#If we were having coffee….. 1

#If we were having coffee….. 1

If we were having coffee … I’d tell you how wonderful sisters were. I’d tell you about the marvellous week I just spent with mine. Then after I realised how I’d gone on and on about what a rare treat it was to have S here and what a terrible pity it was that we did not live together, I’d probably ask you about yours. I’d enjoy listening to you because I’d find us in your sister-tales. Then you and I together would shake our heads in amazement, wondering how little sisters went from being complete pains when they were young to such soul mates when they grew up.

If we were having coffee … I’d probably complain a bit, for which coffee session is complete without some grumbling? I’d grouse about how H decided to fall ill just as S landed and kept us housebound much of the time. But then I’d also tell you about those endless chat sessions we could indulge in talking, arguing, agreeing sometimes and agreeing to disagree at others.

If we were having coffee … I’d moan about not being able to catch The Intern together as we’d planned. But then I’d also tell you about the film we did manage to watch on the tele. And I’d tell you how we sprawled on the ground laughing together as she wiped off imaginary sweat from microwaving popcorn.

If we were having coffee … I’d share with you what fun it was to team up with her to tease the twins. And I’d tell you how we almost choked on our food laughing at them as they got more and more worked up.

If we were having coffee … I’d tell you about our coffee shop adventure – how we drove away from at least four of them till we found one that was suitably empty. And then laughed at our penchant for brink-of-bankruptcy coffee shops that nobody else went to.

If we were having coffee … I’d probably seem in a bit of a rush now that she’s gone and all the tasks that seemed so inconsequential till she was here suddenly seem to rush up and inundate me with their urgency. Yet I’d sit down for that cup of coffee because I need a bit of comforting and I’d be consoled with your presence. Then I’d send up a thank-you prayer for a family full of friends and friends who have turned into family.

What would you share if we were having coffee?

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  1. Coffee lovers unite, and coffee shops I feel are so cosy with their couches and chairs.. to just sit, laze around, sip and yap without a care to the world. If we meet over coffee, well.. I'd love to know you more.. may be play a game of jenga 🙂

    1. Aw you're a brand new mass. That's so great. The distance is painful. We're often on the phone and there is Skype and Face Time too though nothing beats a face to face chat.

  2. Wish i had siblings. I adore having coffee with friends instead of a meal so we can just talk and not have to fiddle with food. I remember long, deep conversations with a close friend over coffee , after work, watching the day darken and people rush back to their homes…we talked about relationships , mostly. the complications, the joys, the quirks and then…. rapidly hurtled towards WHY we were STILL single!!

  3. Awww..such a wonderful, heartwarming post, this one. I have a younger sister, and you are right. They are such a such pain while growing up, but I can't imagine not having her now.

    Also, interestingly, we share your penchant for brink-of-bankruptcy coffee shops, so you are not alone. 😀

  4. Lovely post! Grumbling is fun with coffee. I wish I had a sister 🙁
    Let's have coffee together someday and it will be so much fun 🙂 🙂

  5. If we were having coffee, I would add a 100 more sister-stories…
    grumble a little and then maybe tell you about that gorgeous pair of boots that I saw.
    I would ask you if H was doing well, glad that the worst of the illness was over.

    I would love to coffee with you, for its been too long since I simply sat in a coffee shop with a friend.

    1. Oh ho sister stories are always welcome. It is quite a coincidence that boots were top of our conversation since S has been planning to get a pair for some time now. I can see we'll have lots to talk about Pixie.

  6. oh, my dear heart friend Tulika…. lovely post… How I do hope we one day will sit down and have coffee together (though I would probably choose tea)… Im sure our talks would go on forever…..

  7. A cup of coffee and so much to talk about.An intense discussion,a heated argument,an amusing discourse or just a lazy gossip.Simply a nice bonding over a cup of coffee..Lovely post!!

  8. Well I could bore you with all the adventure i have during my shift 🙂 .. and since I am on the quiter side I would let you tell me everything that you want to share and be a good listener 🙂

    You sure you wanna have coffee with me now 🙂


    1. Adventures are never boring Bikarm and if your blog is anything to go by I think I'd stay put at the coffee shop and listen to you for quite a while. Aw.. you're a listener too – that's perfect because they're so hard to come by.

  9. I would love to have coffee with you, Tulika. You know I have a sister and I am very close to her. Often, I wonder the same. Why can't we be living together? Loved the post.

    1. Oooh more and more similarities. We used to talk about this dream housing society where the entire extended family was living together. If only that were possible.

  10. Ah if we were having coffee, I'd ramble on about things that annoy me, things that I've been thinking about and all things I'm planning and looking forward to. In that order. 🙂

  11. Having a sister is the best thing ever. Having a friend who is akin to a sister is the next best thing. Loved this bonding over coffee and all I ask when we meet is that we have the same heart-to-heart, over tea, coffee and snacks. So glad you got to spend time with the sis. They really are amazing, aren't they? Adore mine to bits 🙂

  12. Ha ha… what kick a cuppa gives. I get you. it's tea for me! I get moody, reflective, analytical, peppy, joyful… name it..a hot cup just gets the real me out!

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