Too much to do, too little time

Too much to do, too little time

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You know why we need friends? To kick our backsides when we really need to get going. I have spoken about my dear friend Shailaja and how she pushed me to take up the April A to Z Challenge. Well she’s done it again. It’s not a challenge this time – she pushed me into doing a guest post for her amazing, award winning blog 

My friend Google threw this up. How appropriate, isn’t it?

I am barely managing to post once a week on my own blog, not even updating my book club meetings which, by the way, are getting ever more fun every week. What’s worse I am posting the guest post update full two days after it was published on hers. Yes I should die of shame.

The bright side, though, is that I did manage the post for her blog. Speaks volumes of her capacity as a motivator. Thanks Shailaja for hosting me. So if you haven’t read my take on Sibling Rivalry at Shailaja’s and have a pair of constantly quibbling kids, do hop over and take a look.

Here’s the link.

The thing is, of late I have taken up an assignment, a minor one but an assignment nonetheless. Plus there’s the book club. Each time I’m free I find myself reaching for the iPad and googling “Short stories for kids”. And there’s been a barrage of activity at home – birthdays, festivals, socialising. Not being one of those flamboyant kind of people, I feel overwhelmed with too much activity. I like my routine. A once-in-a-week upset works; more than that and I’m thrown out of gear.

However, the moral of the story is that I can make time if I try really hard. So here’s one post and another one coming up shortly.

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17 Replies to “Too much to do, too little time”

  1. You said it is not really a post but an update of sorts. But I see a full-fledged post here about the real picture of life you are living 🙂 I can understand how overwhelmed things feel sometime. We have all been there. Take care, and go with your pace. I am one of those people who believe that even good and meaningful writing comes when we can experience some calmness and respite from the usual stuff of life.

  2. It's not easy Tulika…It's not…So hard to find time in this cacophony of life… So hard really I can completely understand..But see you are done with two posts already 🙂

  3. Juggling with two girls, a job and an entire household without any support system or a maid, I can very well understand where you are coming from. Off to read your guest post on Shailaja's. 🙂

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