The Koyri girl

The Koyri girl

I have a friend, a friend called ~G. Funny name I know, specially that thingie before her initial. God knows it took me ages to find that on my tablet. 

I ‘met’ her first when she dropped by my blog commenting on some silly H and N antic and telling me she was a masi to a similar munchkin. She stuck when I read her post on how she’d given up watching the tele and was putting her time to better use, leaving me awed and inspired.
But that was nothing compared to what I felt when I found what she was doing with her time. Check these out…

She is the Koyri girl.

When she turned entrepreneur with this venture guess who was one of her customers? Yeah Moi! 

She’s fun and smart and oh so creative. The specialest thing about her creations is the ‘you’ that you find in them. If you have a dress and have gone crazy trying to find a pair of matching earrings – she’ll make them for you. See a design and don’t know where to find it? She’ll make that too. Your friend wants it in another colour? Done!

Do check out her creations online here.

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