If you have a cold…

If you have a cold…

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— Even if it feels like you will, you really will not die… it is just a cold.

— It’s no use checking your temperature every few minutes, the thermometer stays stubbornly at 98.6, you do NOT have fever… it’s just a cold.

— Don’t look for sympathy. You’re not getting much of it anyway. “Attention seeking hypochondriac”, is what you’ll probably hear… Remember this is — Yeah you got it — just a cold.

— That thing about “Seven days with medicine and one week without to cure a cold” – absolutely true.

— And the one that goes “Feed a cold starve a fever”… absolutely not true. You’ll only sabotage your diet plan.

The best thing to do then is..
— Retire to the quietest corner of your home. Of course that might not be easy to find but do the best you can. Then, curl up and become as invisible as possible till the cold retires.

— Rest and plenty of fluids says my research.

— Don’t look for a cure (there isn’t any) but don’t say no to relief however temporary (specially if you’re a mum) An anti allergic (at least it’ll make the sneezes go away) or something for your headache.

— One thing that works for me… exercise. A brisk walk to clear your head or even a short trip to the gym. It’s the endorphins.. but that’s another post.

— Lastly, join my ‘I know how it feels when you have a cold’ support group.

Take care and get well soon.

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5 Replies to “If you have a cold…”

  1. Ah! Totally with you on this. Specially the diet part? I feel sooo hungry when I have cold that I cannot tell you!

    Take care 🙂

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