10 wonderful things I learnt at school

10 wonderful things I learnt at school

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Like for most others, schooldays were perhaps the best days of my life. However, I like to think that my school was better than everyone elses. Yeah! yeah! you can say what you like and argue all you want but ours really was just that tad bit better. Today on Teacher’s Day I’m sharing some priceless lessons that I got at my school.

1. The joy of singing in a choir

The skill and energy that the nuns put into teaching us hymns at school will stay with me forever. In fact when I had the twins I found myself singing ‘Joy to the world‘ while putting them to sleep. And later when my son took up music and came home humming ‘Give me oil in my lamp‘ I felt such a sense of home coming. Others might think of Rajesh Khanna at the mention of the piano but I will always remember Sister Alice Mary.

2. To say it with cards

We made cards for everything.. invitation cards, thank you cards, sorry cards, get well soon cards! A habit that has stayed with me and one I’ve tried tirelessly to pass on to the kids.

3. That punishment could be given creatively

We got some of the most creative punishments in school. We’ve been paraded before our younger siblings (‘Look how careless your OLDER sister is!’), made to sing Edelweiss, made to stand inside a waste paper basket… 

4. That books are to be respected

‘No bookmarks no books’, was the rule in our library and I remain compulsive about bookmarks. The other day I’d gone to get a passage from a book photocopied and as the lady there turned down the corner of the page I winced so audibly she thought I’d hurt myself.

5. That girlfriends are the best friends

Aren’t they? That comfortable feeling of being completely yourself, of being able to talk about ‘anything’ under the sun.. yeah girlfriends are special.

6. That cricket isn’t the only game in town

Along with basketball, throwball and volleyball we played games like French Cricket and Danish Rounders. Heard of them.. anyone? For the record: We played no cricket.

7. That all religions are to be respected

I think it’s a great idea to study in a school of a faith different from yours. It gives not just tolerance but love for that other religion. Growing up in Lucknow in a Hindu household, with Muslim culture all around and a Christian school… I think that was as good as it gets.

8. That it was perfectly normal for girls to play boys’ parts in school plays

… and hilariously funny for boys to play girls’ parts. 

9. That kids with raffle sheets deserve kindness

Those weren’t the times of multistoried societies. Only I know how many times I have roamed around houses brandishing raffle sheets and trying to explain to people (very far removed from raffle sheets) what it was all about! 

10. To keep my knees together when I sit

Right from my earliest memory of school, I was never a girl – always a young lady. And there were some things that ladies never did. They never shuffled their feet when they walked, they always spoke politely and they kept their knees together when they sat.

So tell me what’s special about your school people.

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25 Replies to “10 wonderful things I learnt at school”

  1. I love this list Tulika…So true..I found myself nodding…The best thing about my school was that it was my school…I think I spent my best years there…But I guess it's true for all na

    1. You are right Tulika…..Everytime someone turns the page of a book it pains and my heart skips a beat. The Beautiful Book Covers and Bookmarks that we made all by ourselves and would compete as to who has made it more creatively. It felt so beautiful when we were called 'Young Ladies'. something that we try to instill in our daughters as well. Sister Alice Mary brought out the singer in us and Sister John Baptist taught us the play of Romeo Juliet so Passionately. It is aal so nostalgic. The present generation can never have the same feeling probably cause it is probably not the same any more. Ater nearly thirty years of passing out I get goose pimples everytime I discuss those days and whenever i go to the School for Alumni Meet or for my daughter's PTM. Those were the Days

  2. 4 and 6 need to be pushed quite a bit these days. BTW, I've played French Cricket as a kid.
    7 is extremely important. My experience is similar to yours. I grew up in a Hindu family in a Catholic neighbourhood, with schoolmates of various religions (Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Parsis). I firmly believe it is this which made my family respect all religions. I agree "it's a great idea to study in a school of a faith different from yours." In fact, I would be happy if this is made mandatory. It would drastically reduce the religious intolerance we see around us now.

  3. What memories Tulika…The values that Loreto inculcated is deeply engrained in us now and for evermor.I also remember the Assembly and bday celebrations and the bouquets made by us.The creativity, the ingenuity, the fun and frolic…missing every bit of it

  4. I didn't attend a convent school, so some of it sounds a bit 'strange' to me, especially the point no. 10 🙂 But yes had a lot of group-singing experience in school, in different ways of course!

    1. Beloo school life is fun for everyone, in their own different ways. I would love to read about your school experiences, more so if they are different from mine.

  5. dear tulika, i relate to each and every thing/every word you have written,
    Those were the days my friend—
    blowing in the wind etc too

    neeloo singh

  6. I'm smiling at No.10 and wondering why you didn't have to wear bloomers? 😉
    Your memories got me thinking of the schools I studied in – all 7 of them! Lots of varied memories, but all of them good!

    1. Corinne.. Of course we did and sky blue ones at that. And they were also subject to inspection just like the badge and ribbons. But they were not for display.

  7. Nice memories you have, Tulika. To sing "Edelweiss" as a punishment is so funny! ☺ Nice to know that different religions were able to get along. Sometimes not the case, these days. I can remember making cards for all occasions in elementary school, especially Valentine's Day. Was fun!

  8. Such beautiful memories, Tulika 🙂 I think I can relate to a lot of these actually. And yes, I have played Rounders 😀 And had tons of fun too. I want to go back to school now! Thank you for a wonderful post!

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