#Microblog Monday – Run for a cause

#Microblog Monday – Run for a cause

I am not really a sporty person. I am definitely not a runner. So what made me sign up for the Pinkathon – a run to support Breast Cancer? Well to begin with I might not be sporty but I am pretty committed to the idea of fitness, actually ‘fun fitness’. What can be better than running/walking with a bunch of buddies for a good cause? 

Another confession – running a marathon has long been on my bucket list. I never did it because I had this very embarrassing vision of everyone having wrapped and gone home while I trudged on to the finish line by the afternoon. Or worse still, falling down from fatigue while people around me ran on!

Here, I get to choose between a 3 km, 5km or 10 km run. I intend to go for 5kms, which is a very doable distance for me. This is really as close as I’ll ever get to running a marathon.

Yeah I’m looking forward to it. There’s still about two months to go so I have time to get my act together.

Wish me luck, people.

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28 Replies to “#Microblog Monday – Run for a cause”

    1. Yessss!!!!! So good to have you run along J. We'll have a blast though I have a new worry – what if that 2XL Tee doesn't fit me?????

  1. Wish you all the luck Tulika…And it is such a good cause that you have chosen..You know I have the same vision of myself when I think about running πŸ™‚

  2. All the best… Everyone who gets ready for the marathon would have the same fears.. I too would have loved too, but my bad health and lack of will power is turning out to be a big roadblock!

  3. Running a marathon is a symbolic support for a cause.The distance run hardly matters.For the first time one would have started with 3 km but I congratulate you for choosing 5 km.My best wishes for finishing ahead of others!

    1. KP I don't want to be the last, that's all!!! And I'm sure proper marathoners don't even consider 5kms as running. That would be just a warm up for them.

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