The Pink run

The Pink run

So it’s done and dusted for this year – the Pinkathon , the all-women’s run for breast cancer awareness. Remember how excited I had been about it last November? I devoted some two months of practice and three blog posts to it (here is one of them ) not to talk of the innumerable mentions on Facebook. I registered a month in advance and was super excited and a little anxious wondering if I’d finish the 5Km I’d set out to do.

There really is something special about a first time.

This year I did it again but without half the enthusiasm. I managed a spot registration just a day before the run and went in without any preparation at all.

I won’t even go into the reasons for the lack of enthusiasm that seems to of late, cloud almost all things I used to love. The important part is that I did manage to push myself to complete 5kms. The moment the first warm up Zumba song rang out I knew I was going to have fun, even though I was sorely missing my last year’s buddy who has since moved to a different country.

I have to say this – Ladies, if your city hosts the Pinkathon go for it at least once. It offers a valuable message: Choose a healthy lifestyle, do not ignore your fitness, make time for it. That’s something most women are likely to forget, specially once the kids come along. 

If that doesn’t pull you in, go for the fun of it. It’s a party out there. The Pinkathon is like the happiest, most amazing carnival ever. Women of all shapes and sizes run this marathon. Heck! you don’t even need to run – a jog or a walk is good enough. It is currently hosted in 8 Indian cities – Pune, Bombay, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

I would have liked to go for 10 Kms like I’d resolved last year but that didn’t happen. However, since I’d been walking/jogging on and off, this was quite effortless. Last year it marked the culmination of my fitness efforts, this year I am hoping it marks the start of it.

Oh and did I mention the brand ambassador remains hot as ever? Well he does.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Brand Ambassador Milind Soman takes the stage.
Please note how dark it was when the event began. Waking up early was the toughest part.

The cancer survivor ‘sheroes’ being felicitated.
They ran the 5kms with us.
The young ones…

…and the old.

The royally dressed up ‘dholwalahs’

Our flagoff by the man himself.

The sari brigade

On the trampoline just for fun.

After the run
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10 Replies to “The Pink run”

  1. This sounds like fun. And yeah.. fitness and me – we have our good phases and bad. The C25k started me off, but now that that is over, the daily motivation is up to me, and that is not going so well. I am hoping that changes soon; I am not going to give up trying though.

    1. Yeah motivating yourself is tough. I find once I begin I keep going. But the moment there's a break I cannot get back easily. Events such as this one are like wakeup calls. And I really need them .

  2. I have participated in Pinakthon once and VT was around to cheer me up. He ended up spending time with Milind Soman and was super excited about it. I agree that it's the cause and of course the practice and the energy to complete the race. I just feel that over the years, the tickets seems to go so high that I find it better to regularly walk/run/do yoga on my own and keep myself fit 🙂

    1. You're right, doing things on your own is great. However, I just am not the self-motivated kind so this works like a reminder. Also the tickets aren't so bad. It was a round Rs 700 for an entry and if I'm not mistaken you get to take along a complimentary friend/buddy. Even a meal for two costs that much. And you get to see MS… ;-). Totally worth it for me.

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