#Microblog Mondays – Just Do it!

#Microblog Mondays – Just Do it!

Friends who have been dropping by would know for the past year or so I’ve been hooked to Zumba. I’ve blogged about it often. I can never get over the miracle that I can survive a dance class. Nor can my friends, it seems, since they use every opportunity to pull my leg about it, in a way only comfortable old friends can.

One day after a specially good session I happened to remark, ‘This track I can dance to, in my sleep’. And that was how I put my big fat foot right into my mouth. A little later, when the instructor asked ‘Who knows Bailando and can lead the class today?” I heard a bunch of voices chorusing out a name – yeah mine!

Damn!! Damn!! Damn!! was all my blank mind went while I tried to hide away wishing I would completely disappear. It’s one thing to stand in my inconspicuous corner and do my own thing and quite another to stand right there before the class. It’s like saying just because you can chat up friends you can deliver a speech – not quite the same thing huh?

This here was my nightmare.

However before I could protest, the music had struck up and there I was blundering my way through, forgetting steps I’d done scores of time, steps I knew well, steps that I did pretty well in my small corner! I wish I could say I was suddenly magically perfect like in the movies. I wasn’t. Let me just say I survived and wasn’t booed away. The girls are too sweet.

The best thing though is, that the dreadful dread is gone….. for ever. I might never do it again. But I know I can do it, I did it once, right? That’s so hugely liberating.

We shy off from doing things – fun challenging things – making a huge deal out of them. Sometimes we fear we will be less that perfect, sometimes we’re victims of our own self-image.

Breaking through all of that is freedom.

So from my new-found perspective I can tell you to dance that dance, sing that song, deliver that speech, run that race, get that LBD. Draw, paint, try a trek, take a dip in the sea – as long as you’re having fun and can laugh at yourself, chances are you’ll get by pretty well.

Don’t wait to be earth shattering. Don’t wait to be perfect. Don’t postpone joy.

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36 Replies to “#Microblog Mondays – Just Do it!”

  1. Tulika, Nike says, 'Just do it', and you did just that. We all have fears lurking inside our heads and sometimes we let them overwhelm us. But the key is to defeat them in any small way we can. Thanks for your inspirational post.

  2. Tulika, wonderful post! And I totally agree – I need to work on this too.. not that I am waiting to be earth-shattering or perfect, but in my case, I just need to be totally comfortable being me in front of a crowd. (in a crowd, I am; in front of one, that is a different matter!)

  3. "Don't wait to be earth shattering. Don't wait to be perfect. Don't postpone joy." Very well said…And, I it is due to some wonderful people (you know who) that I'm able to take baby steps towards breaking the shackles of my mind that says don't show off your ignorance to the world, wait till you are better. But, then there will always be scope for improvement and perhaps I'd have lost my chance to be under the sun by then, isn't it? Lovely post, Tulika!

    1. No videos thank god – no proof I ever did it. Come to think of it I could have used the video to make ME laugh on down days too.

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