When I look in the mirror, I see..

When I look in the mirror, I see..

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When I look in the mirror, I see….. N’s
small face peeking from behind me, a smile lighting it up like sunshine, “May I
please leave my hair open today?” she asks. I turn back and look at her, “If
you’re going to play, you make a pony, you know that.” “Okay,” she agrees
reluctantly taking over the mirror.
I move away to see H dashing down with his shirt half tucked in, hair askew,
collar standing. I make a grab for him, “You can’t go down like that. Take two
minutes to stand before the mirror and look at yourself.” “Excuse me,” he says
to N, with mock sweetness, squeezing in beside her, trying to smooth down his
hair with one hand while stuffing his shirt into his jeans with the other then
dodges me and runs away, collar still standing. N takes over the mirror. I
watch her tying a neat little pony, meticulously tucking her hair in before skipping off.
A sigh and a smile and I get on with my day.
When I look in the mirror, I see… a
cushion flying right at me. I duck and it crashes into its reflection. H tries to
look contrite while N chortles, “Bad aim!!” And I turn pretending to be angry
only to pick up the offending cushion and join in the fight. I see the look of
surprise on the twins’ faces turn to delight as I thump each of them in turn. I
win hands down till they decided to team up and have me down in a moment.
Finally we all dissolve into laughter and collapse onto the bed in a happy heap.
I’m really too busy for that mirror.
When I look in the mirror, I see …. 
Deep laugh lines, crows feet by the eyes.
A head of brown hair with some silver surprise.
A few frown lines up there on the forehead
For worries are part of a life well lead.
What I really see is a contented me
a contented me smiling right back at me.
But she has a complaint, or is it a plea?
She’d like to perhaps, see a little more of me.
Yes, I assure her, just a few years more
I’m fine, I add but I’m busy you see
Please let me be, for a few years let go,
I can’t stop now lest I miss the kids grow.
Once they’ve grown and have learnt to fly
That’s when we’ll talk, we’ll talk – you and I
But until that happens I have little time for you
a glimpse or two will just have to do.
Linking up with Finish the Sentence Friday hosted this week by FindingNinee and AprilNoelle.
The prompt this week is “When I look in the mirror, I see..”
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42 Replies to “When I look in the mirror, I see..”

  1. I have some silver surprise in my head of dark brown hair myself! I like to call it silver surprise.
    Often when I look in the mirror, I see a cat on my shoulder, or two kids messing with my back!

  2. How beautiful is That Tulika !!!!!
    it fills up with a warmth n realization to soak it all till we get it .
    Loved the poem and re-read it many times .. loving it more every time.

    1. Thanks a lot J. It's good to hear words of appreciation from some special people, so thanks again. I'm sure you have many many similar moments with your two too :-).

  3. I was right with you with my little ones and looking in the mirror. It's so hard to see ourselves when we're engrossed in their day to day, then we wake up and see us, in all of our glory. Beautiful poem.

  4. Awww, I loved this! It's so sweet. Your love for your little ones shines through your words. I really enjoyed the way you looked in the mirror and saw the reflections of what really matters rather than focusing on the "crows feet" and "frown lines."

    1. Thanks always Shailaja. Its best to make friends with all aspects of us – crows feet, wrinkles and all. I might even get around to accepting the old enemy 'fat' someday, who knows ;-).

  5. Oh Tulika my friend what a delightful read! I so enjoyed it – and can so relate ! Even though my kids are grown up now – and he mirror and I can suddenly spend some quality time together again. hahahahah . Not. The best mirror are the kids themselves, I feel:-) Thats life. Loved this post:-) Hugs

  6. What a beautiful poem, Tulika – I love that the mirror in your house is filled with family, with mischief, with love, and not just with silent contemplation. There will be time for that, but you're living in the now, and I think that's marvellous. Thank you for sharing a glimpse.

    1. I have to admit there are days when I could do with some silent contemplation but I do realise I'll miss the hullabaloo when its not there. I keep trying to remind myself that.

  7. Oh this was so fun to read! My favorite part is the end…

    "Once they’ve grown and have learnt to fly
    That’s when we’ll talk, we’ll talk – you and I
    But until that happens I have little time for you
    a glimpse or two will just have to do."

    LOVE that. 🙂

  8. You painted such a vivid picture, Tulika..I could see you and the kids and even the cushion..Like someone pointed out before me, I didn't want this post to end..As for me, I see a woman with disheveled hair in the mirror and M moving her legs behind her 🙂

  9. The last lines are beautiful. Yes right now I do not have time but there will be ample someday when we can have serious reflections together – the mirror and me. I loved loved this post. Writing 2 times loved is not a mistake but the superlative degree.

  10. Oh my God! Tulika, i simply LOVED this post and didn't want it to end! You should have added a few more lines, or pages, perhaps. I would have lapped it up all…it was really sweet peaking into your little world, with the two apples of your eyes! What fun moments you must share with your darlings! Bless you all!

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