 min spurts. So tip 3 is best 😀

    All the best to you. Buddying up helps greatly you know?

    1. When the kids aren't home Vidya the food is sorted because you simply don't need to keep any fattening stuff at home. Having a specific time slot works for me too. Once that time is gone I find it tough to push myself. You're right – extra weight means a thousand problems – even if one doesn't mind looking fat, it is definitely not healthy. Besides, why shouldn't you look your best too? Buddying helps. But I have a whole other post on that.

  6. My Fitness Pal (and being really conscious of what I was putting into my body) helped for a while. Then I got out of the habit of using the app and all of the weight came back on. Getting rid of the food is smart. I currently have scones cooling in the kitchen, and it's torture not to eat them.

    1. You're right of course. I thought of mums because I'm one I guess. And also because I'd never stayed home till I became one. Yeah wear those jeans. Helps to keep a check.

  7. Just like me!! Fighting for the past two years, Kids' left-overs and not stepping out my home and everything!!

    True. You can't control your weight until you give up overeating. Leave the love for left-overs. 🙂

    I find exercising really tough. A short walk works best for me 🙂

    Nice uplifting post, Tulika!

  8. Point 1 is a problem for me and my little one is not even old enough to eat food we eat. I eat what is left over or because I don't want to throw it away. God, I wasn't like this before. Does this happen when we tend t manage our own homes? I must stop doing it because it's not even healthy. Good points, Tulika.

  9. Point no. 1 is not a problem in my home. These kids have big appetites. But yes, I don't keep any junk in my house. No colas, chips, chocolates, biscuits. If we are in a mood, we buy them and eat them. This strategy works as it prevents you for bingeing or eating when you are bored. Point 2 again very valid especially for homemakers. I wear my jeans every single day. 🙂 Hey and you know I dropped a size recently. 28 waist size, what a kick that was. So yes, fitting into your favorite clothes is my yardstick. I never weigh myself. Haven't done so in years. And point 3, what can I say? Exercise must be like brushing your teeth or having your food. Make it so regular that you miss it. And like you pointed out utilize short breaks and do something. Also if you walk, make sure you brisk walk. I see people strolling at such a languorous pace that will do them no good. So yes, if you are putting in 15 minutes, do it well. Great pointers there, Tulika.

    1. Size 28??? I never was that ever even during my 'thin' days. No chips and colas here but biscuits are a staple for the Husband and I too.
      Oh I've seen them too – the strollers. Such a waste.

  10. Point # 1 used to be a problem. Now I make sure she finishes her food 😉

    Points two and three are very relevant and yes, we MUST make time to exercise because if we don't look after our health, who will? I find that setting side a fixed time daily to get out of the house works the best for me. So 7 to 8 am is my drop-the-kid-off-and-go-for-walk time. So far so good.

    1. By 'leftover food' I don't mean from their plate – I mean things we have but they don't eat. How do you throw away untouched cakes and chocolates? Yeah that 7 – 8 is my exercise slot too.

  11. Bang on, Tulika. Especially, the second and third points. Except for the weekend Zumba I do not do much. Even stepping out for chores are put off until they become emergencies!

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